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Review of chapter "Shared" from EnergyBeing
Some beautiful drabbles here. I would love to see more.
Review By [EnergyBeing] • Date [30 Jun 13] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "Shared" from Mayrose
Wow, creepy Walter. I tend not to think about what he was like when he was still whole-brained. Even though he did chase off Olivia's stepfather, he only did so because Elizabeth pointed out how wrong it was that they let that continue even if they were getting results. I think he might've let her be abused, if his wife hadn't convinced him, and that makes me not like Walter. So I shy away from that.

If Astrid was in the trials, then eventually she'd be like Olivia and Nick. Her wardrobe would be blacks and greys and muted colours. Can you imagine that? I mean here she's still Astrid. Tryin to make people happy. But Walter and Bell programmed them to blend in with the crowd and to train themselves. It would make me sad to see Astrid like that.

In your comment you said that you 'read' that Nina drugs Olivia. If you haven't seen the episode, what happens is that, at night (but we don't know how many times a week), Nina shows up at Olivia's front door with a bunch of men in black gear. They pump gas underneath the door and it knocks Olivia unconscious. They then enter the apartment. One guy, who seems like a scientist type, injects her with something. He says: She won't remember the last two hours. She's gonna have one hell of a headache. Nina stands by the door the whole time.

I think they're injecting her with cortexiphan. Especially since we learned that Nina is working with David Robert Jones, and in season 1, Jones was very eager that Olivia use her powers. Though what they want to do with her I don't know.

Maybe Astrid visits her dad a lot, and she and her dad have a fixed day in the week where Astrid shows up at the house to eat dinner? I don't know, but remember the ep where the Observers test Walter to see if he's willing to let Peter go? The rockstar's son died because Peter caught a firefly. Who knows what other stuff he changed.

Oh, I miss Charlie too. They need a guy on the blue side that doesn't have any romantic feelings for any of his co-workers. Considering they haven't actually spelled it out that Charlie died in the Amber verse, I'm going to assume he's off FBI-ing somewhere. Maybe he just never joined Fringe, or he never moved to Boston?

I don't mind over analyzing things. I love discussing Fringe. Unfortunately, I usually have to reign myself in, because none of my friends know what the hell it is, and my family thinks it's alright, but they'd get bored discussing it. So I do not mind.

Okay, this review is getting a bit long. I wonder if TTH has a word limit on reviews? Anyway, great chapter. Interesting AU.
Comments from author:
Yeah, my favorite Walter is the half-crazy yet endearing and loving one from the Peter-timeline. Pre-having bits of his brain removed there were just too many things he was capable of an not enough checks to keep him back.

And I know what you mean, it might just seem like a small outward thing but it's hard to think of Astrid without her rich colors (burgundy, purple - even Alt!Astrid had red highlights in her hair) that contrast so much with Olivia's blacks and greys (and even Walter and Peter seem to tend to stay towards neutral colors).

I actually tried to have her on the edge of that sort of blending behavior in this fic. I don't know if it showed but I tried to have Astrid internally fighting with hiding her new-found abilities from both her father and authority figures. It wasn't natural to her (she wants to tell her father) but it was something she felt she had to do.

With my "read" comment about Nina drugging Olivia, that was just a bit of miscommunication. I have watched the episode, I just meant that as I see it, although I'm in no way sure since this show likes it's twists *laughs*, that's what I thought was happening. Your theory of cortexiphan injection works too and was something I hadn't really thought of since my brain had settled on suppression - mainly because this timeline's Olivia was so in the dark about her ability when Peter casually mentioned it (or possible ability - you never know, this Olivia might have gotten an entirely different power from the cotrexiphan trials) and with suppression Nina could later, when Olivia eventually finds out, try to spin it as protecting her.

*sigh* The Astrid living situation is becoming impossibly complicated in my head but it's not going leaving me alone so I know it's going to end up a chapter. I'm glad you brought up the rock-star's son though, I feel more in-canon pulling loads of random butterfly-effect type things that the lack of Peter in this world has changed to inadvertently effect Astrid.

