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Jack and Dawn's Secret

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Review of chapter "Trapped" from lateVMlover
Not really sure why you felt the need to post this story while still in the middle of the other one. It really destroys your other story. Seriously. Something like this should've been posted after the other one was done. Now you've tainted the sweet, love you created with Jon/Dawn in the other story. And destroyed Sam/Jack in the other story. In fact, I don't want to read anymore of the other story now if you plan on pairing SPike and Buffy and having Jack yearning for Dawn. Really awful stuff.
Comments from author:
Please note that this second story is NOT a sequel to the other story.

Not at all. It's basically an alternate universe. One where bad stuff happens. The truth is that people do bad things. People do things that are unwise. There are consequences.

I'm not going to reveal the direction of the other story in this one -- or in this review, so it's your choice to decide if to read on or not. I've tainted nothing in the other story. It's a different quantum universe. Different things happen in quantum universes. I never said anything about pairing Spike with Buffy in either story.

Sorry if I've offended you. That wasn't my intent. My intent, as usual, is to explore the characters and see how I can draw real motivations and actions out of them that are believable. Dawn was a thief in Buffy. She's quite capable of doing something immoral. Also, people get tempted. Especially lonely, scared people who turn to each other for support.

One thing about my stories. There are always consequences for actions, good or bad. Good and bad consequences.


Review By [lateVMlover] • Date [9 Nov 14] • Rating [1 out of 10]
Review of chapter "Trapped" from DieselDriver
Yep, they are both Crazy as loons. Jack is a married general in the air force and can be cashiered for what he's doing although they probably wouldn't shoot him, what if someone like Kinsey found out? They are both being stupid and they have broken their vows to their respective spouses and have shown themselves (in this story at least) to be thoroughly dishonorable.

Not going to track this one. All I can see in their future is heartbreak and ruined lives.
Comments from author:
It was just one of those places your head goes as a writer when you see the darkness that people are capable of. Nope, not gonna have a happy ending. Not even close.

And no, it won't be a soft serve condoning of the mess they've made. Their feelings are real and powerful, but that doesn't make their actions justifiable or harmless.

not even close.

Review By [DieselDriver] • Date [10 Aug 14] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "Trapped" from FireWolfe
Contrary to what many may believe it is possible and is often probable that people fall in love work together for years and still do not act on it. Its called being a grown up and honoring ones commitments. If you can guess I am deeply annoyed at Jack and Dawn in this fic. Both are married and both cheated knowing full well it will hurt the one they say they love. Its not a random affair its a choice to be together ignoring they have people that love them and have their own issue to deal with. Jon is essentially Jack who has evolved a bit differently. In this case its more Dawn wanting to have taken both models out for a spin. The classic and the nice shiny new model.

Sam/Jack well Sam may love Jack but I am not sure he ever had deep feelings for her because lets face it he the one who held back each time.Not saying he does not care but he put the job his career first. He could have retired or forced the issue. He was 2nd in command and had a long proven track record. I am certain if he wanted to he could have worked it out. Sam followed his lead as he was her co. They both chose to do the right thing and follow the rules of their service which is honorable. Which is why its disappointing Jack broken them now.

I would find it ironic is Jon and Sam acted out to. It might be the only way the two relationships might survived that is if both sides were sinners. I can see Jon having the same desire Dawn did as he would have loved Sam for years and not being able to act on it. Sam might wish to lose herself in a younger version. Or maybe just believe they wont make it home. As for a four way relationship. I could see it working if all parties were open and honest.
Comments from author:
Oh, I'm not happy with them either. I just had to explore this.

Trust me, I don't take adultery casually and I do believe in honoring commitments, including ones to follow rules like not violating one's oaths. I think Dawn's wrong about Sam and Jack waiting, btw... but that's HER opinion. Note that Jack mostly realizes this. After all, it's not as if there wasn't plenty of opportunity before... Sam and Jon have been off world many times over the last five years and Jack and Dawn BOTH waited, despite their attraction. So Dawn's logic is non existent, though it is easier to resist since both have partners and they don't work on top of each other like Sam and Jack did. Dawn has a point, but she hasn't thought it through all the way.

That said, I think there's a very strong draw that can happen when two people meet 'that person'. The truth is few of us are married to our soulmate. Most of us, if we're lucky, are married to a 'pretty good fit', the rest are married to 'reasonable choices'.

Sam, I think is an 'excellent fit', and maybe even a soulmate... for Jack. Jon, after all has some very special differences from Jack. things he shares in common with Dawn. Jon did marry his soulmate... but I suspect, so did Jack. There's another complication. Jack is a man of a certain age. Dawn is young in a way a colonel in the air force never was, yet she does 'get' his world. She makes him feel young, but she isn't a huge security risk.

