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Review of chapter "overlapping" from SlowMercury
I love your Carlos, too -- odd how in at least one way (friends) he's doing better at bizarro school than Kit is doing at a nominally normal one. Kit's attitude towards education was a lot of fun, too. His admiration of Willow was sweet.

Now I'm curious about how, exactly, Carlos got explained to the authorities at Hogwarts. Even with Willow's magical education, he's got to be behind the rest of the students in terms of studying their particular brand of magic (although it sounds like in the wider magical world, the Wizarding kids would be completely at sea). What year is Carlos in? I was thinking since he's in the same year as Susan Bones he'd also be in the same year as Potter, so I'm curious about HP continuity.

Good job!
Comments from author:
Heh. Carlos was different. I almost feel like I fully formed him - although I would never attempt to take any credit away from the Whedon-verse - but that being said, if there was little cannon info on Kit available, there was even less on Carlos. In a way that made it more fun. I like extrapolating how a character would be from their environment and little bits given - I've done it quite a bit with some of my other stories.

But I'm really glad you saw the differences between him and Kit - the way he was making friends but almost repellent towards their standardized education/wizarding system (wheras Kit was flipped; having problems making friends but dealing fine within the system she was in). Having the three of them (Dawn, Carlos, & Kit) be noticeably different but complimentary was important to me.

As for how Carlos got into to Hogwarts - well, in my head it rather played out how some of the "Willow at Hogwarts" type fanfic I've read do *laughs*. Although a bit different I suppose. *snorts* Wow, I am bad at this. Anyway, Willow and and the rest of the Council would prep Carlos before hand a bit. I see the Council as having knowledge of the Wizarding World, but it isn't quite in detail or up to date. When he gets there he is explained away as a foreign exchange student and any differeces are seen as regional. I also rather think Hogawarts would believe that it was natural that someone that didn't go through there system would be at a disadvantage (know less). They were always surprisingly elitist - even, especially the good guys - and quick to say that they were the best school.

And yes, Carlos is in the same year as Susan and the rest of the Potter gang. I placed him in sixth year with them so shits about to go down. Heh.

Thanks bunches for the feedback - sorry the response is coming so late.
Review By [SlowMercury] • Date [1 Mar 12] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "overlapping" from (Recent Donor)Katrina
A great addition to your series. Lovely bit. Thank you for sharing it.
Comments from author:
I thank you Katrina. I can be rather scatter brained with all of my story lines going at one time but when I had this idea for the Carlos follow-up to the Kit bit I had to write it down. And now I have a Dawn one in my head and thus a series. *laughs*

Thanks so much for your continued feedback. I truly appreciate it.
Review By [(Recent Donor)Katrina] • Date [1 Mar 12] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "overlapping" from theraceskong
I like how you had Carlos as a Puff and how he and Susan became friends. I'm really liking this series and I'm looking forward to seeing Dawn in Sky High.
Comments from author:
There is probably even less known in cannon about Carlos then there is about Kit - so of course I have to write about him *laughs*. Same with Susan - although she actually at least has known family and backstory, she's just one of the more minor HP characters so she, naturally, gets major love from me. *laughs*

And your quite right, next up is Dawn at Sky High! I'm still in the brainstorming/preliminary writing stage on that one. But I hope you'll like it. Thanks again for the review. :)
Review By [theraceskong] • Date [1 Mar 12] • Not Rated
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