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Rising from the dead

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Review of chapter "Rising from the dead" from Vathara
Huh. So there was a movie version of the book "Fatalis"? Interesting... and I could so see the female scientist as a vengeance demon. A little too determined to keep things alive that were, you know, _eating_ people.
Comments from author:
Thanks for reviewing, but, actually, "Sabretooth" is a Sci-Fi channel original movie, where Dr. Viciy clones the sabretooth cat for some reason, and it escapes into the wild, and since it's a sci-fi/horror movie, a lot of people get killed and eaten, including Dr. Viciy, but not completely (in my version); neither she became a vengeance demon, just some sort of a shapeshifting monster (the kind that's popular in horror films, I suppose).
Review By [Vathara] • Date [19 Oct 11] • Not Rated
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