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Glass Ceiling

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Review of chapter "epilogue" from Oranda
Loved this story. Will Cordelia now be traveling through time and space, or are we seeing an altered Angel. Both would be awesome with this Cordelia. Thank you for sharing and Congratulations on finishing.
Comments from author:
>Will Cordelia now be traveling through time and space,
>or are we seeing an altered Angel …?

Sorry, neither one. As indicated, Cordelia knew she would lose Roxeim’s power as soon as she left his domain, so no more crosstime travel; and, as indicated, she discovered that she was in a world that WASN’T her own (but was, in fact, the one WE know).

All the same, we probably haven’t seen the last yet of this new Cordelia …

Thank you for your positive feedback. These things are always welcome.
Review By [Oranda] • Date [29 Jul 11] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "Part I" from feynstrom
I read this fic quite a while ago on your own site and enjoyed it back then. Upon rereading it is still as good as I remember it being. Now excuse me while I'm busy with the rest of your fics.
Comments from author:
Much appreciated.
Review By [feynstrom] • Date [25 Jul 11] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "Part I" from Verbosity
Brilliant! Its hard to write someone in a position of helplessness and still make them strong. You succeeded brilliantly. I love your Cordelia characterization. The other characters were well realized too. I'll make sure to check back for future stories.
Comments from author:
Thank you. And, on my profile, you’ll see links where other (non-TtH) stories can be found.
Review By [Verbosity] • Date [25 Jul 11] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "epilogue" from amusewithaview
*molests the fic*

Okay, so, I adored this. Good Cordelia-centered fic is hard to find. A Cordelia story that DOESN'T make her a bit of an idiot, or co-dependent, or a raging bitch is nigh impossible. Cordelia changed, yes. Cordelia was different from canon, yes. Cordelia remained very HUMAN in spite of what she went through and became, HELL YES. I loved this, like, a lot. If I could give it more than one rec, I would. I would give it ten, fifteen, maybe even twenty.

I loved the beginning, I loved that she wants - above all - to be remembered. I loved her interactions with Kari, Mandy, Lynn (Bitch!), and Sam. I loved how she played the ending. With a plan, then a back-up, and then an ACE. The ace was amazing. So, she's a succubus of some flavor, now? Are we going to see a series of world-hopping Cordy adventures?

Are we going to see a sequel where Sam beats the ever-loving shite out of Finn? Because I would come back for that. I liked canon Fin (I know, I know, that puts me in a very teensy tiny minority) but the AU that you made had me both loving Sam and LOATHING Riley.

So.... I guess I can sum this review up with: LOVE! and MORE?

Thanks for posting, am now off to troll through your other stuff!
Comments from author:
Thank you, not just for your approval but for the listing of WHAT you approved of and why. That is ecstasy for a writer’s soul.

Several people (not here, but at the spot on my LiveJournal where I first posted this story) made observations regarding ‘this version’ of Sam and Riley. As far as I can see, the Sam shown here — and the Riley she describes — could just as easily be the same people we eventually met in the Season 6 BtVS episode “As You Were”. We don’t know all the process of Sam’s recruitment, training, preparation, and initial missions, much less the details of how she and Riley came to be personally involved. My thought was that THIS was them, and that the couple we saw in the episode were where they wound up.

World-hopping alt!Cordy? Probably not. But I don’t think we’ve seen the last of her.

As for ‘my other stuff’, check at as well as here at TTH.
Review By [amusewithaview] • Date [25 Jul 11] • Rating [10 out of 10]
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