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Just a Dash of Hope

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Review of chapter "chapter four: veneer of calm" from CageFire
Interesting story. I hope to read more. :)
Review By [CageFire] • Date [26 Sep 14] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "chapter four: veneer of calm" from Spica
Well this was an interesting start, i hope you continue it.
Review By [Spica] • Date [4 Sep 14] • Rating [8 out of 10]
Review of chapter "chapter four: veneer of calm" from raxadian
I wonder how Raven will explain that she is basically bringing her dad, a True Elder Demon, to Buffy's world.
Review By [raxadian] • Date [26 May 14] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "chapter four: veneer of calm" from Taryn
I like this story. Hope you update soon.
Review By [Taryn] • Date [25 May 14] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "chapter four: veneer of calm" from lordamnesia
Damn, I LIKE this so far! Hope to see more soon!
Comments from author:
Thank ya, lordamnesia. I'm rather excited about this story as well - it was too much in my head last night and I had to map out future chapters before I could fall asleep. *snorts*
Review By [lordamnesia] • Date [5 May 14] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "chapter four: veneer of calm" from Doodle
Excellent chapter. 2,000/10

Fun thought: "It would honestly cause stress to the younger Slayers, who saw her almost as a Mother figure (something about the fact that she Called them, Giles and her thought)"

What would the second or third season Scoobies think if a pair or group of Slayers who worshipped Willow as a Mother Goddess appeared through an accidental portal from an alternate future? (An alternate future so that their own future timeline isn't messed up, changed or corrupted because of changes.)
Comments from author:
I'm glad you liked the chapter so much, Doodle!

As for your idea (although for this crossover I'm keeping it just a sort of maternal connection/bond) I think that would be something neat to explore in a different story - or even simply one-shot. Especially if future-Willow had died protecting them, which would give the Slayers cause to come back and explain a bit of their reverence. Huh, I don't write much non-cross but something like that turns almost utterly AU - and occasionally jumps to future/flashbacks - might be fun.

Thank ya both for the review and the idea, Doodle. *laughs*
Review By [Doodle] • Date [5 May 14] • Rating [10 out of 10]
Review of chapter "chapter three: ain't fairy dust" from raxadian
Dawn and Raven are both keys, but of different kinds...
Comments from author:
Yup! I'm going to play with that similarity/ connection - and about half a dozen others *laughs*. I have perhaps become over-fond of finding all the ways the Scoobies/AI can relate to Raven's life. Thanks so much for reviewing (and hey - I just posted another bit!).
Review By [raxadian] • Date [8 Apr 14] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "chapter three: ain't fairy dust" from etraytin
I don't know much about Teen Titans, but the start you have here makes me want to see more!
Comments from author:
Thank ya! Just popped back in here to post another chapter and saw your comment - it really delights me that you're into the story despite not knowing the other half of the crossover. I've done that quite a bit in the past and it tickes me that something I've written inspires someone else to do the same. *laughs* Ignore my ramblings - it's rather late where I'm at - thanks again for reviewing!
Review By [etraytin] • Date [3 Apr 14] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "chapter three: ain't fairy dust" from DrDamage
Comments from author:
Drop bears are one of those creatures - like jackalopes - that I was both utterly mystified and delighted by when I first heard of them. I had to throw them into a story eventually, even just as an aside.

Thanks for reviewing, DrDamage!
Review By [DrDamage] • Date [1 Apr 14] • Rating [10 out of 10]
Review of chapter "chapter three: ain't fairy dust" from rothos
I like this, needs more Xander but I like it. Great job showing the character backstory. I think Raven can be helped by the Red Wicca and the Devon Coven.
This story needs to be tracked. *Goes off to track*
Comments from author:
Don't worry on the Xander front - he will be popping up later and shall be a main character throughout the story. I rather love the balance, friendship, trust and history between Willow and him. Many BtvS and AtS characters will be cropping up to help - and then they will be running into lots of the Teen Titans peoples once they shift back over to that universe. (Oh nos! Spoilers! *laughs*)

And thank you for taking the time to review (and track as well) my little fic!
Review By [rothos] • Date [1 Apr 14] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "chapter three: ain't fairy dust" from Bobboky
Comments from author:
Thank ya, Bobboky. I lost track of your review in the shuffle last time but I appreciate the feedback both times. *grins*
Review By [Bobboky] • Date [31 Mar 14] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "chapter two: headlong flight" from Chargone
Mmm. Two chapters of setup. Premise has potential, but it's not really gone anywhere yet. Present tense is generally less ... pleasant? to read than past, for narrative, but so long as it's consistent it's fine (made a bit worse again by reading other things between chapters due to the nature of serialized releases like this).