I'd prefer to think of Charlie as still alive and still off somewhere. Maybe a bit after he helped Olivia over John's death (because I adored those scenes with them together, where he was just so there and so normal for her and it kinda makes me sad to think of Olivia not having that support) he was transferred for some reason? That way he wouldn't have been around long enough for the whole shapeshifter bit. *sigh* I suppose you can imagine the world however you like and until cannon dashes those hopes it's nice to think Charlie got to live his life and maybe he called Olivia on the phone once in a while to check up on here because she would never be the one to call. *laughs*

At least over in alt-world he's still kicking (even in this timeline) they made a random comment that he's off on vacation with bug-Lady.

And since this posted I suppose I haven't hit the word limit yet! *giggles* Thanks so much for the review and I'm glad you love discussing Fringe - feel no need to reign yourself in. As you can see from how long this is, I don't seem to be able to. *laughs*
Review By [Mayrose] • Date [9 Feb 12] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "Little Things" from Mayrose
Oh my god, I love this one so much! It makes me miss the team even more than I already do, but it was just so nicely written. And I pretty much agree with everything there. (is the Olivia/Nina relationship freaking you out too? Those two should just never be that close in my opinion)
Season 4 has made me get the urge to watch the first three seasons so many times, it's ridiculous. I can't wait for Peter to be back, but I feel it's gonna take a while yet.
Meanwhile, yay for Astrid and Lincoln for keeping him sane.
Comments from author:
Oh dear, the Olivia-Nina thing is just crazy especially since Nina is the shadowy figure orchestrating things in this timeline - including, if I'm reading things right, repeatedly drugging Olivia in able to suppress her abilities. The reason I didn't go into it in the actual fic was because Peter really hasn't had exposure to their changed relationship (especially not to the degree that he would be able to truly talk about and the weirdness that has been going on there.)

And all this Lincoln has gone a long way to make me miss Charlie too. I really wished that somehow that had twisted as well, and a non-Peter world somehow had Charlie.

I have to admit one huge bit of confusion for me came in this latest episode (which of course I was happy had a large Astrid part) but when she went home at the end she went to a house that she seems to share with her Dad. Am I correct in remembering that in Peter's universe Astrid has an apartment? I remember Walter going there to talk to her after he got ownership share of Massive Dynamic. And the thing is, she didn't just seem to be visiting her Fathers' house, he seemed to be expecting her and I got the real impression that she came home there and lived there too. Which for me brings about the question, how did the lack of Peter change Astrid's world to the point where her living arrangements are different?

Bah. I'll probably over-analyze this (as if I haven't already *snort*) and figure out a round-about reason and end up writing a bit on it. That usually ends up being my way when I'm bothered by and inconsequential detail. *laughs*

Oh wow, I totally just kept typing and typing about that. I really do apologize. It's a bit random but it really does oddly bother me. *laughs*

Thanks again for reviewing, Mayrose.
Review By [Mayrose] • Date [8 Feb 12] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "Academic" from Mayrose
I've always liked the relationship between Walter and Astrid. (Especially when she gets annoyed with him).
Nice chapter.
Comments from author:
Their interaction is this very warm and human part that grounds the craziness of the show for me. Not that I don't adore the craziness - just that each of the characters seem to have a sort of friction or baggage with each other, but not with Astrid. She acts as a bizarre neutral ground.

Oh, and I do like when she gets affronted by him as well. That and I also really enjoy those rare times when she is in her element and takes the lead in the lab - I'm particularly thinking of when she broke the code in that number ciphering ep and Walter was the one trailing behind her and helping her out.

Thanks, for continuing to review Mayrose.
Review By [Mayrose] • Date [25 Nov 11] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "Nothing" from Mayrose
I cannot believe you did that! Poor, poor Astrid. Out of everyone she does the least damage to the world and yet she's the one who dies. This was almost as painful as the moment I realised that 'OGM, they killed Charlie!'. Also, pretty aggressive for the Observers. Don't think they've ever killed someone before (does making someone cease to exist count as killing them?).

Wonderfully written, but it made me sad. (comparing Kim Possible to Fringe was hilarious though. Gene as Rufus, lol)


Yeah, I considered that girl August saved, but they handled that with an assassin. Peter disappeared after he'd used the machine. They never seem to directly do the deed themselves. They seem to let things play out. Also that girl was a target because one of their own changed things, and it needed to be rectified.

