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Review of chapter "Chapter One" from DarthTenebrus
Well written....and about damn time for the Xandman...

And what's up with those three letter section/chapter/page breaks? Are they some sort of code or are they randomly generated in your mind before they see screen time?
Comments from author:
Unlike some of the stories I've seen for this challenge, I envision the Gang actually winning, with Buffy surviving into her second century. And, after a while, most of their enemies will be human enemies, which they aren't really prepared to handle. Daria's battle will be revealed after I finish (slowly) Parallel Conversations. Then comes Daria and Jane finishing their jobs for Xander and attending the Sunnydale Memorial Picnic and WCI Board meeting. All perfectly ordinary situations, with little magical histrionics or demon fighting. The humans muck it all up.

Two other old stories of mine will show up here, adopted into this series. 'Community' is about the two weeks after Graduation Day. Xander and Cordelia reconcile, but she cannot stay in Sunnydale. Willow and Oz choose the traditional method for putting bad memories to rest. Her parents are not happy. Giles takes Buffy and Joyce to SF. They talk and talk and finally relax. And then they come back to Sunnydale for the SHS Memorial Service. 'Keepers in Rome' is about Buffy and Dawn's meeting with Pope John Paul II, how he figures out Dawn's true origin, and how he persuades them to rejoin the fight. Indirectly, we'll learn why Dawn is a genius with languages.

I'm not sure this story is so well written; my conversations tend to be a bit choppy.

The abbreviations are the standard abbreviations for the Diplomacy provinces. F LON-ENG is an order to move a (F)leet from (LON)don to the (ENG)lish Channel. Whether it gets there is another question, of course.
Review By [DarthTenebrus] • Date [10 Dec 12] • Rating [10 out of 10]
Review of chapter "Chapter One" from tealruby
Nice, not only was it great to see this series continuing but also for an excellent game to get a crossover appearance too :)
Comments from author:
I'm a little blocked on Parallel Conversations part 5. I have a plan, but I'm slow.
Review By [tealruby] • Date [9 Dec 12] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "Chapter One" from (Current Donor)dogbertcarroll
I thought it was going to be a life sized game of Clue for a minute there.
Comments from author:
I don't think Clue is a war game. Of course, the daggers in the back are only figurative, but that's how playing Dippy feels. Given how macabre the new Council tends to be, I would have chosen Kill Doctor Lucky [Cheapass Games] instead of Clue.
Review By [(Current Donor)dogbertcarroll] • Date [9 Dec 12] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "Chapter One" from Valandar
Oooh... yeah, it's ONE of the best games ever made, but do NOT play it with people with whom your friendships aren't secure, unless you don't mind losing a friend or three. If this game was played in the UN, real world wars would break out. Maybe even a real World War...
Comments from author:
And when you have players who can _try_ to read each other's minds, chaos can ensue. I just wish I could have confidence that our current leaders could win a game. I don't know if it's really a crossover, though.
Review By [Valandar] • Date [9 Dec 12] • Not Rated
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