I think I'll keep track of this one.
Comments from author:
Huh, I honestly gave little thought to tenses - I rather had phrases or bits of dialogue in my brain that I worked backwards from. And from there I made sure everything else in the chapter was uniform in tense.

Going forward we often change POV and location - as it did in the first two chapters - so I don't think the present tense that Raven had in the process of her search will be uniform. I don't know if you've read any of my other stories (and I definitely don't want to make the assumption that you have) but often when I do longer stories with lots of POV's the tense use depends on the person and what they are doing. I think in my Fred Sola Lovegood Series, I vary that quite a bit.

Hope that makes sense - and that your reading experience will be pleasant *smiles*. Thanks for taking the time to review.
Review By [Chargone] • Date [27 Mar 14] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "chapter two: headlong flight" from SongBirdie
You've included so many of the things I asked for! I'm so happy you put in Arella interacting with Raven. And you used her backstory from the (pre)new-52 Teen Titans; Family Lost arc! I loved that storyline, with Slade &Rose Wilson & Raven. So many of my favorites all at once. I think the character of Arella is fascinating, because here's this reserved yet rebellious woman who seems to care for her child yet didn't want her, who really had nothing to do with raising her yet is still her mother, and I think you showed that their relationship is complicated very well. :D

I loved these lines: "And although Raven has often angsted over the years, over the very fact that she was even born (especially after she became cognizant of the Prophesy), she never blamed her Mother for it. The former Angela, now dubbed Arella, did enough self-flagellation for the both of them. In truth, it actually made her rather protective of the woman in a way."

Because it while hurts to read that, that Raven wishes she'd never been born, but she's never resented Arella for it, and that Arella beats herself up for giving birth to a daughter who she thinks will end the world and for putting such a horrible destiny on her child, who because of it didn't have a childhood, not much of a mother, and only her and the monks for a family, or something close to one, the lines are so well done, they sum up their messed up Mother/Child dynamic perfectly. :D I believe while the two of them aren't close, and maybe Arella never wanted Raven, she loves her daughter in her own way, and Raven loves her mother, but nothing about doing so is easy for either of them.

And you had there be acknowledgment of the idea of self-fulfilling prophesies! I like the idea that, in her own way, Arella thought she was doing the right thing. Why get Raven's hopes up her whole life by telling her she had a choice, when as far as anyone could tell there was nothing to be done, when the Monks, so much smarter than her, her saviors, had said so themselves? I think Arella would probably have taken all of the Monks' words as law, she was a scared, desperate girl who wanted to belong somewhere, and they saved her. (And I think her and Cordy talking about having non-human children under less the ideal circumstances would be good for them both.)

"They fight the fates and win," should be the slogan for the characters of the Buffy'verse. Awesome!

I love the idea of an infinite number of dimensions, and how cool it is that Raven can access them! I like that you had Raven go to the Scoobies and/or the Fang Gang for help, and that it's not in her native dimension/or earth. I didn't think of that idea, but it mirrors what she did in her original comic introduction, going to Earth to ask the JLA for help fighting Trigon.

Hmm... a brown-haired girl in a library and right near a portal? So, Dawn or Fred? I loved this chapter! :)
Comments from author:
There is something painful yet undeniably loving about their relationship - from both sides. Because either of them would protect the other with their life, but they both have believed - Raven's whole life - that it would have been better if she was never born. That she will bring about death destruction. And that, well that makes a pretty messed up Mother-Daughter relationship. *snorts*

(I'll have to apologize now too - I don't think their will be any conversation between Arella and Cordy (even though you are right she would bring great perspective on giving birth to demon children). Because although I'm going to be throwing around bunches of characters from Buffy, Angel and Teen Titans - I'm not bringing anyone back to life. (Although what I'm doing in Illyria's case might be considered a mini cheat on that rule *snort*))

