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Of, Slayers, Callings, and Life and Death

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Review of chapter "Prologue: Save Me" from dreameralways
Interesting start. I'm curious about where you will take it.
Comments from author:
Thank you, I have some pretty good ideas on where I'm headed now, so once I'm safely out of Finals and can breathe again I'll probably have some more up on here.
Review By [dreameralways] • Date [11 Apr 12] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "Prologue: Save Me" from Alkeni
Comments from author:
Thanks, I hope to get the next bit up here soon...
Review By [Alkeni] • Date [7 Apr 12] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "Prologue: Save Me" from Waverly
Fantastic! I loved Tru Calling, yet a nother show that ended well before its time. Can't wait to see where this goes, Faith is my favorite character and you are writing her very well here.
Comments from author:
Thanks :) It did end way too early...dumb old Fox, canceling all the great shows they had :/
Faith's one of my absolute favorites as well, thanks a lot...I wasn't really sure I was going to do too well with her, not used to writing in her style.
Review By [Waverly] • Date [6 Apr 12] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "Prologue: Save Me" from trongod
Good start; the connection between Faith and Tru as well as Tru's own gift, were nicely established, well done!! Never really liked the whole Robin/Faith thing personally, since I saw them pretty much as depicted here - although Robin being the elder is far more at fault; his Oedipus behavior should be obvious even to him long before now. Might be unfair, bu tit's how I see it...

Wondering how much Xander has changed during his African stint - mow he was god for Faith, IMNSHO! 'Course, the same /could/ be said for him and Tru, so this could get really interesting, what with his luck with dangerous women and all.

And Whistler's back in the I-Interfere-Because-The-Powers-That-Are-Useless-Tell-Me-To mode, which looks like it's about to seriously mess up poor Tru's life even more than before... Yeah, not a fan of the P.T.B. here...

If there are two more deserving ladies for Xander's near fanatical loyalty, it is these two. they will need somebody experienced to watch their backs while they get back together after what is bound to be a traumatic meeting, and his own past miseries would help him see things to help them out - again, IMNSHO...
Comments from author:
I'm a very ingrained Xander/Faith shipper, so don't worry, Robin/Faith won't last for all that long. Robin's not exactly one of my favorites, but I feel like he always gets a pretty bad rapport from everybody, so I'm going to be a bit nicer to him than most are. I'm not exactly going to make him too likable, but hopefully keep him from coming across as a badguy, just sort of unlikable.

As for Tru...not sure who I'll ship her with, if anyone >_> Maybe Jensen, or I might even bring Luc back *shrug* I dunno. Not going to going the Tru/Jack route though, I find that pairing very highly unlikely...maybe an eventual loose friendship 'cause Jack's not really a bad guy, just being mislead and manipulated by Tru's dear old, dastardly dad (who is not really her father in this fic, just thought I'd throw that out there, he's the wicked step-father :P muahaha).

Eh, I feel like Whistler and other messenger of the Powers tend to be pricks and tend to be rather useless more often than not (I *really* don't like Whistler much). Truth be told I'm rather ambivalent when it comes to the P.T.B.s themselves, I feel like as a whole they aren't all that bad even if they are a bit manipulative, but they are the only thing that's really keeping evil from overrunning the whole world with their various champions spread everywhere. Especially with ones like Tru who can change the outcome of things for the better under specific circumstances.

Xander's not going to be the only Scooby there, well he will be for now. Something big will be coming along that requires the attentions of all or most of the big guns such as Willow, Buffy, Giles...etc. But for now it's just Xander. I don't imagine him changing *too* much after his Africa stint, more sure of himself and a bit better as a fighter maybe, but still the same old dependable, goofy, loyal, fun-loving Xander we've all come to know and love.
Review By [trongod] • Date [6 Apr 12] • Not Rated
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