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Through the Door

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Review of chapter "Through the Door" from (Past Donor)FireDragon
I am very much interested in reading the next one. I have one complaint/point it felt like Buffy didn't get to effect any changes in this. Like she was more someone who got an up close and personal movie to watch. while she got to participate a little I didn't feel like she got to make any changes. So I hope the next one will have changes in it. I am wondering about Buffy holding Moljinir not sure if I spelled that right. She should have possessed the power of Thor, did she only have the power while holding it or does she still have the power too? Will there be more about that in the next story? Please don't be offended by my little critique I really liked the story I just thought that was a way it could have been better. LOVED the end there with the foreshadowing with the slayer dream and Willow catching something strange was going on but not sure what. : ) thumbs up! oh and if you have romance in the future I would love to see Willow Natasha and Buffy with either Clint or Captain America or better both.
Comments from author:
Drat, someone caught on that nothing/little new actually happened in this story! Just kidding, no, I'm certainly not offended by your constructive criticism. Your point is totally valid. I sort of excused myself in my head by saying that this story was mainly set up for something bigger, but I probably could have worked a little harder at finding ways to change the plot. In the end, I knew I wanted Buffy stuck in Asgard and Willow stuck on alternate-earth, and Loki still had to be lost-presumed-dead, and well...if it ain't broke don't fix it?

Hopefully some of the deviations in the second installment will be a bit more satisfying and unexpected! I'm glad you liked the foreshadowing (a little cliche, I know). I still don't know about romance (well, I'm not saying, let's put it that way) but I appreciate your input on that as well.

Thanks for taking the time to review!
Review By [(Past Donor)FireDragon] • Date [6 Apr 14] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "Through the Door" from AtotheM
Ooo. Very nicely done. You wove the worlds together really well, and wrote the characters really well too.
Great job!
I haven't looked yet, I hope there is more!
Review By [AtotheM] • Date [12 Feb 14] • Rating [9 out of 10]
Review of chapter "Through the Door" from (Past Donor)FireDragon
This was good but I bet the sequel would be great. Wills and Buffy making changes. Obviously no Buffy Thor but maybe a Buffy Steve (Captain America) and a Willow X Natasha would be great. : )
Review By [(Past Donor)FireDragon] • Date [14 Nov 13] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "Through the Door" from NimbustheMariner
First, awesome and very in character on all counts.

Second, I would love to see a sequel.

I'd like to see maybe a little flirting between Darcy and Willow - both strong willed, slightly kooky and fun loving personalities. If I was choosing a ship, either Clintasha or Buffy/Clint, simply because he would probably get her better than anyone else. Though Bruce/Buffy would be a case of her understanding what it's like to have a monster inside.
Review By [NimbustheMariner] • Date [6 Nov 13] • Rating [10 out of 10]
Review of chapter "Through the Door" from Callista
I loved this story, and I can't wait to read a sequel. The Avengers is amazing, especially the humour in it, but everything can be improved by crossing it with Buffy... Thank you for posting!
Review By [Callista] • Date [21 Sep 13] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "Through the Door" from Araavea
I love this story, so much. As for a pairing, maybe Loki/Buffy...? I have no idea why, but I think that those two would compliment each other. I have a feeling that The First 'torture' Loki... The First is such an annoying incorporeal thingy. ;D
Review By [Araavea] • Date [8 Aug 13] • Rating [10 out of 10]
Review of chapter "Through the Door" from garrycooper
Interesting, but dark. It has the potential to be much more.
Review By [garrycooper] • Date [19 Apr 13] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "Through the Door" from aidensmom
Can't wait for the next part!!! I'm dying to find out what happens next.
Review By [aidensmom] • Date [9 Mar 13] • Rating [10 out of 10]
Review of chapter "Through the Door" from bradsan
How can Buffy enter Asgard. The only explanation could be that she has been in heaven so being blessed or she is a descendant from the gods. Meaning she has blood off the gods running in her veins/DNA.

Well you don't want romance so I would like to see some interaction between Buffy and Thor's parent good ones not bad ones. Thor/Buffy having a strong friendship . Oh and some more ability's for Buffy so she can kick the First ass once and for all. And Tony and Buffy would get along very well they are so the same. I would love to know what they think of Buffy after telling how she became the Slayer and lets say the story of her life. How Will Odin react.

Willow would get along with Banner and Tony they have a lot in common. Willow showing Fury that she is not a someone he can mess with but not in a bad way because they will need each other. I would love to see that Willow finds a way to talk to Buffy in her mind again so she knows that Buffy is okay and to keep each other up to date. With the First coming it's not a bad thing.

I hope Buffy will tell the Gods that the First is back and messing with Loki. I also secretly hope that Buffy and Willow will stay in this dimension because I think they deserve the "freedom" and some happiness which they could find here. I know they would leave their friends and family behind but they are not alone like in other stories. They have each other so it's easier to cope.

So the most I want is that they build Strong friendships which are very difficult to leave and made them stay in this dimension where they can choose to fight. Willow becoming stronger would be not bad at all.

I love your start and hoping there will be more soon.

Thanks for sharing.
Comments from author:
Thank you for taking the time to leave a comment! I too hope there will be more soon - it's in progress, at least.

Buffy definitely isn't descended from any gods or "gods" from either universe, but she's not exactly an average mortal, is she? I'm not even sure if it's expressly impossible for humans to enter the comics Asgard, or if it's just forbidden...In any case, we're dealing with a lot of gray area here - as is usual with Buffy!

Thanks for letting me know what you're interested in seeing. I don't think Buffy's going to spill all of her secrets just for a dramatic reaction from her hosts, but there will be plenty of time for both sides to discover more about each other. I'm sure Willow would love to be able to contact Buffy again, too, but it may be awhile before they manage to find each other again.

