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In the Werewolf's Lair

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Review of chapter "In the Werewolf's Lair" from Starfox
Ah, that's looking very interesting. Hopefully the Scoobies will make contact with Hermione soon, and help her change the wizarding world before it goes all final solution on muggleborn.

Edit: I disagree completely. Wizarding Britain did not right itself at all. They killed hundreds of Muggleborns, killed most of the opposition, and then the "victors" didn't even persecute murdering scum like the Malfoys. From what we can tell - judging by the epilogue, where Ron, a so-called "good wizard", lets slip how he cast a confundus spell on a muggle to pass his driver's test, things did not change at all. Wizards still cast mind altering spells on mundanes without a care. Since we were not even told that all the mass murderers and their helpers were punished, odds are they were left in peace again or served a few years.
Canon Wizarding Britain is in dire need of help. They really need a slayer to cull the murderers, the torturers, and the corrupt enablers because canon Dumbledore will happily sacrifice the innocent to protect the guilty - see what happened to Malfoy, who tried to kill Dumbledore in 6th year, almost killed Katie Bell and Ron Weasley in the process, yet was not punished for it. See the atrocities and torture he let Umbridge committ. See the bullying and racism and bigotry he tolerates.
No, Wizarding Britain, light or dark side, is corrupt to the core.

Edit 2: But it didn't prevent the dark wizard-led Holocaust - the muggleborns were killed off by the hundreds, even camps were mentioned. Given wizard population numbers, that was a Holocaust. One could claim those as casaulties of war, maybe - if the light side had led a war at all. But they did not. Instead of killing off death eaters (and thanks to Snape and Harry, who heard the roster from Voldemort at the latter's resurrection they knew almost all Death Eaters) they spent a year guarding a useless prophecy - which Harry could have easily taken and destroyed to keep Voldemort from getting it. Meanwhile, muggles and non-dark wizards were murdered while the light side did nothing at all. That's not a war, that's inaction. Hopefully, Slayers will actually commit to a war.
As far as Umbridge being protected by the law is concerned - just another proof that wizarding britain is rotten to the core. Hermione managed to get rid of Umbridge by sending her to the centaurs, but Dumbledore couldn't have gotten rid of her? Or at least prevented her from torturing children? I don't buy it.
With regards to empowering all Slayers: That was in no way an objectable action. They were fighting to save the world, and potentials were already getting murdered. Empowering them meant they had a far, far better Chance to survive than not doing it. Letting Anya, Spike and Angel live is a bit greyer, but then - they took precautions with Spike, a lot, and they had to and did redeem themselves.
Though the saddest thing is, given how utterly stupid wizards are, even the pre-Buffy Watcher's council could have killed off Voldemort and his death eaters easily. They are a bunch of primitive idiots who only succeeded as far as they did because the rest of the wizards are spineless sheep, bowing to the rich and fleeing in droves when faced with a single dark wizards. Take a few slayers and watchers, and let them act sensibly, and not caring about keeping death eaters alive, and the whole movement is done for.

Edit 3: I have a story seed in my head, but since english is not my native language, nothing much has come of it so far. Though one doesn't need the council or slayers as a deus ex machina - simply common sense and logic and dropping the "do not harm, punish, or otherwise inconvenience death eaters and their children, no matter what crimes they committ, they can still be redeemed and saved" stupidity would suffice to save wizarding britain.
Dumbledore is either evil, or totally inept. There's no other explanation for his actions, starting with leaving Harry with the Dursley's and never checking up on him or giving him any training. That neglect and (at least) emotional abuse is continued all through Harry's entire life at Hogwarts, with Snape's bullying, and any and all harassment of him by anyone else being tolerated. The only teacher ever to stand up for him was a death eater in disguise (who Dumbledore didn't recognize even if the disguise was an old friend of him) when he tranformed Malfoy in a ferret. And each summer Harry is sent back to the Dursley's, for some "blood protection" that didn't work after year 1, and never protected him from Dementors (and likely woudn't have protected him from anyone else while away from the warded house).
Comments from author:
Possibly. Though it may not be necessary - in canon the Wizarding World did end up (somewhat) righting itself, and having a Slayer around, even a self-trained one, might speed up that process. Particularly when she's so solidly on the side of the Light. (I agree that the post-series Wizarding World isn't perfect, but if you compare it to pre-series, it's not worse, and is arguably better.)

Edit: Apparently we have different conceptions of the endgame of the canon Potterverse. I'll just say three things. First, I think you're thinking way too far ahead of the game for a short story that, at this point, doesn't even have any Buffyverse characters in it. Second, there's a lot of stories out there in which the Buffyverse folks walk in and act as a sort of 'deus ex machina' fix for the Wizarding World's ills - the Council overthrowing the Ministry is a popular theme (most recently, I read it in a story called Harry's New Mum)... and sometimes it happens in other canons as well. If you want to read one of those stories, do so; this, at least so far, isn't one of them, and I don't really intend for it to be, mainly because this was intended only as a short story surrounding Hermione's discovery phase. I have enough unfinished "long" stories that I don't really want to start another. And third, I find it kind of odd for someone who has such strong ideas to not be writing anything themselves....

My thinking on Dumbledore is that he could have, and probably should have (from an ethical point of view) taken action against Umbridge. Unfortunately, the Ministry was fully behind her (not just in a legal sense of that there were laws that may have supported her actions, but in the specific sense that she was present and acting as a representative of the Ministry itself), so if he had actually done anything, the Ministry probably would have responded by removing him (which is what they eventually did, for a slightly different reason), and Dumbledore was fully aware of that. Umbridge's mere presence at Hogwarts, nominally as Dumbledore's subordinate, while also being a representative of the Ministry, meant a) a huge conflict of interest, and b) limiting - in fact, nearly eliminating - Dumbledore's ability to control her without interference from the Ministry.
Review By [Starfox] • Date [15 Feb 14] • Rating [10 out of 10]
Review of chapter "In the Werewolf's Lair" from garrycooper
Well Done.
Review By [garrycooper] • Date [13 Feb 14] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "In the Werewolf's Lair" from Rich
This kind of thing has been done beforel but that doesn't mean that it can't be done again, if it's done well - and this is. This would be an interesting start for a larger story, if you're inclined that way.
Comments from author:
Thanks! I honestly have no idea if I'm going to do more with this, but... I said that about the first story, so....
Review By [Rich] • Date [13 Feb 14] • Rating [8 out of 10]
Review of chapter "In the Werewolf's Lair" from RevDorothyL
I hope this won't be the end of this series? Really enjoyable.
Comments from author:
I have NO idea. But thanks for the compliment!
Review By [RevDorothyL] • Date [13 Feb 14] • Not Rated
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