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The True Cost of Love

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Review of chapter "Last Stop, Hell" from TroyGuffey
Damn, I've never seen so many people that need to be killed for the good of the human race!

This sort of camp is actually really illegal, please?

Hmm, maybe you should wonder about being able to write characters people want to kill painfully so well? ;)
Comments from author:
Well, again, this is an alternate universe, so some things that are happening are the direct consequence of past events that have not happened the same way they did in the regular BuffyVerse, like for instance Angelus NOT getting his soul back...

But yes, in this universe, Desdichados is legal, which does not mean that it is supervised the way it should be.

As for the characters, I personally wouldn't hurt a fly - I kill them when they're in my apartment, but that's it - but I simply think that too often, TV's Buffy has been a bit too tame. Remember when Faith captured Buffy and was ready to start torturing her for fun? Not even a single button on Buffy's shirt was undone yet. Seems to me there's some kind of taboo torturing women on TV. I want to break that taboo. But I would never hurt anyone in real life.
Review By [TroyGuffey] • Date [4 Apr 14] • Rating [10 out of 10]
Review of chapter "Last Stop, Hell" from DarthTenebrus
Principal Snyder. Corrections Officer Snyder. Somehow I get the impression that he'd be happier being Warden Snyder.

This has just been brutal, and Buffy don't seem to give a flying fuck about what happens to her. But now she's met Dawn (not anyone's little sis this time), and her protective streak has come barreling to the forefront, come what may.

Are you sure the next story shouldn't be called "Buffy in Hell"?

Edit/Reply: Dawn...more than meets the eye....AHA! A Pretender! She's a Transformer!
Comments from author:
He he... It just came to me in a flash and I changed the name, added a few details (like "bald little weasel") and our favorite principal came in the story in a different role, but with the same sunshine personality.

Are you absolutely sure Dawn is not anyone's little sis? Really, really, really sure? Anyway, yes, Buffy feels the "na sha dii" ("Protector") part of her heritage, long before Vania points it to her. And about Dawn: she is not the Key, in case anyone asks, but she is more than meets the eye...

"Buffy in Hell"? Actually, Gary Roberts used that title already in a comic I can't find on the Internet except for the first 10 pages, so since I don't want to make my preamble too long with "I don't own...", I'll abstain. At the moment, the title is "Slayer in Chains", but I could still change my mind.
Review By [DarthTenebrus] • Date [4 Apr 14] • Rating [10 out of 10]
Review of chapter "Last Stop, Hell" from fanreaderonetwo
" The girl must suffer more, a lot more, to fulfill her destiny indeed..."

Given the tenor of this fic, her destiny is for her entire skin to flayed from her living body and be made into lampshades.
Or after defiantly surviving hell in order to "fulfill her destiny" she is informed that the meaningful "destiny" she was promised is actually an nasty April fool joke _on her_.

An endless stream of stupid, corrupt, and sadistic cops, lawyers, DAs, judges, politicians, prison guards and Mafioso, interrupted by a few decent people who are achieving _nothing_. I'm surprised that you haven't had the Good Guys killed, fired from their jobs, or at a minimum assigned/transferred to some shit hole far far from anywhere. "I didn't know the FBI had a field office in Antarctica?" "Neither did I, but I've been assigned there for a five year tour of duty".
Given the very high corruption level you have set up in this fic , any _reasonably_ honest and competent people who reached a position to change things should _immediately_ be either assassinated or framed for criminal acts and jailed.

Recalling reading the fate of (apparently) honest police chiefs and mayors in the most corrupt Mexican and South American towns. If they are lucky, they would be offered of choice of "lead or silver" instead of just being killed out of hand.
Comments from author:
Oh, not everyone is corrupt actually. Some are just naturally mean and sadistic.

Actually, in the next part, things will get a little better for Buffy, and it will come very close to a happy ending, before it's snatched from her hands. Of course.

You'll see.
Review By [fanreaderonetwo] • Date [4 Apr 14] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "The Trial" from TroyGuffey
THAT WASN'T A TRIAL! (yelling at the should-have-been-killed-long-ago)

That smile was scary....
Comments from author:
Everyone seems scared by that smile...