But it doesn't bother me to read about September(?) killing someone. Things would probably have to be really drastic. (and I think two universes crumbling because of his actions would count as pretty drastic)
Comments from author:
I rather thought of it as a possibility of something the Observers might have saw necessary for restoring the balance - which is all important to them. Astrid has subtle but rather deep effects on many of the characters and if taking her out might be the catalyst to push everyone else to figure things out or push forward....I don't know, they might do that. Like you said, they did make Peter cease to exisit for a while and, in a way, that is much worse than death. There was also when they wanted to get rid of that girl August felt for because he kept saving her, she wasn't important, and it was upsetting the balance. So, I don't think they shy away from killing - and on a side note, isn't it odd they had connections to assassins right on hand? Huh.

Either way, it was in my head and interesting to write. I hope it didn't seem too far out of character.

As for the Kim Possible one - well, I had that one my computer for a while and was really debating actually posting it because I thought it was way too silly. I'm glad you enjoyed it.

Thanks so much for reviewing!


I'm glad - and I think the Observers started to feel pretty open to doing drastic things leading up to making Peter disappear. (Not being argumentative here, my mind just keeps stumbling over things the more I think about it. :) ) I'm particularly thinking about when they were testing Walter to see if he would be willing to let Peter go this time. They set up that entire situation that, if it went another way - the way one Observer seemed to think it might go if I remember that ep correctly, a random lady would have died of an asthma attack.

I think a large part of the decision for me of making it so direct was that so much of the drabble was already about Astrid not having done anything wrong - how her death wasn't the cause of something she ever did but because of how it might effect others. There is something very cold in that and I felt just having it be some random assassin and not an Observer would make it almost -too- impersonal.

In my head, it was almost a show of honor towards her and the importance she truly had to kill her personally instead of just sending someone. (That's also why I had him take his hat off.) I know these little things don't really compute in what I write - but hey, I'm kinda weird. *laughs*

Thanks though, for humoring me with discussing this a bit. I always enjoy talking about Fringe - Oh! Also, on that note. Forgot to say earlier. The 'OMG, they killed Charle!' moment - oooh. Hits you just as hard the second time you watch it. I loved Charlie's character (both Charlies).....I haven't written anything with him yet have I? I'll have to get on that. :)
Review By [Mayrose] • Date [20 Nov 11] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "Communication" from iroshi
Wow. I don't normally read drabbles, so I don't think I've ever read your work before. I just happened to see your recent story, Golden, in the latest updates the other day and clicked on it because there aren't a lot of stories out yet with the Walking Dead (which I like a lot). I was impressed enough with it to check out what else you'd written, and this story has quite simply made my jaw drop. I like your Warehouse 13 story on Leena, as well, but it doesn't quite have the same connection, the same depth of texture that this one does. Maybe it's the way you managed to capture the two different Astrid's so very well. Maybe it's the little Buffy crossover thrown in that adds dimension to the character. More likely it's the combination of a thousand ineffable tiny things that make up a real person that you've filled in so well for this character from a show that already does characterization in an amazing way.

And that is why I am taking the time to review. I read too voraciously (but, being autistic, write too laboriously) to review everything I read. I only review the spectacular, the breathtaking, the hilarious...sometimes just something that truly brightened my day...but when the truly deserving shows up, I have to acknowledge it.

That you could take a character from a show that already *has* such depth of character built-in, a show that manages to show not just two alternate-universe versions of the same people, and portrays the differences in such amazing clarity, using the build up of many tiny things to show clear differences, to the point that even when Alternate-Olivia was pretending to be Olivia, and when Olivia was brainwashed to think she was Alternate-Olivia, you could clearly see all the distinguishing points in character that each of those acting-in-acting-in-acting roles require...a show that already sets such an impossibly high bar for characterization, and you took that character and created even more depth for her (them, in fact, since you've written Alternate-Astrid) and have such crystal clear characterization that I can -hear- the lines being delivered by the actress? I am amazed and in awe, and could not fail to give a review.

I don't know that I've ever given a story a rating of 10 before, either. Maybe once or twice, for a grand epic perhaps. But I could not with any integrity rate this one less.

I may not read everything you write (I have no interest in Fred/Illyria, for instance), but I will be setting author tracking on you, so that I at least get a notification of any new tidbits that sparkle out of your brain. Thank you.
Comments from author:
Thank you so much for your lovely words. I just, barely know what to say. I will try though...

