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Taking Up the Torch

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Review of chapter "Taking Up the Torch" from brad
Wah! Very sad. So Kendra's arriving late caused all these terrible things to happen? Rats.

Kendra's contemplation of exactly why Slayer's shouldn't allow 'civilians' to grow close was very interesting. And proven correct. :-(

I fear for this timeline's Sunnydale ...
Comments from author:
It's not that Kendra was late, but that in that AU the Terakans actually *were* competent assassins. They sure didn't live up to their reputations in the canon episode.

Otherwise, yeah. As I implied in the reality-crossing fic "The Power of Two" (for which this is backstory), this Kendra's Sunnydale ends up under complete control of a still-evil Spike and healed Dru.
Review By [brad] • Date [18 May 12] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "Taking Up the Torch" from RevDorothyL
Really well done!
Review By [RevDorothyL] • Date [18 May 12] • Not Rated
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