And no, that was not a trial, that was a show.
Review By [TroyGuffey] • Date [28 Mar 14] • Rating [8 out of 10]
Review of chapter "The Trial" from DarthTenebrus
What the hell? After all that fucking sadistic torture, and that TRAVESTY of a show trial, she's GRINNING?!

There are gonna be a lot of dead bodies in her wake when she's done, methinks. ..
Comments from author:
He he he... And you ain't seen nothing yet. In the next chapter comes the thunderclap that will define the whole third story - and maybe help you understand the smile. Note: this was a hint.

Not only is the third story's first draft completely done, I am currently writing the first draft of the fifth chapter of the fourth story. Tentative title: "Sunnydale"... POM POM POOOOOM!!!

Actually I even have the plot of the first chapter of the fifth story already written... :D

So, see you next week for the surprise ending of "The True Cost of Love"...
Review By [DarthTenebrus] • Date [27 Mar 14] • Rating [10 out of 10]
Review of chapter "Between the Rock and the Soft Place (FR21)" from DarthTenebrus
Boyo, when you want to deliver shock and horror, you do so deliver the shock and horror.

Where do these sickos come from and how do they get their rocks off with torturing and beating poor defenseless teenagers, especially girls?! (Yes, I even lumped the Slayer into that category; not much she can do against shotguns and rifles...)

The whole bloody lot of them should be put on the waiting list for a short drop and a sudden stop! Fucking little bastards! Is the whole world in this story overrun with these motherfuckers?!
Comments from author:
Yes, at the moment Buffy seems defenseless. Notice the word "seems" though, not everything is always exactly as it "seems"...

Eventually, they will all receive their fair reward. A few of them actually get it all in Book III, who already has a first draft. I am currently working on the plot of Book IV by the way...

And there are good people in my alternate world. There are in fact wonderful people. You have met the Violent Crimes Squad. You have met... Well, I'm still deciding about the exact role of that character. And there is of course... but that one you will learn to know in Book III.

Have faith. You may think Buffy is alone, but she's not. Hell no.
Review By [DarthTenebrus] • Date [21 Mar 14] • Rating [10 out of 10]
Review of chapter "In the Hole (FR21)" from DarthTenebrus
The wrongly accused
Child in desperate dire straits
Justice shall be done
Comments from author:
Oh yes! Although not in this story. And justice will be terrible for some.
Review By [DarthTenebrus] • Date [14 Mar 14] • Rating [10 out of 10]
Review of chapter "No Way Out" from DarthTenebrus
This is by far the worst treatment that Buffy has received from the corrupt establishment...and the warden is in on it!!!

But he made one big mistake. He obeyed illegal orders, written and signed by the governor and countersigned by the District Attorney of Louisiana. When the Feds inquire as to why two of their agents were sent away from a Louisiana State Penitentiary without so much as a "by your leave", there's going to be hell to pay...

All the way up to the top, assuming that POTUS isn't in on it as well.

And we haven't even heard from the Watchers' Council on this aside from the last chapter.

I can feel the rumbling in the earth already.......
Comments from author:
Well, let's not forget, this is an alternate universe, in which corruption is already at the level it is now in ours, in 2014...

And yes, the warden, but also the governor and the DA have made biiiig mistakes. There may be new elections very soon in Louisiana, with new candidates. BUT you may still be surprised. It will come from someone who does NOT tolerate corruption.

As for the Council, I still need them so they're staying for now.

There are four chapters left. After a long drought of ideas, the third story has finally been planned and the writing has begun. I believe the first draft will be ready by the time this story ends. And, believe it or not, it may not end that bad for Buffy - after all, if every story ends worse than the last one, soon you'll need a teaspoon to collect the pieces... This one though ends very badly, and with the "coup de théâtre"...

Then I'll really have to go back to the sequel of "Dawn in Hell". The drought is worse there, but I think I'm beginning to see the shadow of a plot.
Review By [DarthTenebrus] • Date [8 Mar 14] • Rating [10 out of 10]
Review of chapter "No Way Out" from (Current Donor)Truthmaker
So they dropped her down the hole. it could have been worse, she could have ended up fending for herself in Gen Pop.
Comments from author:
Yeah they sure could have, but there comes a point where one has to show a semblance of decency.

