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Review of chapter "Her Too" from SamuraiSky
Oh I so want to see where this goes.
Review By [SamuraiSky] • Date [10 Oct 13] • Rating [10 out of 10]
Review of chapter "Her Too" from Raider

*pow* and tiiiimber!
Comments from author:
Oh! Oh! Oh! Aaaand boom goes the dynamite.
Review By [Raider] • Date [27 Aug 13] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "Her Too" from Meneldur
So, I read this at work, and I really enjoyed it - I don't know of the Power Rangers to comment on their gender-changed personalities and ways of handling it, but I enjoyed their reactions and the diverseness of it all. And Cordelia's attitude is always fun, especially as it persisted throughout the chapter. But... the last part niggled at me, and the more I thought of it, the more I realized why. It's perfectly Cordelia, especially given her past animosity with Willow, but it's... well, not the smartest move to make.
I'm trying to be totally unbiased here, and obviously we need to ignore what Cordelia doesn't know - so let's assume Cordelia isn't aware of Willow's fall into darkness, or what she did with her power. And she obviously isn't aware of the mitigating circumstances, namely, that Willow wasn't at all trying to do anything so worldshaking, that the only warning she had was Hecate's refusal to help, and that she herself was under a spell (speaking of which, I'm assuming Willow simply overpowered the spell?). But Cordelia does know that if it was Willow, Willow has the power to turn some 4 billion people into females. And that is a hugely insane amount of power. So, the first thing being a punch thrown... not the wisest of ideas. Especially when we've seen that Cordelia earlier acknowledged she wasn't the leader... It just doesn't sound smart to me, is all.
Oh, but nice work, bringing in Luna from Magical Thunder, that was absolutely brilliant.

EDIT: Wait, damn it, never mind. I just reread the last scene, and realized that Cordelia knocked Willow out. So, while I'm still not sure about what Cordelia's doing, since I would have taken a more peaceful approach, it's a legitimate tactic, given that they don't know whether Willow is hostile or not. I still think antagonizing the witch who can end the world is a bad idea, but since they've knocked her unconscious, they might be able to restrain her if she was hostile. I take it back.
Comments from author:
Small spoiler: Cordelia's been out of the loop since before Doyle died. That's why - if you notice - she's aware of Willow and Tara hooking up but isn't aware of Tara's fate. So she's also not aware of the full extent of Willow's current powers. All she knows is that the girl she hated in high school, who capped off a contentious decade of interaction by somewhat stealing her boyfriend of the time... just royally fucked the entire world up. So she decided to... share her feelings on the matter.
Review By [Meneldur] • Date [26 Aug 13] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "Her Too" from djhardim
From the challenge:

EDIT: It would be great if the change is permanent, but this is entirely optional.
Comments from author:
Yes, dear, and then you look up and...
Last Updated: 26 Aug 13

My story? Posted three days before he edited his challenge. This version is from 23 Aug 13 and the original is from 11 Jan 09. And he only edited his challenge because I pointed out that he had in fact NOT specified a permanent change.
Review By [djhardim] • Date [26 Aug 13] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "Her Too" from BarbarossaRotbart
Weird as always... ;)
Comments from author:
I'm good at being weird.
Review By [BarbarossaRotbart] • Date [26 Aug 13] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "Her (Cordelia/Kira Ford)" from Meneldur
Don't know enough about Power Ranger to comment on that part, but the interactions were highly amusing, and as always, I cannot stop laughing from Willow's high-powered fiascoes in magic. You captured her mindset perfectly as well.
Comments from author:
Wait till you see who else shows up.
Review By [Meneldur] • Date [25 Aug 13] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "Her (Cordelia/Kira Ford)" from BarbarossaRotbart
Can't wait to see when they realize that every men is affected, permanently and irreversible.

EDIT: If I remember my own challenge correctly, the effect has to be permanent.
Comments from author:
Every man, yes. Not sure about the permanently part. :)

EDIT: Erm... no mention of permanency here:
"Remember the spell Willow tried to cast in the Episode "Him". Imagine that Willow was not interrupted and the spell worked, but not the way it should. Instead of that one boy turned into a girl, all men on the world are turned into women.
That story can be of any length, but it must be a crossover.
Any pairings are possible.
And the rest is up to you."
You can certainly edit it, but I'll decouple the story from the challenge if I feel I no longer meet the criteria.
Review By [BarbarossaRotbart] • Date [25 Aug 13] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "Her (Cordelia/Kira Ford)" from QueenCA
Interesting...Nice job, Willow. Wonder how the others would react when they learn she's responsible for this...because I can't see her keeping that BIG of a secret for too long. Not if she ever wanted to fix it...

Cordy and Kira, huh? Hm...I like it. Especially since you wrote it as they didn't start out close and the like or that they aren't what people would describe as the 'perfect couple'. I enjoyed the whole 'how they became a couple' part too. Yup, I don't think the others expected that when they thought up that plan...

Typical Cordy. I love how she takes charge in the situation... (still would have loved to see the Ninja rangers reactions...but oh well...) Also, a nice choice on her Dino Zord. Very original! I'm saying that because I really haven't seen a story with that dinosaur used. I HAVE seen one with a Spinosaurus though...

I love the BTVS and Power Rangers crossovers you've come up with (and yes, at one point in the near future, I plan on going and reviewing the others, among other things). Keep up the good work!
Comments from author:
I've used the dilophosaurus for Luna too in my Magical Thunder story, but I'm going to retcon her into being the Raptor Ranger because... well, you'll have to see what happens in Her Too.
Review By [QueenCA] • Date [24 Aug 13] • Rating [10 out of 10]
Review of chapter "Her (Cordelia/Kira Ford)" from Chikageko
...uhuh. Good going willow. You've more than likely just doomed the human race. Though if there's a few smart people running around that means invetro will be more comon now so that might lead to proper, I guess i could deal with it.
Comments from author:
I hope I'd make a cute girl...
Review By [Chikageko] • Date [23 Aug 13] • Not Rated
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