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Better Than Wrestling

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Review of chapter "Better Than Wrestling" from forlornfeline
Ha ha ha! That made me giggle. Good work, thanks for writing it.
Review By [forlornfeline] • Date [7 Mar 08] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "Better Than Wrestling" from (Past Donor)houses
For whatever reason, and I don't know why, I just loved this. It captured a scene perfectly, and what a visual! Really made me wonder whether the boys will show up in Joyce's life again in the future, and weirdly enough, I found myself humming 'joyce and sabertooth, what an interesting pair!' under my breath. Huh. Weird. Anyway, very nicely done, and am impressive teaser should there be more to come.
Comments from author:
Joyce/Sabertooth... well. That could be... interesting. But definitely not to be worked on at the same time as Messed Up Family : )

Considering the way he gets around, I just might have to do a little something more with him... Evil plot bunny - can you call it a plot bunny when it's about Sabertooth?
Review By [(Past Donor)houses] • Date [5 Feb 04] • Not Rated
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