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Xander Harris & The Ultimate Gloves

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Review of chapter "My Eyes Are Open!" from AnnaDruvez
Wow, good to go on the weight! I've lost 38.5 pounds since January. The husband was diagnosed with Diabetes (type 2) and I joined him on his diet to make him feel better. I'm cheating on it every now and then, but he isn't. Went from 315 to a hair over 276 and feel much better.

I loved the Deadpool-esque rant. Perfect. And I never thought of the owners as The Powers, it makes sense, though. Fantastic work. I can't wait for the next chapter.
Comments from author:
Thanks! Yeah, I got diagnosed as type 2 diabetic too, apart from the meds and the no sugar it's actually been good. Finally eating right and properly. Vegetables, who knew?

As for the Powers being the creators, well, that always made sense to me. Characters hate the PTB for some of their actions and fans hate the creators for some of their actions (Tara anyone?).

Although in the actual story I might make the theory wrong, otherwise that means that actions of actual individuals in another Verse dictate what happens in the Buffyverse. Might make it that the creators are 'seers' or some such... It's still up in the air.

Thanks for the review, keep up the good work yourself!
Review By [AnnaDruvez] • Date [21 Sep 14] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "My Eyes Are Open!" from Hecatonchires
Style wise, did it all have to be in italics? Made my eyes hurt. And congrats on the weightloss :)
Comments from author:
I understand what you mean, I maybe should have come up with another way to show it was in a dream world/Xander's mind. But seeing as I used italics earlier in the story for each dream sequence I kinda got lazy and didn't want to change it.

You think you had problems with the italics, as I was writing it the non italic parts started to look like they slanted the other way!

Review By [Hecatonchires] • Date [18 Sep 14] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "My Eyes Are Open!" from Mcspender
Congratulations on your weight loss man =)!!.
And yeah, the most dangerous weapon in the world is the Fourth Wall :O xD.
Cool chapter, see ya!!!.
Review By [Mcspender] • Date [17 Sep 14] • Rating [10 out of 10]
Review of chapter "My Eyes Are Open!" from aeraveil
Sometimes genius' can be so stupid. If I found out about the base code of the universe, I would be having so much fun....
Review By [aeraveil] • Date [17 Sep 14] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "My Eyes Are Open!" from Bobboky
Nice work
Review By [Bobboky] • Date [17 Sep 14] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "My Eyes Are Open!" from CageFire
Nice chapter. Also congrats on your weight loss. Keep up the good work. :)
Review By [CageFire] • Date [17 Sep 14] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "My Eyes Are Open!" from hamishog
I agree - real life sucks. So Colonel Soldier Boy and the Hyena...that's like seeing your parents have sex, disturbing on so many levels. But, whatever gets you through the night. It's also quite clear that Buffy has a special place for the Xan-man. It may be tucking him safely away in her weapon's chest but it is special. Flowing good so far. Even liked Warren's rant even though it broke the fourth wall, just a little. True or not he still needs to be put down like week-old garbage.
Review By [hamishog] • Date [17 Sep 14] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "I Don't Understand You..." from AceDreamer
M.A.R. = Multiple Anahata Resonator?

Naming stuff can be fun - dodgy magi-tech that mixes powerful ritual and original Iron Man (mid 1960s?) chest-plate of heart/life preservation...

Warren, or at least what's left of him, is starting to sound very, very, broken... Starting to make a number of the Marvel mad scientists look pretty sane...

