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Taylor and the Scoobiesiders

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Review of chapter "Deviation" from (Past Donor)Vega
Wow, interesting crossover.
I love Worm, the universe has so much potential, and extremely well written. A must read for everyone.

I am interested where are you going with this fanfic, it will be interesting.
Just don't forget about FAE. :)
Review By [(Past Donor)Vega] • Date [4 Jun 14] • Rating [9 out of 10]
Review of chapter "Deviation" from Gideon
I love it! Just seeing the small changes in the scoobies because of their powers is awesome but seeing the ways in which they can change the world will be fantastic. Especially Taylor with her new power.

I wonder about how far the fusion goes. I wonder if Amy hates her power more or less than usual. I wonder if Buffy is Alexandra and how she can live with herself. I wonder if Giles or Ethan is Coil, or maybe Snyder :) Is there any magic in this universe, any watchers or Slayers?
Review By [Gideon] • Date [26 May 14] • Rating [9 out of 10]
Review of chapter "Deviation" from spidermounky
I like it though i wounder what happened to Buffy
also the whole Taylor Amy power swap reminds me of the "girl with the butterfly's" from spacebattles when it was good
Review By [spidermounky] • Date [25 May 14] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "Deviation" from Selias
I like it.
Review By [Selias] • Date [25 May 14] • Rating [10 out of 10]
Review of chapter "Deviation" from SlowMercury
I have to admit to some excitement about this crossover; I love Taylor and I love the Scoobies, so seeing them together is going to be great. I do want to know how these Undersiders all got together, though -- Willow and Xander *hated* Cordy for a long time, and I guess I wouldn't have expected them to end up supervillains anyway, unless the heroes are very, very corrupt.

Are they in Sunnydale or Brockton Bay? Those are both very unique settings on opposite sides of the country, and which one it is will probably have a big effect on how the story plays out.

Good set-up, I can't wait to see what happens next.
Comments from author:
This takes place in Brockton Bay.
Review By [SlowMercury] • Date [25 May 14] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "Deviation" from KrisB
For the guy that didn't know the source:

I'm sort of mixed because worm has taken over spacebattles cross overs lately. From what I get, it's more of a really grim dark gritty super hero setting.

Basic plot compared to Buffy... Think of Willow getting picked on without Xander around and Cordy being a "super hero" that's "protected" via the school system even as she is super bitch... She damn near tortures Willow with her groupies leaving her for dead which activates a super power that everyone think just should belong to a villain even though she doesn't want to go that route.

The main person in the Worm setting is Taylor. I've avoided it as being too dark for me. I like happy fics that cheer me up...

They also have 3 characters that make the hulk seem nice and cuddly with little property damage... Well, when any of those three go off a major city dies or entire landscapes get rearranged and everyone with any form of power in the area allies to try to stop/slow them.
Comments from author:
You should really give Worm a chance, IMO. It is a gritty SciFi take on the superhero genre, but it isn't grimdark really at all. It isn't about the grimness, its about the awesomeness. In particular, Taylor Hebert's journey from insecure teenage girl with a mediocre superpower to legendary wtfhax badass. (And after that, the entire final story arc, which I won't spoil, but is seriously chills-down-your-spine awesome.)
Review By [KrisB] • Date [25 May 14] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "Deviation" from lordamnesia
Not a bad start at all! Keep up the good work!
Review By [lordamnesia] • Date [25 May 14] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "Deviation" from ianquest
I have absolutely not the foggiest idea what any of this is, but it looks very interesting! The bio-cybernetics are particularly well-written, and I look forward to seeing where you go with this. I hope you plan on continuing this story - it'll be fun seeing the group being supervillains-but-maybe-not-really, with hidden motivations and supporters. Is Buffy going to make an appearance, maybe as one of the 'official good guys' that they at times strike an uneasy truce with, a la Batman & Catwoman?

Great start, and I look forward to more!
Comments from author:
See the note at the beginning of the story? Click on the "Worm" link.
Review By [ianquest] • Date [25 May 14] • Rating [8 out of 10]
Review of chapter "Deviation" from Zarthrax
I approve of this story, and look forward to how the events of Worm change with the substitutions!
Review By [Zarthrax] • Date [25 May 14] • Rating [8 out of 10]
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