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Are you ready to be strong?

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Review of chapter "Are you ready to be strong?" from DarthTenebrus
Hmm, dunno, it could just as easily have gone that way if that's the way Joss wanted it to go. Besides, damn.....this was an original idea for a Potential to be in trouble with the Feds and all.

I'll say it again, daaaaaaeeeeeeeeemmnn...
Comments from author:
Um, sorry, but I don't get what you're saying. Could you clear it up, please?
Review By [DarthTenebrus] • Date [19 Feb 13] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "Are you ready to be strong?" from DHX
I'm sorry, but no. the slayer activation has never worked like that.
Comments from author:
Really? I'm sorry to hear this. Let's just assume that I used some creative license then.
Review By [DHX] • Date [18 Feb 13] • Not Rated
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