I waver on the Sam as soulmate thing... if she'd been a 'soulmate', that someone like Jack might not have put his career first. Maybe. Maybe not. The truth is Jack as he was when they met, having lost what he'd lost, and as shut down as he had become would have great difficulties getting into a relationship again, especially with someone who had the potential to blow everything apart.

Jack was too much of a mess to act on his feelings in the beginning. It took a catalyst to change that later on.

The fact that Sam and Jack were part of a team who proved necessary for the continued existence of the planet would be a really great incentive to just keep going in inertia. Someone like Dawn, however, would blast everything apart. Not necessarily because he loved her more, but because of her personality. There are two kinds of personalities that thrive in life threatening situations. (apocalypses, attacks on the planet)

Let's call them the Spike and the Teal'c, for lack of a better naming. There are those who decide to live life to fullest, because soon you might die, and there are those who see that life is dangerous and scary, and who pull their heads in, keep their heads down and focus on the fight. Most military people (particularly as portrayed on the show) are in the second category.

The problem, of course, is that unlike a normal military situation, the nature of the fight could put the same people in the fight in the long term. It's deeply secret and it's a very small world. Kinda like the fight against the supernatural, actually. There's a good argument for the rules being a little bit relaxed, but that's neither here nor there, because the rules were the rules. Where Buffy is somewhere in the middle, and as the series went on, she became more of a Teal'c than a Spike (partly why he was good for her - he helped remind her to be 'alive', though not always in healthy ways).

Anyway, Dawn is a Spike. she's a grab life by the horns (or the balls) sort of person. She's also emotionally open in a way that most people don't get to adulthood being... she never was hurt by a man the way Buffy was. She was never hurt by losing her child or her marriage the way Jack was (or having self blame either). She's somewhat naive... but she's also fully engaged. That makes her dangerous to Jack, and wonderful for Jon.

Then there's the ultimate stressor. People in huge stress do *not* think properly. Add a mutual attraction to that and you have trouble. Add the kind of attraction that is extant here, and you have a recipe for a fouled up mess. I just had to explore it. I love human nature.

Do not think I will let them get out of this without consequences.
Review By [FireWolfe] • Date [6 May 14] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "Trapped" from Xovervore
There is no way that they will be able to keep what happened between them secret. They should bite the bullet and speak to Buffy.
BTW I see that you have put Jon and Sam together on the same team - is this going to result in a mirror complication?
The only realistic conclusion is for Jack and Dawn to end up together. The fact is she did rush into her relationship with Jon, her Jack substitute (as Jack was the one she was first attracted to), plus it is a good point that if Jack and Sam were meant for each other, they would have found a way to be together (ignoring that it is the effect of the stereotypical UST that so many TV series indulge in).
Comments from author:
No, it won't be easy to keep things secret, especially not from buffy and the superfriends.

As for complications... lets see... Sam is away in an alien land with not one, but three attractive males, all of whom she is close to. What could possibly go wrong?

And back on earth, when Buffy's done fighting her latest apocalypse and rubbing shoulders with Spike, she comes home to an empty house. Could that possibly end well?

Not sure that Jon was such a 'rush' job, as they've been together and relatively happy for five years... it's just that all of a sudden, someone ripped off the normal reality... both of them are alone and it's almost inevitable that Dawn would turn to Jack... but of course, she's not thinking straight... she's not thinking at all.

yeah, not much of a fan of TV UST. I much prefer what they've done in Bones where people slowly build family lives like real people would do... some relationships work, some don't... it's messy, but it works for me even though there's nto a lot of 'relationship tension' there's a lot of 'life' and life done right can be really engaging and you can really care about the characters. likewise, my favorite family situation in Criminal minds is JJ and her husband and son... it's loving and when something puts that in jeopardy in any way, it really touches you.

Review By [Xovervore] • Date [5 May 14] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "Trapped" from burmafrdnow
messy and complicated and no clear way to fix it.

Just like real life sometimes.

Dawn has a point about Sam and Jack being able to resist and not give in all those years. If it really was all that they would have broken at some point.

Maybe they should just suggest a foursome.
Comments from author:
Messy indeed. A foursome... now there's a really capital idea! Too bad Sam won't go for it! i suspect the other three would survive it! :-) That's a novel solution!

Yes, I always thought that the long years of working together and never giving in suggested that the great love affair wasn't 'all that'.

Review By [burmafrdnow] • Date [4 May 14] • Not Rated
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