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Ragnos in Sunnydale

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Review of chapter "Notes and disappearing Snyders" from (Current Donor)wizathogwarts
The story is intriguing and rather chaotic but I guess that's appropriate. While I'm fascinated with what's going on with Buffy and friends I'm continually confused and frustrated with characters popping up that I haven't a clue as to who they are. And how does Drusilla leave a note on Buff's bed? Doesn't she need an invite?
The story makes me think which is entertaining but I hope you'll reveal what's going on soon.
Comments from author:
I like the fact that you mentioned that it was chaotic, and I agree that it's appropriate given that these things are happening as a result of Chaos Magic.

I'm sorry about the characters that are popping up don't match up with what and who you know (though, for two characters (my Ragnos OC and the Cathar that Cordy went as), that's to be expected since they only exist in my head, and for at least two others, they're different from what they're supposed to be. Also, if you've got any idea on who Harm could've gone as (since, I don't actually have anything set aside specifically for her), then please email me and give me the idea. All I know about that character is that she isn't a sheep, so ideas are definitely welcome.

As for the needing an invite thing, I'm going to, at least partially, explain that next chapter. Once I finish it, that is. Which, may take awhile, given my ability with Writer's Block and Procrastination, yanno?

By the way, it's kinda a "How life works out because of this thing" sort of fic. Hope it turns out well, and I hope that I can reveal more of what's going on soon.

Thanks for reading so far and I hope that I don't disappoint you! :)
Review By [(Current Donor)wizathogwarts] • Date [16 May 14] • Rating [9 out of 10]
Review of chapter "Notes and disappearing Snyders" from IllusiveMike
I would agree that this excellent fic is seriously underreviewed, so here's my 2 cents. The characters are all used in a rather original way (btw, was I supposed to recognise that last one? 'cause I did). The story arc... promises to be nice, once it actually starts. So I would very much like to see more soon-ish. Because as good as it is, the high-mystery-low-information start coupled with rare updates would just make it hell to follow. So keep up the good work. No pressure =))
Comments from author:
Thanks for the review! :) I hope to get it out a little faster, but I'm not gonna promise anything.

As for the character you recognized... If it was the Stargate connection, then that was on purpose. If it was Gwen's character, then either I'm surprised or you're wrong (no offense). If it was the last character who did a narrative, then that's kinda impossible, but I wouldn't mind finding out what character you think it is. I wouldn't mind that last bit no matter who it is you identified.

So, thank you for the review, and I hope that I get the next chapter out soonish! =)
Review By [IllusiveMike] • Date [29 Jan 14] • Rating [10 out of 10]
Review of chapter "Notes and disappearing Snyders" from (Current Donor)wizathogwarts
I'm not sure what to say except that I'm interested, primarily due to curiosity and competent writing.
What I can say is that due to my lack of familiarity with the alternate characters used lends to my inability to provide anything more positive at this time. The first chapter was especially confusing, and while subsequent chapters began to reveal things that I was familiar enough with to give me some perspective, additional plot advancements created more confusion. If mystery and confusion are your goal then you have succeeded magnificently.
I'm hoping that as more information is provided things will become clear enough for me to go beyond confused, curious interest and reach actual enjoyment.
For the time being, I'm approaching this as if I don't know any back story to anything.
Comments from author:
Well, wizard-at-hogwarts, I thank you very muchly for the review! It put a smile on my face, both in finding that I got it, and in what it said. I especially like that first sentence.

It's interesting to see your perspective on it, and it's nice to know that I have people intrigued by my stories, if not yet truly enjoying it.

In the end, I guess I'll have to finish this off like I did with Jimk. I hope that you'll continue to read and be interested long enough for the story to settle down and be obvious enough to be something that you actively enjoy.
Review By [(Current Donor)wizathogwarts] • Date [26 Jan 14] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "Notes and disappearing Snyders" from jimk
I think the reason this lacks in reviews is because it comes across as somewhat scatter-brained. It's got some definite potential but so far I'm somewhat ambivalent about it. I like it enough to keep an eye on it but that's mainly to see if it gets a little more coherent as a story. It's a very good fic at times and definitely as far as who the Halloween characters were. At the same time it takes more effort than it should to follow it, hence the ambivalence.
Comments from author:
Okay, that's very good to know. It's nice to know that it's doing okay, at least in parts. I'll try to get it more under control, but then again, when you think about it, the scatter-brained-ness is kinda a big part of why it isn't because it's based on chaos magic. It makes sense if you think about it like that, you know?

Still, thank you for your review, I really appreciate it, and I hope that it will develop into a story that you will truly enjoy. :)
Review By [jimk] • Date [26 Jan 14] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "Notes and disappearing Snyders" from deathgeonous
First off, I must say that I'm touched that you'd use my review to illustrate the point that this fic is woefully under appreciated. And under reviewed as well. That said, while this new chapter was... a might confusing, it was also quite good. So, thanks for writing this, and goodbye for now.
Comments from author:
I'm glad that you were touched at my use of your review.

*Slightly snide moment* For a size or length, it's technically mite, instead of might. *Moment's over, back to work and thank you's*

And like I said to Eureka, considering the changes I've made and what I haven't revealed, it's perfectly normal to be confused as it begins to settle down.

And then I'll start making up crazy stuff to keep it interesting! Wahahaha!

Still, overall, thank you very much for actually expressing an interest in my story and actually enjoying it. It's fun to work on my writing and it puts a smile on my face every time I see "XXX has reviewed one of your stories" in my inbox!
Review By [deathgeonous] • Date [26 Jan 14] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "Notes and disappearing Snyders" from Eureka
Confused I am, but good your story is.
Comments from author:
Why thank you! And it's perfectly fine to be confused. Considering the changes, and what I haven't revealed, it's bound to be a little confusing at first before it starts to settle down.

