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She Walks in Beauty

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Review of chapter "Chapter Two" from laoshi
It had taken her a while to figure out how to adjust her body’s supercharged immunities in such a way as to allow something as puny as mere nicotine to have any significant effect on her.

I still enjoy the way you describe the consequences of Faith and Buffy's Slayerness for the day to day things that most authors don't consider or just gloss over.

The Monks Hood as a cure for lycanthropy really drives home the Mayor's knowledge as a Sorcerer.

Roses are poisonous to vampires is a really interesting idea. I may have to use it myself someday. Is there any mythology that suggests it?

Cause she never spent a lot of time and energy thinking about me before, did she? Ah the tragedy of Buffy and Faith's relationship.

Hellmouth in LA is an engaging speculation.

the subtext of that particular dominance kink was crystal clear, i was wondering when she'd get around to the Shy is a Buffy stand in .

I'd love to see where you're going with this story.

What ever happened to that Buffy/Faith SG1 fic you were talking about?
Comments from author:
Hey there!
Great to see your name pop up in my reviews again; it's been a while.
Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this fragment of story; judging by the stats, it looks like not a lot of folk are interested in this one, at least not at the moment. Granted, not a lot of action here, but you're fully aware that I'll happily write chapters of Faith sharpening her knife, or partying at a club, with nothing more eventful than some wild dancing and some general drunken debauchery.
Alas, though that kind of thing makes me happy, I don't want to put the reader to sleep, so....

I might post the 96 days chapters here; I'll have to track down my old copies of them.

Buffy/Faith/SG1--There are actually a couple of stories that might happen along that line (An alternate universe 'Parallels' story where Buffy and Faith are both Goa'uld, but much BETTER Goa'uld than the show gave us, is a real possibility).
In the meantime, have you looked at the ongoing Buffy/SG:1 story I'm doing? I'm struggling with the next chapter of that at the moment, and I'd be interested in hearing what you think about it, assuming a Star Wars/Buffy/Stargate YAHF is something you can manage to wade through :-P

Nice to hear from you again, sir.
Review By [laoshi] • Date [2 Nov 14] • Rating [7 out of 10]
Review of chapter "Chapter One" from laoshi
There was no point in trying to deny it; beauty got her every time. Wonderful opening.

Oh I've seen She Walks in Beauty applied to Buffy before but not to Faith I'm sure this will be interesting.

hand-made by a crazy old loon who lives in a barn in Wales. That’s in England, Darlin. Don't let a Welshman here you say that.

So it's a bow that figures. Shades of the Jackal Knife the mayor gave her.

The scene with the salesman reminds me of 96 Days will we ever get to see it posted now the Dreamforge is gone. Also the rest of A thing of Terrible Beauty and the other stories which were on the Dreamforge when it was up but not here.

According to the Zen of archery or whatever, feeling good about a hit was as bad as getting mad about missing; both of them took you out of the zone where you needed to be. However, after a moment’s consideration she decided to forget about that bullshit, and flashed the dealer a grin of triumph. You definitely haven't lost your feel for the character this is about as Faith as a line can get.

You still portray the mayor as the caring father(whose idea of fun activities for all the family includes homicide).

I really enjoy the way you develop the theme of Beauty throughout the chapter Faith's desire for the Welsh Bow the salesman's reminder that Beauty isn't everything, Faith recognizing Beauty isn't all she has to offer, and her musing on the reasons why she hates the ugliness of the compound bow. It does feel like a return to you roots in the best sense of the term.
Review By [laoshi] • Date [2 Nov 14] • Rating [7 out of 10]
Review of chapter "Chapter Two" from ForSpite
Faith with a relationship with blonde vampire? Is this a side story to A Day A Knight and Another Day?
Comments from author:
This is indeed the same reality as the other story, yep.
(My 'Faithverse'?)
Most of my Faith stories are in the same timeline: Virtue of a warrior, Walking About, the Bedtime Story, Interludes... even Of Things That Are Not, in a weird sort of way.