But really though Arella is such an underused character - I kept thinking that when writing her. I mean even in terms of fic - just crossover fic - there are so many key opportunities. When the prophesy plays out, like here, is one, but you could mix it up even earlier. Think if Angela Roth's story had played out in the same dimension (and at the same time) of the Scooby run Council. What if they were the ones who took her in - perhaps after breaking up a Brother Blood occult/demon summoning ring. Both Arella and Raven would be extremely different raised like that, surrounded by Slayers and witches. (Or darker if it was the old Council, how would they have handled the situation?) And would that little Raven ever have explored dimensions - have then found the Titans?

So many ideas!

As for mirroring when Raven originally asked for help in the comics - that was purposeful - I was always inordinately angry at that actually. At how a young scared girl goes before a panel of superheroes (who are supposed to be there to protect this Earth and it's people) and she is turned away because they can sense her darkness, that she is part demon. *shakes fist at fake people in a made up world at the injustice and hypocrisy of it all until I feel better*

And you shall not know the identity of the brown haired girl until I post the next chapter! (Secrets! *laughs*) Which really should be pretty soon if my brain doesn't keep getting distracted by random ideas for HP fics. *snorts* I have a chunk written right now for one what I mentally dubbing "Orphans Unite!" - which I am aware makes no sense so very out of context. (And really doesn't suit the grimness of a lot of it either *shrug*)

Wow, it is late and I am getting even more rambly then usual. I shall just say thank you again and stop writin before this becomes even longer. *smiles*
Review By [SongBirdie] • Date [26 Mar 14] • Rating [10 out of 10]
Review of chapter "chapter one: beyond reach" from SongBirdie
If anyone is lovely here it's you! :D You're writing a story for my challenge, this story, for me! Thank you so much! This is fantastic!

Your way with imagery and characterization is top notch, as usual. I might love this story more than the others because it has RAVEN in it. *grins* There's so many wonderful comic nods. Dick understanding Raven leaving because of his own loyalty to Gotham if they needed him was great.

The line "no, not you too. Please, don't leave us. Don't leave me," made me want to cry for Dick, because it showed how some part of him will always be that little boy who watched as his whole world was shattered and torn apart before his eyes, witnessing his parents' death. And ever since Dick's been terrified that he'll lose everyone else he cares about just like he did with them. His fear of losing Raven shows that he cares for her, and I love that you used the bond! I love the bond! :)

You're made it so it's obvious just how much they trust and care for each other, it shows in how worried Robin is about Raven, and in that instead of just leaving, which had to have been easier, Raven trusted him enough to tell Robin what was happening, and the fact that he was the only person she said goodbye to when she didn't know if she was ever coming back is huge! Robin & Raven FTW! :D Thank you!
Comments from author:
Thank you so very much, SongBirdie - and I'm loving writing for your challenge. Raven has been a favorite of mine for a long time and I've never really written anything with her. This gives me a chance to do a Raven-centiric fic, with a wonderful prompt idea, - and as a crossover as well!

I'm glad you think I characterized Raven, Dick, and their bond well. I love that relationship as well - the closeness, trust and mutual respect between them. (I want to write more but I'm going to go into the bond more in fic and I don't want to give things away. Oooh, secret! *laughs*)

And it was a distinct choice for me to have Raven say goodbye to Robin - not everyone, not leave in the middle of the night - just Robin. Your right, it would have been easier for her to just leave - and I rather think that even a few months ago (before she saved Robin in his mind from Slade and before the events of her Birthday) she might have done that. Just gone and left them a note.

But there is this bond now and Raven knows what -leaving- means to Robin (Dick) and so she feels that she needs to say goodbye to him, personally let him know that she isn't just -gone- for no reason, that she is going to Azarath.

*laughs* Well, I rambled a bit - but we tend to go back and forth so I don't think you'll mind. *smiles* Thanks again for your lovely words.
Review By [SongBirdie] • Date [26 Mar 14] • Rating [10 out of 10]
Review of chapter "chapter two: headlong flight" from Bobboky
Review By [Bobboky] • Date [26 Mar 14] • Not Rated
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