And then I'll just start making up crazy stuff to make it interesting. Wahahaha!
Review By [Eureka] • Date [26 Jan 14] • Rating [10 out of 10]
Review of chapter "Ragnos chapter 2 part 2" from Spica
I like it quite a lot and would really like to see more, please?
Comments from author:
Don't worry Spica, it's coming! Thanks for the review!
Review By [Spica] • Date [13 Nov 13] • Rating [10 out of 10]
Review of chapter "Ragnos chapter 2 part 2" from ChaoticFred
I'm enjoying this so far! Idk if you're being serious, but the thread count thing: the higher the number, the better. It means the number of threads woven together in one square inch. Also, Egyptian cotton, satin, and silk are considered higher quality, though for affordable comfort, sheets made out of T-shirt material are a very good choice, even if the stated thread count is lower. Touch the sheet in question, and look at the price.
Review By [ChaoticFred] • Date [30 Jul 13] • Rating [10 out of 10]
Review of chapter "Ragnos chapter 2 part 2" from deathgeonous
Your right, this has way too little reviews for how good this is. And it is that, good. So, thanks for writing this, and good bye for now.
Comments from author:
I completely agree. When I read this, my face lit up in a smile. I appreciate it! Hope you think the rest of it is good too.
Review By [deathgeonous] • Date [29 Jul 13] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "Ragnos chapter 2 part 2" from Wormbait
Interesting fic so far.

Buffy seems a bit over powered for a Jedi/Sith type but then I never played the games so I have no idea if that's normal.

Not sure where the "all hail Xander, isn't he wonderful" stuff came from, just seemed to pop up out of nowhere with no reasoning behind it.

Still I look forward to seeing where you take things, and just who Wilkins is calling in to take care of things.
Comments from author:
I know that she seems a bit overpowered, but think about it like this: She's several thousand years old, and from a race of beings who mess around with the force about as naturally as we breathe. Everyone can do it. So of course she's going to be amazingly strong or skilled.

As for the "All Hail Xander" stuff, if you're talking about Buffy and Cordy agreeing that he was too good for them, then it's because they see him in a light that they didn't have at all until the end of season 7 (according to some fics I've read at least).

As for the rest of the review, I definitely appreciate the appreciation. You might find the answer of who Wilkins is calling to be a bit surprising.

Hope you enjoy the next chapters just as much as the others!
Review By [Wormbait] • Date [29 Jul 13] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "Chapter Two" from DarthTenebrus
I can see Buffy's got some issues she's gonna have to work out through the Force...
Comments from author:
Yep. Do you like it so far?
Review By [DarthTenebrus] • Date [8 Apr 13] • Rating [10 out of 10]
Review of chapter "Chapter Two" from alynambered
You Suck!!!

There, that's out of the way. This is quite the convoluted plot device and I haven't decided if I like the story or not? I am, however, eagerly awaiting the next chapter to see if it makes any more sense.
Comments from author:
THANK YOU!!!! I try. When I read the "You Suck!!!", it made me really happy. I hope that the next chapter gets you to continue reading my story! Can't wait to get it finished!
Review By [alynambered] • Date [7 Apr 13] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "Chapter Two" from ThePureOne
Love the story ....ok so Buffys-Ragnos Willow-Raven Dawn-Starfire umm idk anyone else can't wait until next chapter
Comments from author:
You got them right! And, as a little bit of a clue, the Cathar species is a race of cats. *snicker* I think you can tell who it was from that. Thanks for the guess and the review in general!
Review By [ThePureOne] • Date [7 Apr 13] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "Chapter One" from alynambered
Could also be Willow?

I don't know??? Upright ring full of water. Seems like foreshadowing, to me.

Curious to see who was who. Please continue.

One reviewer posited Buffy as Ragnos and I suggested Willow.
Comments from author:
Who, do you think, is Willow? 'Cause, I'm not entirely sure.

And the upright ring of water? Definitely foreshadowing.
Review By [alynambered] • Date [3 Apr 13] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "Chapter One" from evilredknight
This.. well, really needs a rethink over what you're trying to do.

I just rolled my eyes at Ragnos. Partially because of the power and abilities you pretty much 'sued' into the character. But mostly because the ONLY thing you took from star wars canon was the name "Ragnos". If you were going to use nothing of the canon character and in fact retcon absolutely EVERYTHING except "powerful force user", what is the point of using the character and not just making up an OC? Because that's what you've done, basically just given an OC a canon name. How do I connect with a character like that?

You might also go back and try to separate the voices a little more. There's thoughts of characters in there where even after re-reading it several timed I'm not sure whether a character is remembering something or "Ragnos" is reading their memories.

Also given the number of characters you intertwined here, there really should have been a who went as what couple of expository paragraphs to make the thing MUCH less confusing.

This might be interesting, as I'm always a big fan of Buffy goes as something different YAHF's, but it does need some work.
Comments from author:
I completely agree about it needing work. For who was remembering what: It was all Ragnos reading peoples' minds. For the character, I kinda hope that I do it right. I will be making the main characters of BtVS be fairly changed (other than Giles and Jenny), due to their Halloween possessions. Just a heads-up there.

Also, I had to scrap over half of my original writing of the second chapter because it was getting out of hand, but I did keep the beginnings of their days. Here's to hoping that I do it right the first time!

Please, continue reading when I have more posted. And continue to tell me what you think, because if not for you, it could've just been digging itself a ginormous grave that would've required a complete rewrite.
Review By [evilredknight] • Date [1 Apr 13] • Not Rated
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