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Konoha Spider

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Review of chapter "Kidōmaru vs. Haku" from Marvelsoldier
I don't want to sound impatient or anything but I was wondering.... whens the next chapter? It's been over 5 months. Nearly half a year.
Comments from author:
Its hard to be inspired into writing it. My interest and love for Naruto took a real nosedive in the last couple of years. This means the muse has trouble becoming inspired. Which makes it real frustrating when you have the first quarter to half of a chapter that's been sitting on your computer for nearly all of that time. I'll look at it again and hope the muses are ready to respond.
Review By [Marvelsoldier] • Date [8 Dec 14] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "Kidōmaru vs. Haku" from demonichellfire
Whens the next one coming out this is one of your best stories.
Review By [demonichellfire] • Date [13 Oct 14] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "Kidōmaru vs. Haku" from Marvelsoldier
Ok one more thing. Can we move this discussion to this profile?
Please send me a note and I might commission a pic promoting your story.
Review By [Marvelsoldier] • Date [4 Sep 14] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "Kidōmaru vs. Haku" from Marvelsoldier
Quick questions.
1. When's the next chap? (i'm praying that it wont take as long as last time)
2. Is Peter actually considered a jinchuuriki? (I think him bonding with "The Other" counts as having a demon inside )
3. Last question. Will Peter end up turning Doom's robot into Spider-armor?
Comments from author:
1. I'm somewhere between a quarter and halfway through with the next chapter with over 3000 words currently.

2. While many of his abilities are on container level he's technically not one since the source is different.

3. Hadn't actually thought of that.
Review By [Marvelsoldier] • Date [4 Sep 14] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "Kidōmaru vs. Haku" from Marvelsoldier
Ok. This is my LAST thing to say and then I'll leave you to your story. Hope you like it. Please reply back about what you think of all this and if you wanna know more for future reference of your already awesome story.
If Peter ever ends up fighting any giants with the same power as Choji then well...
Oh and if you ever wanna put a scene with Peter holding back his strength but still KOing the fodder just by flicking him then here. (that fat dude that just got flicked was actually strong enough to lift 5 tons)
If Spidey ends up fighting a character that's not even as strong as him then they are gonna break the hands.
And if you have Spidey battle an armored puppet or something like that.... just remember this.
And just as a toss out idea if you ever decide to give Pete armor.
I'm done now.
Review By [Marvelsoldier] • Date [17 Jul 14] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "Kidōmaru vs. Haku" from Marvelsoldier
Oh and for the record. Spidey's webbing is waaay stronger then Kidomaru's. His webs are an interesting invention. It has many uses. Hell it even can form complex shapes and weapons. He even made a sculpture of MJ with it.
It's 10x stronger then steel.
If his webs were just half an inch thick then one strand could hold the THING!

Web fluid in liquid state can even hold the sandman.
Spider-man's webbing is stated to have a tensile strength of 120lbs per square millimeter:This means that to break a mere millimeter of it you would need to apply 54kilos worth of force and a staggering half ton of force for only 1 centimeter (this information was found on another site but I checked it out myself and it seems to be right). Now Spidey's MO is to incap people and if a single centimeter strand takes half a ton of force to break imagine if he where to coat you it in it? 2 centimeters would require 1 ton of force, 4 centimeters would require 2 tons and so on. if you where coated in the stuff it would undoubtedly require a high range tonner to break out of it (80-100tons) and given that he can change the thickness of the strand it is theoretically possible for him to create a strand only a mere centimeter long that could take up to 10tons of force to break thats just a single centimeter!
Oh I also forgot to mention that his spider-sense tells him how many fingers your holding up.
Oh and BTW he can stick to walls with more then just his hands and feet. Including his face, back, butt.... you get the picture.
You know all those things I said Spider-Sense could do? It doesn't stop there. Or to be more specific it has potential to be so much more. In an alternate Universe Spidey is forced to except that people need to die to save others. So he became an Assassin. He didn't joke anymore and took things seriously. Hell he even has a gun in his web shooter. He basically trained until he became the ultimate Assassin. Even Wolverine says it's impossible to sneak up on him. He honed his spider-sense to the point where it is full blown Precognition. Peter trained his spider sense to a terrifying degree and to a point where he could predict someone's actions before they even thought of performing them. If you even thought of attacking him.... he knew about it. Even Black Widow said that when she fought him it was like a warrior was fighting a child.
This is without a doubt one of the most deadliest versions of Spider-Man in existence. Even Batman cant prepare against someone who sees into the future. Remember this is only a different version of him. The real Spider-Man still doesn't kill. But he could still train his spider-sense to this level if he wanted to. This is only a suggestion but you COULD have your version of Spidey train his abilities to this level.
If Spidey ever has a pissed off moment in the story and stops holding back the same way Naruto does with the 9 tailed fox then here's just an example.
And don't forget that Spidey can punch REALLY hard. Like Tsunade level hard. Hard enough to punch a 1000 lb Venom into the ground and make fissures and through the cars.

