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Review of chapter "The Second Heartbreak ~ Isolde's Tale" from (Recent Donor)ElzaCBoe
I love The Quest.... i never saw the film but I love this stories anyway.... I think it's great how different people connect differently :P (duh)..... My favorite, of course, is "the Chaste"... can't help it..... Lanyon is the coolest too :P .....
Update soon. Pleas.
Comments from author:
There's not much need to see the movie (Protecter is mostly the movie verbatim, with Dawn added in). A lot of it does come from my own knowledge of the myth. Vi/Galahad's part's coming up soon. And the final big arc story's first chapter is almost done. I've got just a few rereads to do on it.
Glad you're liking it!
Review By [(Recent Donor)ElzaCBoe] • Date [6 Nov 12] • Rating [10 out of 10]
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