This one here is actually part of a crazy-insane series I started back when I first started writing fanfiction, called '96 Days', which was this incredibly ambitious thing where I was going to write a story covering every single day of Faith's time with the Mayor. Some entries would be very short, some would be multi-chapter things. I think I ended up doing... four? Something like that, and they weren't very good (I was still figuring out how to write). I've never posted them here, but if you do a google search I think they're still out there on a few ancient sites... and you see my first version of Faith's meeting with this vampire girl. I think now that I would give her a different origin, were I to do it again, but yes, this is that person, the same one Buffy saw in a photo on Faith's boat, and who left a couple of very long, blonde hairs in the back of the mustang, when she and Faith were 'playing'.
If I ever get around to doing the sequel to 'Virtue', we'll be seeing her again, too.
Sadly, this installment was received very poorly (Like, my poorest showing to date, by far, sigh), so there's not much chance I'll continue this anytime soon, but we'll see.

Thanks for commenting, and YAY for connecting the dots!
Review By [ForSpite] • Date [30 Sep 14] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "Chapter Two" from Dmitri
Well, this was another interesting insight into the (kind of-sort of) wonderful world of Faith. It's nice to see that she has made at least some attachments, though this one is doomed, simply because Cheyenne's a vampire and Faith's a Slayer (just ask Buffy - that sort of thing just never works, and the vampire moves to L.A. if they're lucky.) Also, nice depiction of the 'vampire brigade' - we never got to see it in canon...but then again, it was wiped-out by school kids with bows and similar weapons, so it probably wasn't very good to begin with. Thanks for the chapter, in short.
Review By [Dmitri] • Date [27 May 14] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "Chapter One" from Dmitri
So far, this is a rather interesting story. However, Faith is depicted as a somewhat shallow person, sort of like the pre-L.A. Cordelia, who is mostly interested in herself and in physical beauty. This can work, even in canon, but it also makes Faith less rounded as a character than in some of your other stories. Otherwise, this story is off to a great start.
Comments from author:
Well, I guess if I'm going to be compared unfavorably to someone, being judged as being not as good as myself is the best possible outcome.

It's true that this Faith is more shallow and self-absorbed than she is in some of my other stuff.
A lot of that is intentional; this is a younger Faith than I usually do; pre-graduation and all, but it's also a thing where this is a Faith who not only isn't trying to please Buffy and live up to the other girl's expectations, this is a Faith who is actively rebelling against that whole concept. This Faith WANTS to be bad, she's 'acting out', in a way, much like Buffy did in 'When she was bad', just in a more destructive and prolonged way. If Buffy and the rest don't think she can be good, then FUCK good! She'll be bad, and she'll damn well enjoy herself along the way.

That should (hopefully) come clearer in the next chapter, as we see more details of how she's indulging herself.

Thanks for commenting; I'll keep your concerns in mind as I go forward.
Review By [Dmitri] • Date [26 May 14] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "Chapter One" from (Recent Donor)DaveTurner
Okay, this was a really nicely written first chapter and I can't wait to see where Faith will be off to so please update soon.

I have, however, one little nit-pick. It's something that when I see it steam comes out of my ears and my teeth move from side to side!

Unless you are trying to keep warm you do not FIRE a bow. You 'shoot' a bow (or indeed a crossbow) and you 'loose' arrows as in, "Loose your arrows/shafts wholly together!" Often the last thing a French Knight heard along with the whistling of all those cloth-yard shafts coming towards him!

The thing about 'firing' weapons only came in with the introduction of Firearms of course.

A small thing I know but one that really bugs me whenever I see or hear it.

Whatever, really enjoyed this and I'm putting it on 'Track' so I don't miss any of it.

Comments from author:
Hey there, Dave.

::Unless you are trying to keep warm you do not FIRE a bow. You 'shoot' a bow (or indeed a crossbow) and you 'loose' arrows as in, "Loose your arrows/shafts wholly together!" Often the last thing a French Knight heard along with the whistling of all those cloth-yard shafts coming towards him!::

I know, I know; remember, I've read the Change series novels too. Those, plus a pinch of the Hunger Games stuff, are the source of Fatih's bow obsession here.
One time, I used 'Fire' instead of 'Shot' and you bust me on it.
Fine, changed it.

Gee, I'm sure glad *I'm* not super picky about such things in the stories *I* read.
Oh, wait....

Glad you're enjoying it, and thank you for letting me know.

(grumblegrumble you don't 'fire' a bow, unless you're cold, grrrrrr grumblegrumble I'll show you 'fire', frumblegrumble)
Review By [(Recent Donor)DaveTurner] • Date [26 May 14] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "Chapter One" from Eukar
Interesting. Can't wait to see where this goes.
Comments from author:
Review By [Eukar] • Date [25 May 14] • Not Rated
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