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A Platonic Love Letter between best friends

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Review of chapter "A letter Recieved" from FireWolfe
I think that kind of frank discussion might have helped all the gang. They all messed up but no one owned their mistakes which lead to resentment and the feeling it should be all swept under the rug. They also all messed up with Faith and that should be addressed as well. Anyway this was well done and I hope there more. I would love to see a series of letters between them all and hopefully a mending of fences.
Comments from author:
Firewolfe, I am in agreement about facing up to one's misdeeds. One of the most foolish in the Scooby Gang is, arguably a woman I consider, in some ways, my sister: Willow! I will admit, that there's a lot of anger on my part towards her for her misdeeds, but anger and love can and do co-exist.
I may well do more of this story later, I was intending it to be a short and sweet story, pretty much ending with Willow running up to, hugging and kissing Buffy almost as a sister. But you have practically persuaded me to add more to the story.
You're so darn right!- they All messed up! There are some people who argue that Willow, sweet, loving, gentle, Willow, is actually a rapist!- and the charge seems to fit! THAT Conduct IS MESSED UP! So, you could not be more right- a frank discussion would have helped the gang massively! They probably did inbetween episodes, by the way., the story is about people living 'at Lucifer's doorstep', and under constant attack from that psychopathic spirit!
Thanks for the favorable review, Sir or Ma'am!
Review By [FireWolfe] • Date [29 Apr 14] • Not Rated
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