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Review of chapter "Chapter Three: Part Eight" from JimmX
This continues to be a very enjoyable, whimsical story. I love seeing a world through Luna-tinted glasses. Thanks for sharing it with us.
Review By [JimmX] • Date [14 Oct 14] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "Chapter Three: Part Eight" from (Moderator)acs
This is a wonderful story. So many things that make it delightful to read. Luna, of course, as a slayer. Her 'slayer peanut gallery', basically the whole thing just sings!

Not sure why I haven't reviewed it in the past, But it was your depiction of an extremely shy Padma that got me to write this review. Can't say why, and I sort of feel sad for her, but her addition as a friend of Luna's just seems to make sense.

And the whole chapter just makes the day end on a better note...

So, thanks.
Comments from author:
Thank you so much, your review delighted me to read as well. *grins* And I am happy to see that Starfox referring to the Slayer Sisters as the "peanut gallery" is catching.

But don't feel sad for Padma - because hey, I'll let you in on a little secret. The more I write the more I enjoy writing characters who are....different sounds almost pejorative but I don't like being overly specific honestly. I made Astoria dissociative in one story and Petunia perhaps had bit of aspergers in another - although neither were stated specifically (just as here Padma is simply extremely shy - I don't want to place any other lables on her). And both end up doing alright - I like writing these characters and having them, if not happily ever after, then content. So, don't worry for Padma - I adore the dear and will look after her. *grins*

And I am quite happy that this chapter helped your day end on a better note - fanfiction has certainly done that for me before and I am pleased to be a part of this proud tradition. *salutes*
Review By [(Moderator)acs] • Date [13 Oct 14] • Rating [10 out of 10]
Review of chapter "Chapter Three: Part Eight" from raxadian
Very nice, weird that Ginny did not ask Harry, maybe because she is still ashamed of the whole book deal?
Comments from author:
Well, Ginny never asked Harry in cannon either - probably because Neville asked her. And anyway the Yule Ball was an event for Fourth Years and above - Luna and Ginny would not be a part of it if they were not asked by the others so it might have been weird if she had taken the initiative in that way.

And I don't think of it as a shame thing - although I -do- think it does have to do with the diary, in a fashion. In my mind those events, First Year, did change Ginny. Between that, and knowing about Luna, she has matured a bit, is slowly coming into her own - moving away from the little girl infatuation she had on Harry. It is not giving away much for me to say those two do not end up together in my little tale.

Thanks again, for reviewing, raxadian!
Review By [raxadian] • Date [13 Oct 14] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "Chapter Three: Part Eight" from Starfox
Sweet chapter. I love Harry and Luna's understanding, and their different viewpoints. And this is a very original Padma, interesting, with a fitting friendship with Luna. And of course the Slayer's peanut gallery are always amusing.
Comments from author:
Thank you, Starfox. I like having Harry and Luna trusting each other (because they claim each other as friend/family in the absolute Lovegood way) - and then gradually getting to understand each other, with their different ways of thinking, coming from that place of trust. Because Harry and Luna came from vastly different backgrounds - and neither are prone to trust.

I'm glad you like Padma - over the various HP things I've done, grown to really love writing the Patil twins. I like putting my own spn on them (another time, when they were all adults, Padma had meaningful tatoos). And "Slayer peanut gallery" made me giggle.

Thanks for continuing to review, Starfox.
Review By [Starfox] • Date [13 Oct 14] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "Chapter Three: Part Eight" from Valandar
I loved the chapter, but one thing kept kicking me out of immersion in the story, which is not usually a problem with your writing:

It's PARvati, not PRAvati. :(
Comments from author:
Oh shoot, I hate it when that happens. I'll go back over it right now - thanks for the catch and sorry about that. I don't have a beta and sometimes it's you readers who catch things my eyes don't. I'm glad you liked the rest though. And thanks for taking the time to leave a review, Valandar.
Review By [Valandar] • Date [13 Oct 14] • Rating [7 out of 10]
Review of chapter "Chapter Three: Part Seven" from lunalurker
Your Luna is amazing, and the story is giving me, as some parts of the internet say, All The Feels!
The conversations with background characters and the little crossover worldbuilding details are very nice treats too.
Thanks very much for writing, it is appreciated.
Comments from author:
It always makes me grin to see the background characters and worldbuilding bits - because those are the parts that I am always afraid I take an overblown amount of joy in playing with. Thank you so much for your kind words - they really made me smile - and thank you for taking the time to review. (Sorry for the delayed response I was having a fight with my laptop and it almost won.)
Review By [lunalurker] • Date [1 Oct 14] • Rating [8 out of 10]
Review of chapter "Chapter Three: Part Seven" from normanK
Thank you for sharing this wonderful story. Looking forward to Luna finding out about all the new slayers and the new watchers council. Buffy and Faith are just going to love Luna....
Comments from author:
I am particularly looking forward to writing her interactions with Faith. I think they will get along very well in a bizarre sort of way. But, that is all quite a ways in the future yet. (Doesn't stop me from writing bits of scenes though *laughs*.)