Fringe has been one of those rare shows for me that I not just like but adore. I've not only watched but I've re-watched Season 3 a total of 3 times now (I've seen the entire run twice). I can't even say that about Buffy or Angel. The characters are all so layered, intricate, and - well, just plain interesting. To have that couched in an almost problem/monster of the week detective show has just mixed so many things I love. And there were so many of these little performances within episodes that just hit you. 'Marionette' is still one of the most painful things I've seen on television, and I'm talking about Olivia not the girl in that ep.

The only thing I really found lacking was how little Astrid was on screen, how little we knew about her in general compared to the others. (That might actually be some of the disconnect with the Warehouse 13 fic. I am fascinated by the character Leena and curious about her background. But I don't feel the connection or the pull towards her in addition to that, that I do with Astrid. I find Astrid's voice comes to me a lot easier when I write.)

And I will not try to push any of my other stuff onto you, I know how it is to simply have little interest in certain characters...and here's my but (and that sounds much dirtier than I meant it). The 'Fred Sola Lovegood' series that I wrote, despite it's name, is much more me playing around with the entire world than just a story dealing with a single character. I wrote it in a very similar manner as the Walking Dead cross - as in, interconnected drabbles telling an overarching story, not as in zombies. *laugh* That's the only reason why I'm even mentioning it, because you said you enjoyed the other one. So, if you like HP fics don't let the Fred/Illyria label scare you away.

And that is more than enough plugging of my own work. Felt a bit uncomfortable even doing that, to be honest. I would like to thank you yet again for taking the time to write such a kind review and for the rating you felt I merited. It truly makes me blush.
Review By [iroshi] • Date [18 Nov 11] • Rating [10 out of 10]
Review of chapter "Communication" from Mayrose
Fringe with Stargate, love it! I also like that you paired Astrid with Daniel (if only for this drabble). I've never thought about them together, but now that I read this, they would actually kind of make a perfect couple. Still loving these ficlets.
Comments from author:
As you can tell by my participation with this site, I am overly fond of crossovers. So, I had to let Astrid have a bit of fun in the SG1 universe. :)

And I am glad that you are still loving my little ficlets; thank you for continuing to comment.
Review By [Mayrose] • Date [13 Nov 11] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "Super" from Amberdrake
Finally Astro gets some love. :)
Comments from author:
Now in my head it's all Sunday morning kid's cartoons: Dun dun dun dunnnnn...Astro to the rescue!! With Astrid having a crime fighting, rubber suit wearing, electricity wielding alter-ego. Who, of course, has a trusty sidekick - Gene the telekinetic cow. *laughs*

Thanks so much for the rec, Amberdrake....and the lovely review. :)
Review By [Amberdrake] • Date [26 Oct 11] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "Super" from Mayrose
This fic is really nicely written. Don't understand why this doesn't have more reviews. I agree that Astrid should get more love, not just from fanfic writers but from the actual writers themselves. We know practically nothing about her. Wouldn't you just love to see Blue!Astrid meet Red!Astrid and the reaction from the red team about how open Blue!Astrid must seem to them?
If Blue!Astrid was called, does that mean that Red!Astrid might be as well? Does magic exist on the other side? Could we get a glimpse of Red!Buffy and co.?
Can't wait to see more of this. And I hope that they resolve that super power issue. XD
Comments from author:
Well, thank you - I literally jumped a bit when I saw I had a review for this it was so unexpected. *laughs*

In the actual show itself, I feel that they underuse the character way too much. They only use her in storylines as the support, in some capacity, for one of the main characters. I mean, I love that about Astrid - that she is scarily competent and the emotionally go-to for everyone at this point but by Season 4 I think the girl deserves some on-air fleshing out.

Going back to your comments, I have a future drabble planned for Astrid & Alt!Astrid (or Blue!Astrid & Red!Astrid as you refer to them) - although I would love to see that actually on the show like you said. Or at least to have something said by the members of Fringe Team from the Red World to acknowledge the differences.

I hadn't even considered the idea of Red!Astrid being a Slayer but now I'm finding it incredibly intriguing.....So much for all of these bits being unconnected *laughs* I seem to be incapable of leaving premises alone.

Thanks again for the comment and I'm sorry if I way over explained things in my response - when I start typing it gets away from me at times. :)
Review By [Mayrose] • Date [25 Oct 11] • Not Rated
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