The thing about the First is that it can never *truly* be defeated. At least, that's my take on Buffy!verse philosophy. But that doesn't mean it can't be fought. The themes of balance, prophecy, and never-ending cycles (one dies, another is called, etc.) of BtVS actually pair really well with Norse mythology/Thor!verse when one considers the idea of Ragnarok Cycles, and the fallibility of Norse gods...

Anyways, thanks again for reading and enjoying!
Review By [bradsan] • Date [11 Feb 13] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "Through the Door" from Selonianth
Twil be amusing if you ever get the next one posted. Willow likely being there when Loki comes through? She's the single most powerful witch on the planet, quite possibly and probably eclipsing Steven Strange. Loki's a trickster, not a true sorcerer.
Review By [Selonianth] • Date [1 Feb 13] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "Through the Door" from divaslayer
Awesome one shot, I loved it. I can't wait to see if you make a series out of this.

Review By [divaslayer] • Date [20 Jan 13] • Rating [10 out of 10]
Review of chapter "Through the Door" from NimbustheMariner
This is very well written indeed, and I'm looking forward to more. You've nailed it.
Review By [NimbustheMariner] • Date [10 Dec 12] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "Through the Door" from QueenOfFantasy
Oh i hope to read the next chapter soon!!!!
I want to see Buffy/Loki romance and Buffy/Tony brotherly/sisterly relationship. The only difference between him and her is he's a science genius- and a billionaire- and male. Very minor things lol!
Maybe Buffy can comfort Steve and tell him about how she went to heaven and when she came back, even though it wasn't 70 in the future- it wasn't right, it didn't feel right. Maybe if you go canon and have Loki in the cage made for the hulk, maybe you can have Buffy knock some sense into him, tell him he knows **** all what the highest level of suffering and pain is- but it doesn't mean he isn't hurt. She tries to make him fess up about 'the first evil' (i think it's the first evil you had in Buffy's vision). Oh and that coming to thought, Buffy can not only help the avengers with her physical power- but also with her power to make prophecies and glimpse the future. Willow and Banner getting along and talking about their experiences with taming their own monsters. Thor could be like Buffy's twin- not really, but the relationship of twins- not saying they have Fred and George's relationship- but because they're blond, usually think with their brawn and leaders over other brawny people (army of slayers, army of asguardians).

Oh and just so we don't make Buffy weak, maybe she can have the powers she had in twilight. You know, flying, punching through mountains like it was nothing.
Review By [QueenOfFantasy] • Date [8 Dec 12] • Rating [7 out of 10]
Review of chapter "Through the Door" from CageFire
Nice story so far, keep up the nice work. :)
Review By [CageFire] • Date [5 Nov 12] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "Through the Door" from SlowMercury
This storyline was great fun! I bet Giles is sorry now that he wouldn't send a team to check out Willow's tip. Although I guess they didn't call it in first, so who knows if he'll ever figure out what happened.

My vote is for no romance in the sequel; Buffy and Willow are going home to their family eventually (I hope), so if there was any sparkage for either of them it'd probably only end in tears.

For future relationship interactions:
Other reviewers have mentioned wanting to see Buffy and Odin interact; I agree that'd be cool. Odin's just lost one of his sons, partially through bad parenting, so Buffy might be sympathetic,. But he's also, like, the most paternalistic patriarchal patriarch-dictator ever, and Buffy's been fighting The Man almost as hard as she's been fighting demons for most of her life. My guess is she'd be polite up to a point, but woe betide Odin if he overdrew on his pity-account.

I desperately want to see Willow tell Fury no. I could see Willow acknowledging the help that Fury gave her and agreeing that she owes him, maybe even to the point of working for him (because where else will she go? to live on Foster or Selvig's couch?), but Fury does have a tendency to run roughshod over people. I'm not convinced that the way he handled the Tesseract was really the best idea, and Willow already has some experience dealing with ineffable clean power sources which just might happen to have potentially world-ending consequences since she dealt with the Key. I actually think Fury would respect her more for standing up to him, and that could help develop more of a friendship of equals, especially if Fury thinks she's his local near-equivalent in another universe's WSC.

I would also love to see Bruce Banner, Tony Stark and Willow doing MAD SCIENCE together. I could see them totally conspiring to uncover the weapons research.

It also occurs to me that if Loki's being headgamed by the First in Buffy's shape, if he meets her again she could take (perhaps unconscious) advantage of Loki's conditioning to obey beings wearing her shape. That might be fun. It'd be like that scene with Spike, where he couldn't tell which Buffy was real.

Again, this story was awesome. I'm definitely looking forward to any sequel. :)
Comments from author:
Goodness, thank you for answering my questions so thoroughly! I love it! Yes, poor Giles! He's going to have something of a puzzle on his hands to be sure. For Buffy's part, I think she may be missing him and even his rule-abiding, paperwork-loving ways before too long, especially if she butts heads with Odin. And honestly, how can she not, even a little?

No fear, I have no intentions of Willow becoming Fury's minion. She'll definitely owe SHIELD for helping her out, but she's not going to be a pushover. She recognizes that she can use their resources to her advantage if she stays on their good side, and since she's in the world-saving business pretty deep, you can bet she won't leave something like the Tesseract project alone, but I don't think she'll be easily manipulated, even by the master manipulator himself.

For all that it's such an obvious and unoriginal idea, I'm very pleased by the potential of the First and Loki interacting. Who's controlling who?

Thanks for all the ideas and commentary!
Review By [SlowMercury] • Date [5 Nov 12] • Not Rated
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