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Review of chapter "Chapter Eight" from Mcspender
Only one person in Buffy's history is smart and arrogant enough to do something like this; I think she could be a partially descended Cordelia, using technology to overcome her lack of powers.
Cool fic, see ya!!!.
Comments from author:
Cordelia... now *there's* a thought...
Review By [Mcspender] • Date [29 Jan 14] • Rating [10 out of 10]
Review of chapter "Chapter Eight" from EnergyBeing
So, I'm thinking that Sunglasses is a Time Lady, because you mentioned that she'd noticed something about her temper lately, which seems like something you'd notice after regenerating.

So, it could be Seo. Only I have no idea why - except, possibly, to prevent herself from being born so that she doesn't do whatever heinous thing leads to her regenerating... except that would cause a massive paradox, which is bad.

Or the Master (Time Lords can switch genders, right?) after he gets ressurected and has those strange lightning powers. Except that doesn't make much sense either.

Anyway, my musings are probably way off and she's something else entirely. I look forward to seeing what.
Comments from author:
Thanks for sharing your musings! It's always interesting to see what people think, and what they don't. Sometimes, it makes me post the stories more quickly.

I think yours has just done that.

Review By [EnergyBeing] • Date [29 Jan 14] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "Chapter Eight" from ellf
Intriguing. I'm eager to see where this heads. Bring the next story on!

(Also, 12 will be interesting to see, but we need to actually see him first.... if that makes sense.)
Comments from author:
Um, I think it does...

Read on, my friend! Beginning of the next story's online, now!
Review By [ellf] • Date [29 Jan 14] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "Chapter Eight" from Letomo
Not sure who Sunglasses is, though one of my thoughts is a somewhat demented future version of Seo. And, I expected that the tea had Torchwood's memory wiper in it, but it usually acts faster from what I recall. And, now we know why Spike was trying to see the Doctor at the end of 'Something'. Were you really planning this that far back? Wow.

Interesting little tidbits. And, I'm guessing that Dawn didn't remember because Sunglasses traveled to times when Dawn wasn't around yet, but was inserted into the people's memories, but then after that SG traveled there? [Aren't time-travel tenses fun?!]
Comments from author:
I wish I'd planned this all the way back at "Something".

No, to be honest, when I was writing Adventures of a Line Hopper, I thoroughly intended to end it with Bringer of Death. I'd come up with that plot right at the beginning, and that was where I'd decided it ended. Spike's letter was intended to be the dagger through the chest, showing the readers that he and Buffy never met up, again, in the end.

After "Bringer of Death", I was hoping to create a series called "Alternates", which were little bits of the Axis, playing out. This would all be watched over by the Embarrassment and the child he'd saved, who was Buffy's daughter, rescued from a severed timeline. At that point, she didn't have a name.

Then Bringer of Death was way too depressing. And the storyline involving Seo got much more fun to plot and scheme over. Hence, "Happy Endings", which led to this whole second series.

Problem is, since I continued on, and (moreover) am now working on a story in which Buffy *is* reunited with the Doctor... Spike's note didn't work as a "we never actually met up" thing, anymore.

But I found a way to fix it! Just snuck in and did something tricky, to change around its meaning. Actually, I'm pretty impressed at how well it works, in this case. Beautifully!
Review By [Letomo] • Date [29 Jan 14] • Not Rated
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