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White not Black

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Review of chapter "White not Black" from fandomoverload
This was great. Will there be more? You have inspired me after QAB maybe charmedwood
Comments from author:
Aww! Thanks! I might write more. Most people didn't seem too interested so I put it on the back-burner, so to speak, not that that made me work on my existing stories... If the story gets stuck in my head I'll probably write a sequel. Somehow I imagined this a series from the start...
Review By [fandomoverload] • Date [14 Aug 11] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "White not Black" from Blackguard
Interesting idea, and while I have not actually gotten around to watching Children of Earth yet, I do think that Ianto would make a good whitelighter just given his character and not only the way in which he died. If you do decide to continue this I would be very interested to see where the story goes.
Comments from author:
Thanks. I went looking for Ianto as Whitelighter stories and couldn't find any. I couldn't believe it! There are crossovers, but none like that. So I got this story stuck in my head and the next thing I know Xander is there to explain the black nothingness. I've got an idea for a sequel... Darn plot bunnies!!! They should inspire me to finish existing stories. Or should I be blaming muses...?
Review By [Blackguard] • Date [15 May 11] • Rating [10 out of 10]
Review of chapter "White not Black" from RavynJensen
Great beginning.

I like that you don't just throw the boys into being whitelighters, it makes sense that some sort of training would be needed.

I really hope you will continue this, Ianto and Xander are 2 of my favorite characters in 2 of my favorite fandoms. I will gladly devour any fic with the 2 of them in it.
Comments from author:
They're 2 of my favorite characters too. It's weird how when I wanted to read a story about Ianto becoming a whitelighter and couldn't find one I decided to write one and I wanted Xander to be there and for him to explain the black nothingness from Torchwood.

Most whitelighters don't seem to know about the supernatural or the weird stuff ahead of time. Maybe I'll write a story about their training... :)
Review By [RavynJensen] • Date [1 May 11] • Rating [8 out of 10]
Review of chapter "White not Black" from Gideon
A bit more babling than I would expect from Xander, but I guess he doesn't need to seem scary to a fellow good guy. Having whitelighters around always makes me wonder what happened to Willow's gaurdian?
Good to see Ianto get another chance and why do I think the training period will be shortened soon due to overwhelming need?
Comments from author:
Hm... I needed Xander to explain everything, I felt that was done best by babbling, I even tried to explain that...
If I write a sequel it might explain about Willow. :)
Ianto deserves another chance. He was my favorite Torchwood character.
Review By [Gideon] • Date [28 Apr 11] • Rating [6 out of 10]
Review of chapter "White not Black" from xman
My only problem is I was never a fan of Ianto much, but like the start and think many well like this.
Comments from author:
... I'm in shock. I've never met someone who didn't like Ianto, except those extreme GwenXJack shippers. I actually like her with Rhys. I think he might actually be too good for her. :) Glad you like it anyway.
Review By [xman] • Date [28 Apr 11] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "White not Black" from VillageOrchid
Works for me... room for angst and/or romance.... and a "fix" on the "dark place" thing.
Comments from author:
That "dark place" never seems fair to me. Makes Torchwood a little more depressing than other shows where people can come back from the dead. :(

Ianto made it worth it. He rocked!
Review By [VillageOrchid] • Date [27 Apr 11] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "White not Black" from daveykins
Nice idea - although I'm sure Ianto would find someway to drop a message to at least one of his former colleagues - to give them some closure as well :)
Comments from author:
Thanks! I refuse to believe Ianto is gone gone. I still haven't watched Day 5 of CoE and I'm still undecided about Season 4 of Torchwood. There never does seem to be closure in Torchwood, unless you count Tosh's video at the end of Season 2. :(
Review By [daveykins] • Date [27 Apr 11] • Rating [10 out of 10]
Review of chapter "White not Black" from Neverwillmini
I wonder if Tosh & Owen are there too? Even though he's not a witch, I wonder if Jack deserves some special dispensation and will at some point get Ianto as his Whitelighter, or even just as a semi-frequent visitor. Because he's a Champion, and because of his unique 'live forever' problem, he could use some stability and actually knowing some of his loved ones are still around and that he does have chances to see them again over the years may be enough to keep him going.

One note, there may be a loophole Ianto can use. Because Torchwood normally 'stores' their deceased employees - do they even get funerals? If not, he might be able to use the fact that he hasn't had a funeral, and the fact that his friends are more than passably acquainted with the Weird as justification to be able to visit with them (there aren't that many after all - Jack, Gwen, Martha, and possibly Rhys).
Comments from author:
I thought about making Tosh a Whitelighter too. I decided against it. :) I can't see anyone else in Torchwood as whitelighters. It comes from 1x6, Countrycide, of Torchwood:
IANTO: You're used to this, aren't you? That facial expression you all share. When
things get a bit ... out of control. Like you enjoy it. Like you get a high from the danger.
TOSH: You want me to apologize for that?
Not whitelighter material. That doesn't mean that if I do write more to this that they won't make appearances. ^_~

I'm pretty sure Ianto gets an actual funeral though. Torchwood was destroyed, where would he be kept? (Though I like the idea of a UNIT stasis pod thanks to Martha...) Also I think in the comic Ianto gets a funeral, I really need to buy the comic...

I AM a big fan of loopholes though. *insert evil laughter*
Review By [Neverwillmini] • Date [27 Apr 11] • Rating [9 out of 10]
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