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The Payday Bluff

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Review of chapter "Epilogue" from Xovervore
Nice ending. I am happy to see that you have had some more reviews.
I encourage you to continue publishing fanfic here on tth.
Comments from author:
I will try and I am glad that you liked it. I still have very rough idea of sequel in my head and I will try to start it soon. Cheers ND
Review By [Xovervore] • Date [27 Jan 14] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "Epilogue" from (Recent Donor)CaptainBoulanger
Yeah a couple cultural differences - we did not (at the time) have a school graduation exam. Closest thing would be the SAT's, which were referenced on the show, which are a placement/qualification test to enter university, but are NOT required of all high school students. It's canon that Buffy got a rather high score. Scoring range on this test is 400-1600 (it is scored as two parts; half the test is math and half is English lit/reading comprehension, each is on a 200 to 800 scale) in ten-point increments. Most universities require a minimum score around 1000-1200 for any applicants; the exact cutoff varies depending on the prestige of the university. (I got into every university I applied to with a score of 1250.)

Also, while it would make sense for the bank to have large amounts of cash on hand, Americans are usually not paid in cash by their employer. We are usually paid by check and then the individual employees would go to a local bank (not necessarily the one the checking account is located at; you can deposit the check at your own bank and the banks deal with each other). And as was mentioned about the $100 dollar bills... although in the 1930s there were larger bills (up to $10,000) and it could be a logical "alternate universe" detail that in the Buffyverse they were not discontinued.
Comments from author:
True and when I watched the show it is at least Five years back and I watched czech dub version so lots of these things are lost in translation... Shrugs thanks for the exhaustive answer and your explanation of higher notes is also usable. Again thanks for the review and thoughts I hope that you at least enjoyed the story cheers ND
Review By [(Recent Donor)CaptainBoulanger] • Date [26 Jan 14] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "Epilogue" from djhardim

Fortunately, Buffy and Tara had Bags of Holding. Otherwise, they wouldn't have been able to have carried all of the money they stole.
Comments from author:
Yeah as I said before I thought that US used higher bank notes than 100 so yes I will say it that they used bags of holding.

Cheers ND
Review By [djhardim] • Date [26 Jan 14] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "Epilogue" from fanreaderonetwo
Fun fic, I enjoyed reading it.

nitpick notes

The GCSE is an British test, not American.

The 100 dollar bill ($100) is the _largest_ denomination US bill in circulation.

So 2.5 million dollars would be an absolute _minimum_ of 25,000 bills,
assuming they didn't take any smaller denomination banknotes.

I don't know the cubic volume of 25,000 US bank notes, but I suspect that it would be a bit bulkier than could be hidden on two small people without suspicion.
In Tara's case, there is also the matter of the _weight_ of the currency she was carrying to be taken into consideration.
Recalling the bales of _tightly_ compressed and plastic wrapped bills belonging to banks, drug cartels and money launderers seen on the TV news and various TV shows and movies, and that they are moved with fork lifts and heavy duty carts......
Comments from author:
I am glad that you like this little story and to nitpicks in high school English lessons we were kinda only taught about British school systems and not much about US and i must admit that I didn't do my research on such a topic I just assume that the school leaving exams have the same name... Shrugs my bad for assuming.

And towards the notes damn I have been and worked in US and damn I never thought that 100 dollar bill was the highest in the use I thought that when i was given my pay day on the weeks end that the we never made enough that it would require higher bank notes... blame it on my upbringing and my native currency....

Cheers ND
Review By [fanreaderonetwo] • Date [26 Jan 14] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "Chapter Six" from darkwoofe
Loved it. Just wanted to let you know that I've really enjoyed this story. Thanks!
Comments from author:
And I am glad that you have enjoyed this thanks

Cheers ND
Review By [darkwoofe] • Date [25 Jan 14] • Rating [8 out of 10]
Review of chapter "Chapter Five" from DarthTenebrus
Hey, not bad for first time on your own without beta to guide effort. Your English is very good, my Czech friend.

Look forward to more. ..
Comments from author:
Thanks for the review and your encouraging words sadly only one chapter and epilogue to go.

Cheers ND
Review By [DarthTenebrus] • Date [25 Jan 14] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "Prologue & Chapter One" from Xovervore
There are a number of spelling and grammar mistakes, but the meaning is clear.

Regarding this bit (and yes, the original source is the movie 'Airplane' aka 'Flying High', by the late, great Leslie Neilsen's character):

“You are serious aren’t you…”

Buffy ruefully nodded. “Yes I am and don’t call me Shirley and I have a plan! I've got a plan so cunning, you could put a tail on it and call it a weasel!” she punned.

You have to have the lead in line say, "Surely, you can't be serious!"
This is because it is a play on the similar sounds of 'surely' and 'Shirley'.

To the story - it is a fairly original plot, and has great humour and/or tragedy possibilities. Re: Tara's response to the word 'slayer' - yeah, that seems like the sort of reaction that should happen more often. Slayer is a "funny" name for a protector.
Comments from author:
I didn't notice that I have screwed the Airplane quote so badly my apologies. I will correct it as soon as possible. I am well aware of the possibilities and when I started to write it I had a tragedy ending in mind, but soon the story started to evolve and is more comedy in nature. Although I have a rough idea of sequel that would be much more darker. Thats all i am willing to say right now. Cheers and thanks for a review

Noir Dt.
Review By [Xovervore] • Date [22 Oct 13] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "Prologue & Chapter One" from liadenfan
First, Tara didn't call Buffy "Shirley," she called Buffy "Serious." But that's a whole other story.

Second, you may be referring to a 1985 foreign film. However, if its what I'm remembering (a 1990 Bill Murray, Geena Davis & Randy Quaid film based on the same book - Quick Change) Buffy, Willow & Tara get away with robbing the bank. Its getting away with the get away that becomes the problem.

Edit: I wasn't referring to Airplane. I was referring to both Willow and Tara asking if Buffy was really serious about robbing a bank and Buffy's response to not call her "Shirley."

As for the whole other story part. That comes from quite possibly uncountable instances of Lily E. asking James P. if he is serious when he comes up with outrageous ideas. To which his response is always to point to his best mate and say: "No, I'm James, he's Serius."
Comments from author:
And you win a cookie the name of the is a Hold-up Starring: Jean-Paul Belmondo, Kim Cattrall, Guy Marchand. It is much better movie than Quick change is, at least its first half the second is not that good, but that's a different story.

Edit I didn't noticed that i have the airplane quote screwed so badly, my apologies I will correct it as soon as I can.

Cheers ND
Review By [liadenfan] • Date [22 Oct 13] • Rating [7 out of 10]
Review of chapter "Prologue & Chapter One" from texaswookie
Intriguing start.
Is it wrong of me to hope Xander is at the bank and the clown does something to him?
Comments from author:
No unfortunately I didn't plan to use him there, but now you have me intrigued me hmmm... decisions decisions....
Cheers ND
Review By [texaswookie] • Date [21 Oct 13] • Not Rated
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