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White Knight; Black Queen

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Review of chapter "On the Road" from JediKnight
Very interesting job on the story, I hope to read more soon.

-Is this going to be a crossover with "Hellboy"?
Comments from author:
Thanks...I've been switching between working on this one and the other story I have uploaded here, mostly been working on this one though, so you'll hopefully see more soon.

Since you were able to guess...yes, this is going to crossover with Hellboy. A rather minor cross though as its characters won't be showing up until much nearer the very end and setting the stage for the next story in the series, my AU of S4/S5. My knowledge of the Hellboy series is rather limited though, so I'll probably be mostly pulling from the movies, bolstering it with what I can gather from Wikipedia and stuff like that.
Review By [JediKnight] • Date [8 Apr 12] • Rating [10 out of 10]
Review of chapter "On the Road" from trongod
Nice one; although I had hoped for a meeting more towards before the murder of Faith's Watcher - I get the feeling here that the sad event has already occurred, but I have been wrong before... or at least there is the /possibility/ that I have been wrong before; one of the two...

Think that Faith might have been somewhat impressed that /anyone/ would turn her down on the basis of already being in a relationship had there been more time for her to consider things. Seeing Mr. trick, them what must have been a friend now Vampire would definitely throw any of those thoughts right out of her head, though. And now I have to wait to see just how they get out of this perilous situation.....

Somehow, though, when they show up on the Hellmouth, I highly doubt that neither Cordelia nor Willow are going to believe that they are friends and comrades in arms, just call me silly that way. Especially with Faith's near automatic teasing mode being so powerful...
Comments from author:
Thanks for the review :)

Dianna is actually still alive at this point in time, she shows up in the next chapter. Since this was already an alternate universe sort of thing I've played with the events surrounding Faith's flight to Sunnydale. Mainly I decided to make Faith and her Watcher sort of "on the road" Slayage, basically they go all over rather than sticking in one spot and then they ran afoul of Kakistos down in Missourri (the source of Faith's alligator wrestling story).

Considering that this is going to be a Xander/Faith pairing...nope, they definitely won't :P haha...and that's going to change several things, like Xander and Cordy break up more naturally than her walking in on Xander and Willow during one of their flukes. It's gonna change up the nature of the Wish too. Xander and Faith won't be getting together for a while though, I'm planning to make a series out of this after all, Season 5 is when I plan for them to be finally getting together, before then it'll pretty much just be unresolved sexual tension between them.
Review By [trongod] • Date [6 Apr 12] • Not Rated
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