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Fancy meeting you here

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Review of chapter "Fancy meeting you here" from Gideon
I don't know Nanny and the Professor at all but I do remember Saved by the Bell (vaguely) Good to know that Zach was still looking out for Kelly later in life. It was strange to hear him referred to as Zachery though! I almost expected a crossover with Charmed with all those Phoebe and Prudence names flying around.
Review By [Gideon] • Date [23 Jun 11] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "Fancy meeting you here" from (Recent Donor)redjacobson
sorry, but even with you explaining who the two characters were, it was still incomprehensible to me. There is a fine line between revealing too much, and not revealing enough to allow your readers to follow the story, and I'm afraid this one falls way too far over in the not-enough information direction.

I have vague memories of "Nanny and the Professor" from my childhood in the 60's, but the other show I have clue about.

Sorry to be so negative, but nobody bats a 1000 all the time

Review By [(Recent Donor)redjacobson] • Date [19 Jun 11] • Rating [3 out of 10]
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