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What a Woman

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Review of chapter "Chapter One" from bradsan
Love it but Buffy is not a part demon. Sineya was because the Shadow demon, the Shadow men used, fully merged with her. So she lost her humanity with it.

Buffy didn't merge with the demon after the Shadow men offered her more power to defeat the Turok Han. Buffy refused. So the Slayers called after Sineya get the same powers only lesser than Sineya. Buffy became stronger after the years because her powers were growing but she never merged with the Shadow demon so she is fully human a superhuman but human. She could defeat Sineya because Buffy could fight better than Sineya. Sineya was still stronger but Buffy learned from the best. Angel, Spike and Giles(ripper). So not a demon.

There I said it. Still good writing. I normally don't read John/Buffy pairings because I consider John as a selfish man who don't treat his children right but this story is good.
Comments from author:
I guess I should have been more clear, but I suppose I meant her power comes from a demon passed down from Sineya, (the episode in season seven toward the end of the show) and since her power is part of her, ergo part demon, but human for sure. It's the superhuman stuff that's demon, built on top of the human. She sort of wants to mess with Dean too, because she really isn't anything like their kind of demon, just demon power, but Dean sees everything in black and white. Although it's interesting that there is black smoke in the exchange, wonder if Kripke stole that from Buffy? Thanks for the comment, and I guess I don't claim to be the expert anyway, my interpretation of the show might very well be off, so thanks for giving me your opinion. I appreciate it.
Review By [bradsan] • Date [1 Apr 13] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "Chapter One" from Araavea
I've never read a John/Buffy before, but that was awesome. I agree that Buffy would kick Dean's ass if he started calling her "mom".
Comments from author:
Yeah, it was fun to write, thanks.
Review By [Araavea] • Date [18 Mar 13] • Rating [9 out of 10]
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