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There's Been Some Sort Of M.Y.T.H-Take

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Review of chapter "Chapter One" from CPTSkip
What a lovely visit to the MYTH-verse. Well done.
Comments from author:
Thanks. One of my other reviewers inspired me to write this when they mentioned Dawn probably tripping over Gleep's tail. ;-)
Review By [CPTSkip] • Date [17 Dec 12] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "Chapter One" from Vilkath
I loved the Myth series back in the day, though some of Robert's last books were rather weak. Took years to come out and when they did they were really nothing like anything previously in the series. I have to say I am ashamed to say I didn't even know the guy was literally dead, i just thought he gave up writing again. He has been known to take decade long breaks before....

It's a sad day, Another Fine Myth was one of the first novels my mom ever read to me, and one of the first real books I learned to read myself as well.

As for this idea it has merit, though I'm not really sure what Dawn could really contribute to the Myth series without either taking it over or having no real impact. The myth series is kind of a finely stacked house of cards imo, and as much as i love the series it would take nearly rewriting the entire thing to make any kind of fanfic out of it.
Comments from author:
Yeah, teh first half-dozen or so stories were simply fantastic.

After that, they started getting a bit too formulaic. and when they farmed out the series, it definitely hit bottom and started digging. ;-(

And Dawn can't rally contribute anything new to the mix.

Except possibly an extremely worried and paranoid Scooby Gang to come looking for her, and possibly start some sort of interdimensional war, maybe? ;-)
Review By [Vilkath] • Date [17 Dec 12] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "Chapter One" from Oxnate
Now I have that theme song stuck in my head. "Where. In the world. Is. Carmen Sandiego?"
Comments from author:
All right then. My work here is done. ;-)
Review By [Oxnate] • Date [17 Dec 12] • Not Rated
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