You're taking this story in unexpected directions, I do want to see where it goes!
Review By [AceDreamer] • Date [17 Aug 14] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "I Don't Understand You..." from (Recent Donor)nerfherder
And the funniest part?!? When he found this out, he didn't pick an unpowered, heroless, non-magic world and set himself up as king! Hell, don't like your world, pick another. MO-RON!!!! Dude, seriously! Take your toys and leave! I mean, he highgraded multiple freaking comicbook verses. All he had to do was take his toys to the verse of his choosing and take over economically. All hail Emperor Warren the Undying! Schmuck!
Review By [(Recent Donor)nerfherder] • Date [17 Aug 14] • Rating [10 out of 10]
Review of chapter "I Don't Understand You..." from (Current Donor)Katrina
I hate to go simple on the review here, because there is actually a lot I want to comment about, but my typing is funky because I'm tired. Can't tell you how much I've had to go back and rewrite. But I can say that I'm really, really, really enjoying the story so far.

Oh, and I totally agree with you about Xander needing his connections. I very much prefer Xander gets to keep his friend stories, power up or no power up. Just like, I very much prefer that Characters remain themselves stories. I can deal with changes as the story progresses, but New personalities for the sake of plot just don't sit well with me for some reason. But as that does not seem to be happening here, I'm going with thumbs up, absolutely. :)
Comments from author:
You may have been tired when you wrote this review, but it is exactly what I needed!

As I've said in other replies, I'm so worried I'm gonna screw this up, but your praise helps fuel the fire to say "Eff it all, just keep writing!"

Thank you for the review!

I'll try my best!
Review By [(Current Donor)Katrina] • Date [16 Aug 14] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "Time to Suit up!" from Kaosreign
You should have picked a better Acronym since the "R" doesn't leave much to work with.

So Warren broke the fourth wall and it drove him over the edge huh? What a moron.
Comments from author:
I'll admit, I came up with the name first and then thought about giving it an acronym second, in clear violation of how Marvel has done it in the entire history of the comic book label.

I'm starting to get nervous about all this fourth wall talk, granted its not well hidden in the last paragraph of the chapter, but now I'm thinking I'll screw it up because everyone has an idea of where its going...

Despite my insecurities, Thanks for the review.
Review By [Kaosreign] • Date [16 Aug 14] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "I Don't Understand You..." from CageFire
Great new chapter, keep up the excellent work. :)
Review By [CageFire] • Date [16 Aug 14] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "I Don't Understand You..." from mendal
Warren is a textbook example of "Cut lex luthor a check".
Review By [mendal] • Date [16 Aug 14] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "I Don't Understand You..." from djhardim
Almost as if Warren's become aware of the fourth wall(I think that's what it is).

He could have been Tony Stark, if the BtVS writers had written him that way. They're the same ones that wouldn't allow Xander to be trained during the show. It's like what the DC Writers did to Superboy Prime.
Comments from author:
Oooooo, a nail got hit on the head there! not gonna say which though.

I will say that hopefully my explanation as to why Warren didn't live up to his true potential of being just a pervy sex robot nerd billionaire (Kinda like David Nabbit from Angel) is worth it and I guess plausible, at least in context to my story.

Thanks for the review.
Review By [djhardim] • Date [16 Aug 14] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "I Don't Understand You..." from raxadian
The M.A.R just seems like an awful convenient plot for Xander to be bonded to Buffy, while it would be better to just sent Xander to the Marvel universe so he gets help.
Comments from author:
Ok, yes and no.

Yes: It will force them both to go to another Verse together rather than just Xander. Is it convenient if I always envisioned both of them embarking on this journey together and the hardware they will now share from the first time I started writing plot points? This was always going to be a Xander and Slayer story. Only thing that was in flux was if it was gonna be Buffy or Faith and all my reasoning landed on Buffy.

No: As I see the M.A.R. as a stopgap measure, not a cure. If he was to go alone then it gives him only a finite number of days left to live while securing a cure for himself. With Buffy tagging along it could take him months to get a cure, years even, as he now has time. And that's not necessarily saying that there is a cure out there, or that its in the Ultimate Verse.

And again that's not saying it will take years.

I do have a cure in mind, its just a matter of if I'm feeling kind as to when I give it to him.

Thanks for the review.
Review By [raxadian] • Date [16 Aug 14] • Not Rated
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