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Review of chapter "Shieldmaiden" from Mkay
Love this series so very much. Your style of writing is wonderful. I hope one day you write the last two installments. Until then, I will continue to read this over and over : )

I recommended this story, but wish I could rec the whole series.
Review By [Mkay] • Date [25 Nov 14] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "Shieldmaiden" from bradsan
I really hope this isn't the last one. I want to see how Buffy and Aragon are gone marry and hopefully her family will be near when that happen. She deserves at least that much. Well at least Arwen would probably be there.

So more please. I love this series
Review By [bradsan] • Date [23 Jul 14] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "Shieldmaiden" from AngelQueen
Oh wow, brilliant! I love this glimpse into how someone like Eowyn would view Buffy! Excellent job! Two shieldmaidens to fight the good fight.

I love how Buffy sees that Eowyn too has her part to play, and helps to arm her accordingly. I'm also so very curious as to what Buffy will get up to in Minas Tirith. Somehow I doubt Denethor will take kindly to her, given both how different she is from other women of his world and how she is the betrothed of the man who is coming to 'supplant' him.

Great job! Hope you decide to write more! :)
Review By [AngelQueen] • Date [17 Feb 14] • Rating [10 out of 10]
Review of chapter "Shieldmaiden" from BotticellisMuse
I love your series. You seamlessly wove subtle similarities with buffyverse and lotr. True to form, buffy fell iin love with a far older man. Say 70plus years older than her..and being galadriel as her mother having the gift of sight and the mirror of water, this coincides with her slayer dreams. I love it! Thanks so much for sharing your gift of storytelling. I do hope you'll be inspired enough quite soon to continue the series. Ive read that you plan on writing two morefor this, can I beg now for you to serve them piping hot :)

I don't think there's a feature for recommending a series somewhere in here. What I'll do is recommend the last story so far, that way readers will still be able to see that there are previous stories before this and all of them quite enjoyable.

So really pleeease update soon!
Review By [BotticellisMuse] • Date [29 Oct 13] • Rating [10 out of 10]
Review of chapter "Shieldmaiden" from (Recent Donor)Luna
Loved it!!!!
Comments from author:
I'm happy you enjoyed it!
Review By [(Recent Donor)Luna] • Date [6 Jul 13] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "Shieldmaiden" from (Current Donor)Sulien
I love this little interlude. I had completely forgotten about this story until I got the email notification for this post and it took me a bit to remember what was going on, so I think I am going to wait until the series is finished before I read the next sections. I'm going to enjoy going back to the beginning of the series and reading the entire thing. :)

Thank you for sharing this, it is a wonderful treat!
Comments from author:
Very understandable. I've planned out two more installments and then that's it. Thanks for still being interested in the story!
Review By [(Current Donor)Sulien] • Date [5 Jul 13] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "Shieldmaiden" from Wormbait
Very nice glimmer of what occurred behind the scenes, very well written too.

Well done and thanks for sharing.
Comments from author:
Thank you for your comment! I'm glad you enjoyed it.
Review By [Wormbait] • Date [4 Jul 13] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "Shieldmaiden" from (Past Donor)FireDragon
Excellent. So happy for this update. very much looking forward to more.
Comments from author:
Thanks! I hope to finish it before summer ends.
Review By [(Past Donor)FireDragon] • Date [4 Jul 13] • Not Rated
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