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Review of chapter "Collages: Ghost Whisperer" from DarthTenebrus
Everything seems to come in pairs, does it? Like how you find different roles that each actor played, and then you put them alongside each other in such a way that makes them appear as comfortable beside each other as if they had been old friends, or lovers, or brothers/sisters, or whatever else...

Except for the Slayer who has a Cylon Watcher. Look out, those skinjobs are downright sneaky...maybe you could do a crossover with BSG where your Watcher's assistant runs into a Cylon...or two, or three, or Six...each of whom could be her spitting image...

And can you do one for "Balance of Powers"? That's the sequel to Rise Dark Sisters, and it ain't finished, but I'm-a gonna work on it eventually, when I'm not busy with everything else...thx
Comments from author:
Well, the Faith one I did for as a story banner while the others were done because I've been doing a lot of huge multi-crosses that happen to have repeat actors. These are just a few of them.

That sounds interesting, and I might take a look into it, but I'm really focusing on some other stuff right now.

I'll look into "Balance of Powers" for you.
Review By [DarthTenebrus] • Date [4 Jul 13] • Rating [10 out of 10]
Review of chapter "Faith the Vampire Slayer_5" from xon
Wrong category; there's a fanart section somewhere on the site.

Two, who's Tricia Helfer supposed to depict in those banners? Diana Dormer? Not sure I can see her in the role...
Comments from author:
I am so sorry. For some reason, I totally spaced on placing it. I have that fixed now.

She's playing Diana Dormer's assistant and new Watcher for Faith. Anna Martin, I believe I named her.
Review By [xon] • Date [4 Jul 13] • Not Rated
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