And don't forget the Durability that comes with that kind of strength. He can take a truck to the face without budging.
Review By [Marvelsoldier] • Date [17 Jul 14] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "Kidōmaru vs. Haku" from Marvelsoldier
Oh and to make sure his healing factor gets respect. Spidey has a REALLY fast metabolism. he can recover from poison gas that's supposed to last hours in just a few seconds.
Bullet wounds heal overnight without scars.
He heals so fast that Doctors can actually "see" it happening right before their very eyes. He was healing from a wound that is similar to having a human being almost bitten in half by a shark (except in this case it was a demon)
He healed from ACID in his eyes in just a few minutes. It's a good thing he's incapable of getting scars, otherwise he'd be covered in them and ruin his secret identity.

He can also hold his breath underwater for over 20 minutes.(yeah I'm just mentioning this one for the hell of it)
He went from full body burns to brand new the next day. Even his freaking hair grew back. He may not be Wolverine but dam he still heals really fast.
You know what that means for all the medic ninjas? It means that there is no way Spidey can possibly stayed injured for anymore then a day or even get scars for that matter. All the medics in your story can do is simply speed up his already fast healing factor or just let it do all the work.
Review By [Marvelsoldier] • Date [17 Jul 14] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "Kidōmaru vs. Haku" from Marvelsoldier
Here are some facts about Spidey's intelligence. He's a genius, not just gifted. he's a Genius with an I.Q of over 250? He's gifted in EVERY scientific field.
He's made all kinds of webbing over the years. Ice webbing, fire webbing, electric webbing, magnetic webbing, Acid webbing, Sonic vibration webbing.... And that's just the stuff off the top of my head! he really is powerful, a Jack of All Stats, if I dare. He just has so many advantages that even if you are better then him at one thing he's still most likely beats you in at least 3 or 4 other categories that decide how the fight goes. He's Strong, but not the strongest, he's fast but not the fastest, he's smart but not the smartest. He might not be the best at something, but he is GREAT at EVERYTHING. He's smart, fast, strong, agile, acute senses, skilled. You just cant help but wonder who's really the underdog here? When he was 15 he invented a heat ray in two hours. Two freaking hours!
Oh and he's made a time machine out of a freaking blender, VCR and a microwave.
That right there should seal the deal for you right there.
Review By [Marvelsoldier] • Date [17 Jul 14] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "Kidōmaru vs. Haku" from Marvelsoldier
Ok next subject. Speed. Most specifically Combat speed because in the world of Naruto that matters a lot. He's also so fast that when he moves it looks like this
His villains also move faster then human eyes him (gotta give him a challenge right?)
His combat speed is 40x FASTER THEN NORMAL! (faster then that if you count his "The Other" upgrades)
Getting hit by Spidey is like getting at by a machine gun.

Even computers cant track spideys movements (that makes him WAAAAY faster then human eyes can see)
Even Daredevil's enhanced superhuman senses cant properly keep track of Spidey

He moves THAT FAST.
He's so fast that he actually can see BULLETS move in slow motion and has the speed to attack and move faster then them for short bursts.

Yep he's so fast that he can dodge Bullets at POINTBLANK RANGE!

Cant wait to see speed like that get enhanced through chakra.
Review By [Marvelsoldier] • Date [17 Jul 14] • Rating [10 out of 10]
Review of chapter "Kidōmaru vs. Haku" from Marvelsoldier
Oh here's more except this time about his strength (BTW if he ends up fighting Kimimmaru then he could easily break his bones because Spidey has been crushing steel like paper since issue one) . THIS is what Spidey's like when he really means business
These moments are rare because of how careful he is with his strength. How would you stand up for yourself? Everything in the world would feel like it was made of paper to you. You cant even flick people without giving away your secret identity. The generally accepted strength level for Spider-man is 10tons but this is far from the case. Even when not under duress Spider-man has performed feats over the 10ton range. With motivation anger and duress his true strength does emerge from time to time. My point is that he is used as a 10tonner when really he can and has without anger and duress used his full strength when he has to. So him being a 10tonner without becoming strained is wrong it would take visibly more than 10tons before putting him under strain. Here he explain how he can lift Hundred's of times his own body weight. That indicates he can lift at least 200 times his own body weight, which would by conservative estimates, would equate to more than ten tonnes. In the above picture he lifts a bus without no strain whatsoever. In fact he cleans and jerks it over his head rather than dead-lifting it. Buses on average tend to weigh considerably more than 10 tonnes (13-14), and he's doing it with no effort whatsoever. This means he is at base a 15-25 ton rest strength. to me, when he lifts 15 tons he's at rest. What I mean by rest means that he is not straining to lift it. IE: When you pick up a bottle of drinking water, you are using your rested strength. You can lift that bottle of water as many times as you want without your muscles giving in. In contrast, when you lift up something heavier for example a weightlifting weights, your muscles begin to strain and you can only lift those weights until you can lift it no longer. Spiderman can lift up a bus (15 tons) with relative ease and not strain. So if his rested strength is 15 tons, what would be his straining point? The feat of Spidey catching a 27 ton armored car is just a casual feat and not even a high end one.

