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Wind Beneath My Wings

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Review of chapter "Wind Beneath My Wings" from Musicalife
The only problems I see right now is with two of the character names and a grammar error:

Mamaru should be Mamoru
Matoki should be Motoki

regular everyday guiseā€™s should be regular selves/regular forms.
Review By [Musicalife] • Date [16 Mar 13] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "Wind Beneath My Wings" from Vld
Only person missing is Usagi, so i'm gonna say the "sailormoon" part was recorded and she was the one singing. That... or Neo-Queen Serenity came back from the future... or rather, came from the future (can't "go back" to where you aren't from) to do a duet with her younger self. Her encensing Sailormoon would fit better, too. Usagi would never encense herself like that... but the older Usagi encensing the younger Sailormoon, the one who saved the future... and her daughter time and again? She would, if she thought of the younger one as a different person.
That would explain the silver in her hair, too... unless the story is a long time after the series... and explains why she would praise the "shadow workers" even more. Even though she is grateful to her younger self, she as Usagi would believe that they are better, somehow.

Confusin, i know. What confuses me more... is the appearant bond between Haruka and the singer (assuming it is, like i believe, Usagi... whether the present or future one).
Review By [Vld] • Date [13 Oct 11] • Not Rated
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