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Enforcing Faith

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Review of chapter "Expansion Plans" from DavidBMorris
You'll forgive me for not rhyming.

How do I begin? I love Joss Whedon. I WORSHIP David Simon. So to see that someone was finally trying a Buffy/Wire crossover, my first reaction was "Oh my god-Oh My God. Oh My God!"

Let's be honest, The Wire may have been the greatest TV series I've ever seen, but its damn hard to write fanfiction to it. Considering who he had on staff, I'm not surprised. This is a difficult task manage but I do like the way you've handled it so far.

On a personal note, I'm glad to see you've started with characters from Season 2. That season was regarded weakly b fans, but I fell in love with the series by watching the action on the docks. (Or maybe it was Tom Waits rendition of the theme song) I like how easily Faith fits into the drug world, she always mixed well with darkness.
I Can't wait to see how you fit the other characters in when the story actually starts intersecting with them. (IS Omar going to show up?

Finally, this is obviously a hard path you've trodden review wise. Both Buffy and The Wire were shows with a devoted following, but, like the show, it's not sexy enough. I wrote a series of 24 crossovers (am currently in the fourth installment) and I thought I was writing to no one. But rest assured, I'll read and review every chapter, and eventually your efforts will be known. 'Causes crosses like this show be celebrated.


Comments from author:
First off, I can't rhyme for s**t, so no worries.

Thanks for the wonderful endorsement and rec, I was hoping someone on here would know the Wire. Also check out Hunters, a bunch of Wire chars show up in chapter 3, and Bodie is a main player.

As far as the Docks and S2 chars, bringing Faith and the others into the employ of the Greek was the only feasible way I could come up with to start the story, so yeah I agree it's hard.

Yes, Omar will be in it at some point, most of the wire canon will make appearances, some bigger than others... I'm still working out the details.

And as far as Down in the Hole... Blind Boys of Alabama anyday.

Much love,

P.S.: I have cookie dough 1-3 saved on my comp for easy viewing from years ago on haha.
Review By [DavidBMorris] • Date [15 Mar 12] • Not Rated
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