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Wicked Game

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Review of chapter "Chapter One" from (Recent Donor)Luna
Oh.....this was rather negative....and the characterization just felt off to me.
Comments from author:
...well, thank you for the feedback. I was especially irritated with "St. Stefan" and "Elena the Self-Righteous" at the time; so yes, it was *very* negative. I'm sorry that you felt that way; but after seeing some of the later season 2 episodes and having read the first four books, that's how she comes off to me. I feel that Elena can be a self-righteous and "holier than thou" brat on more occasions than not. That is just my opinion. Damon is my favorite because he is who he is, and he doesn't feel the need to apologize for it. That may make him an ass-hat, but...
Also, this is my first foray into 'The Vampire Diaries' so I'm sorry if it sucked. But I will eventually get into a more detailed crossover story with BtVS. This was a vague prelude of what is to come.
Review By [(Recent Donor)Luna] • Date [23 Nov 11] • Not Rated
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