Thank you for your kind words - I am always happy to hear people like reading this because I sure do enjoy writing it. And thank you for taking the time to review. (And I apologize for the lateness of my response - I had a technology fight.)
Review By [normanK] • Date [25 Sep 14] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "Chapter Three: Part Seven" from raxadian
And a bond was formed, maybe she can be her Watcher too?
Comments from author:
I was actually thinking perhaps something along those lines. But, I think it will be more likely many people filling various roles that Watchers do. Haven't solidly decided on that yet.

Thanks for reviewing!
Review By [raxadian] • Date [15 Sep 14] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "Chapter Three: Part Six" from raxadian
Yes, being a Slayer sucks.
Comments from author:
And Luna has them all in her brain as both a comfort and a reminder of that. Thanks for continuing to reiview, raxadian - sorry for the late response I got into a fight with my laptop. *snorts*
Review By [raxadian] • Date [10 Sep 14] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "Chapter Three: Part Seven" from Starfox
Great chapter. I love the talk with Hermione, the inisights into Luna's family and history, all colored with her unique viewpoint. Well done.
Comments from author:
I am late in responding - had a technology fight and only now have a new chapter out.

But I thank you heartily for this - I was very hesitant about this chapter. Hermione is special to many people. As special a character I suppose as Luna is to me. *laughs* So, although I have them arguing, I wanted to keep them both in character, and very human in their POV's and thought processes. I'm also glad you're liking the Lovegood history I'm building - I always think I take perhaps too much fun in doing that. World building. Because my mind really becomes obsessed with those little details. I have all of the Lovegoods properties (and what they are meant for) mapped out in my brain now. *laughs*

Thanks again for continuing to review.
Review By [Starfox] • Date [10 Sep 14] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "Chapter Three: Part Six" from Starfox
A very touching chapter. I love how Charlie Weasley, often an ignored character, has a central role in Luna's life - and vice versa. And good insights into the whole Dragon Task, and the consequences.
Comments from author:
I rather love Charlie - I think Charlie, Padma, Dean, Fleur and Seamus became some of these odd background characters that I fell in love with as I wrote them in my last long HP-crossover. So, don't be surprised if some - or all of them - show up in different ways. *laughs*

The Dragon Task just made me angry on many levels and I think that reflected in Luna. Poor girl is going to have a hard time with the next two as well.

Thanks for continuing to review, Starfox - I appreciate the feedback.
Review By [Starfox] • Date [8 Sep 14] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "Chapter Three: Part Six" from TroyGuffey
Very nice chapter.

I do agree that the First Task was a horrible thing. Even if Dragons aren't endangered (but how could they not be if they can all be kept on Reserves) Krum and Harry task ended badly for the dragons.
Comments from author:
Thank you - I apologize for the lateness of my reply, I tend to grab reviews when I post new chapters. *grins*

Much of the book I am simply remembering from when I read it years and years ago - but I had wanted to catch up on the Task because I remembered it bothering me for some reason. When I did - wow, I got majorly upset at basically every part of it. I empathized - probably way more than the book meant me too - with the dragons. That's probably reflected in Luna. *snorts*

Thanks so much for continuing to review!
Review By [TroyGuffey] • Date [7 Sep 14] • Rating [9 out of 10]
Review of chapter "Chapter Three: Part Five" from raxadian
Well, is nice indeed to have friends.
Comments from author:
That it is - and I really like having Luna not just accumulating these friends, but sometimes simply allies, unknowingly. Those sort of connections can be very valuable for a Slayer in a world at War.

Thanks so much for continuing to review - sorry all of these responses are a bit late, I found your reviews while I was posting another chapter. *grins*
Review By [raxadian] • Date [5 Sep 14] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "Chapter Three: Part Three & Part Four" from raxadian
Pegasi uh?
Comments from author:
I only remember them being refereed to as Flying Horses in the books - but I rather love thinking of them as Pegasi. It works. I'm using that. *laughs*

Thanks so much for continuing to review, raxadian!
Review By [raxadian] • Date [5 Sep 14] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "Chapter Three: Part Two" from raxadian
And to think that only girl is like only 1/4 not human.
Comments from author:
Yup, but I think - especially with Veela in the books, even with the blood diluted that much they gave off many of the characteristics of their full-blooded ancestors. I like character/world building and since there isn't that much, in depth, done on Veela in the books I'm going to play with it a bit - as I have want to do. *grins*.

Thanks for reviewing!
Review By [raxadian] • Date [5 Sep 14] • Not Rated
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