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My Glee/Buffy/Angel Fanart

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Review of chapter "To Be Called, by QueenNan" from QueenNan
Wow! It's beautiful... And perfect and any other over adulating word I can't think of right now. I love it so much, I which I knew how to put it at the beginning of each chapter. Thank you so much, I am honored that you took the time, and that you used Rachel, Quinn, and Connor cause in the end, that's who the story comes down to.

Queen Nan
Comments from author:

Here's the link to the pic- use the HTML code to post it in the story if you'd like:;current=ToBeCalled.jpg

I did debate adding Blaine in because the story does seem to give a hint of Blaine having a larger role but there wasn't a picture that I liked which I thought would fit. I hope the banner inspires a new chapter out of you- or at least inspires a few paragraphs!
Review By [QueenNan] • Date [7 Dec 11] • Not Rated
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