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Wings Under Cover

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Review of chapter "Wings Under Cover" from Deathshead
You've got two stories to finish before this one. Adding another's just jumping the gun.
Comments from author:
Wings of Paradise (the original story) is already completed, just can't mass upload the entire thing due to site rules. I'm still working on the new chapter of Wings of Destiny too. In fact I decided to rewrite what I had for the new chapter already. And the actual 2nd story in the Wings of Paradise series is also complete, just can't upload it yet due to site rules.

Wings Under Cover though, this chapter had actually been written a while ago. Future chapters for it will also be self contained ficlets, but may not be centered on Jason Blair. Each chapter should be in first person format though to maintain a theme.

And honestly? I've got a half dozen stories I'm writing and uploading as I finish chapters. About a dozen stories I've finished, and would love to upload to TTH but the site rules wont let me yet, and another half dozen I'm working on still but haven't posted anywhere. One of which is a sequel/stand alone for the Wings of Paradise series which I'm up to the 5th chapter on. As well as a couple Buffy stories I'm not happy with yet so may rewrite before uploading.
Review By [Deathshead] • Date [11 Aug 13] • Not Rated
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