That is a LOT of strength for this character to eventually grow into for your story. And what's worse is that your giving him "The Other" upgrades which make him TWICE as strong as he already is and that's saying something.
Comments from author:
And it gets even worse when Peter starts using chakra to amplify his physical abilities.
Review By [Marvelsoldier] • Date [17 Jul 14] • Rating [10 out of 10]
Review of chapter "Kidōmaru vs. Haku" from Marvelsoldier
Great chapter as always. Keep it up. Also I'm loving the development of Peter's powers so far. But just to be safe I'm gonna tell you what he can do for knowledge of future chapters.

Spider-man's spider-sense is far more complex than just a danger warning sense and its full potential is often overlooked or largely unknown in battle thread in particular. His Spider-sense does not just warn him about the impending danger but actually forces him to avoid it. If it was a simple warning of danger it would not differ from DareDevil's radar sense but it does work differently.

I'll use DD's radar sense as the example to illustrate the difference as the two have been compared quite a bit. If someone points a gun at DareDevil he can tell via his radar sense when the man is going to fire and when to avoid the danger. So in a sequence it would go something like this:

Trigger is about to be pulled> DD senses it> thinks about moving to avoid> his body responds to the information collected by his brain and moves

Or more simplified:

Danger> Danger warning> Think about moving> Move

Now Spider-sense works differently in 1 respect and that difference makes it phenomenally different. That difference is that Spider-man does not need to think about moving. When his danger sense goes off it forces him to move automatically and without need for conscious thought or decision to do so. So in Spider-man's case:

Trigger is about to be pulled> Spider-man senses it> His body reflexively responds


Danger> Danger warning> Move

Now this may seem only a small difference but the effect is very very big. Whereas most people have to make a conscious decision to react Spider-man does not his body automatically chooses the optimum way to avoid getting hurt without having to think. So to put it simply his spider-sense can and does react faster than his enemies or even himself can think. Now you can really see how fast his reactions are when using his Spider-sense and that it is not a simple warning of danger.
Like I said this Spider-sense is the ultimate advantage in a fight. If only he didn't ignore it as much even if it did keep him from hurting his enemies to much.

If He is constantly fighting his instincts because being aware of everything and acting on autopilot could hurt someone. Whenever he listens to his spider-sense fully, he's untouchable.
If he keeps it on he would end up hurting people on instinct just for coming near him.

Spider-sense is also capable of predicting your every move and acting like a radar just like Daredevil.

Spider-sense pretty much gives the same feeling of showing the world with a colored aura. And it allows Spider-man to avoid bad scenarios in a fight. He thinks of Ideas and it tells him what's a bad strategy and a good one.(That's a good advantage over Shikamaru)

Spider-sense also tells him if he's being bluffed in poker. In other words, He's a lie detector.

There I think I covered most of that. His spider-sense is undoubtably one of the most useful and versatile superpower. That one power alone takes a lot of time to explain (precognition is complicated after all). There. I hope this information inspires great ideas for you. Because if your gonna put Spidey in a dangerous world like the Naruto Universe then you need to portray him at his best and then some more.
Review By [Marvelsoldier] • Date [17 Jul 14] • Rating [10 out of 10]
Review of chapter "Kidōmaru vs. Haku" from (Recent Donor)BHRamsay
Awesomeness, you're going to need a recap filler episode soon.
Review By [(Recent Donor)BHRamsay] • Date [16 Jul 14] • Rating [8 out of 10]
Review of chapter "Kidōmaru vs. Haku" from Harry
Well, Haku has proven that he is truly worthy of being a Leaf Ninja. Using his knowledge of Ice techniques and taking it to even a higher level, proves that he is worthy of being called a Leaf Ninja! Now, we have a few Sound Ninja left to take care of. And I suspect that we will also be seeing some Sand Ninja showing up for the final battle between either Naruto or Peter versus Sasuke Uchiha.
Review By [Harry] • Date [16 Jul 14] • Rating [10 out of 10]
Review of chapter "Portal" from raxadian
I just have to point this out, spiders eat bugs, spiders are arachnids not insects. Besides that, great fic.
Review By [raxadian] • Date [16 Jul 14] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "Lee vs Jirōbō" from Marvelsoldier
Dude what's going on? It's been MONTHS. Why you no update?
Comments from author:
About 7 more hrs till the next update actually. Hope you can wait that long.
Review By [Marvelsoldier] • Date [15 Jul 14] • Not Rated
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