Not for long though...
Review By [(Current Donor)Truthmaker] • Date [8 Mar 14] • Rating [8 out of 10]
Review of chapter "No Way Out" from TroyGuffey
"NO FBI" is a HIGHLY sucpicious thing to be told. Makes one think something illegal, or at least underhanded is going on.

I might ask them to threaten to arrest me. And then let them question Buffy through the door.

The warden has written orders to that effect? Then he should show them to the FBI, let them use his copier and fax machine. They apparently didn't give orders not to do that. That's CYA in such a hinky situation.

If he didn't get written orders, he should call and ask for them.
Comments from author:
Ah yes, but when orders are signed by the governor and countersigned by the State DA, and you got your cushy, really well-paid job through your relationship with them, you do what you're told...
Review By [TroyGuffey] • Date [8 Mar 14] • Rating [8 out of 10]
Review of chapter "No Way Out" from misterwhy
Corrupt cops, corrupt judges, corrupt Council, corrupt DA, corrupt prison warden. This sounds more like a story of
Sin City. Maybe a crossover.
Comments from author:
Yeah but then Buffy would need a body double to play the topless scenes... ;) Remember this is an alternate universe, the WishVerse.
Review By [misterwhy] • Date [8 Mar 14] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "No Way Out" from maxthehobbit
Al the cops in this story are corrupt and sadistic motherfuckers. I'd like to see Buffy escape and kill all the sons of bitches. Corrupt cops should be given a quick trial then immediately executed. You have a very sadistic mind ... only torturing Buffy and no real story, just torture.
Comments from author:
Oh there is a story. There is definitely a story. You will better understand it after you read the "coup de théâtre" that will end this story. But for now yes, there is pain in Buffy's immediate future.

Hint: think of the title.
Review By [maxthehobbit] • Date [7 Mar 14] • Rating [10 out of 10]
Review of chapter "With the Noose Around the Neck" from TroyGuffey
I'm really beginning to HATE the corrupt cops and bad Watchers enough to make a deal with a demon. Their souls for a Malediction: lose their jobs, lose their savings, get sick, DIE, GO TO HELL.


They ARE in New Orleans. Someone who Buffy saved gets wind of her
treatment, takes exception, and goes to a voudoun priest(ess) might

How about: Someone who was visiting Chicago, but lived in NO, and is
aware of at least voudoun?
Comments from author:
So apparently my little prose makes the desired effect. A deal with a demon now, that's an idea. But who would make that deal?
Review By [TroyGuffey] • Date [2 Mar 14] • Rating [8 out of 10]
Review of chapter "With the Noose Around the Neck" from DarthTenebrus
Heads are a-butting all around, I see...didn't know that Detective Harris was as much of a poofter as the rest of the corrupt cops and officials who are eating out of either the Don's hand or Travers' s...

Kinda sucks to be Buffy just now, huh?
Comments from author:
Well, in this story, every cop or official, especially the male ones, involved with Buffy's case is corrupt, stupid or both. Of course, the Numb3rs crew is not among those.

Yeah it *ucks to be Buffy, 'cause she's really *ucked now. And it's only the beginning. It gets worse in Chapter 14...
Review By [DarthTenebrus] • Date [2 Mar 14] • Rating [10 out of 10]
Review of chapter "Caught!" from DarthTenebrus
And still more drugs!!!! If not to weaken her, then to make her compliant. How sick can these Council blokes be, how low can they stoop?

And if that wasn't bad enough, the Mafia have found her at last! And now she will meet Don Angelus; her darkest, most terrible nightmares will soon come to pass, worse even than being ho'ed out by her late and unlamented sperm donor!

The horrors have only just begun...
Comments from author:
Oh don't worry for the Council, they have centuries of experience in stooping. Besides, they are only following Daddy Dearest's example...

Yeah, the Mafia has found her, the police has arrested her... But the meeting with "Don Angelus" (I like that name!) will not happen yet, and Don Angelus will NOT be happy about that...

And of course, Buffy's immediate future is not a bed of roses. Such a bed is made with petals, not thorns...
Review By [DarthTenebrus] • Date [24 Feb 14] • Rating [10 out of 10]
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