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How to Fly

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Review of chapter "6" from lunalurker
This is so sad. Legs deserved so much better. They all did.
I knew things would be different from her point of view instead of Faith's, and that she cared more than she showed and pretended, but this was even more intense than I suspected. And I really need to make time for the book, or at least the movie, she comes from.
If only one of them, or both, hadn't been too scared to say or do anything before it was too late. That is the sort of thing that can haunt you at night, especially if anything like this has happened to you or your loved ones.
And that's probably more than enough incoherent rambling. Thank you for writing. :)
Comments from author:
The movie wasn't very good completely ruined the tone of the story and changed a was nineteen-year-old Angelina Jolie playing Legs, and though I think the actress was the right choice, the way the movie played out just wasn't good. It's also a difficult book to get into, the author has pages where she rambles on without puncuation or periods sometimes...and it takes place in the fifties, which I changed for the purpose of the story lol.

Thank you though, I'm glad this provoked feeling in you. I always felt like Legs was a kindred soul to Faith when I read the book, so naturally had to pair them up...the book leaves it open as to what Legs's path was at the end, but sadly in this particular series, it wasn't a good one, just so that it could work into Faith's timeline of how she ends up in Sunnydale.
Review By [lunalurker] • Date [16 Nov 11] • Rating [8 out of 10]
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