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Escape Velocity: Halloween

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Review of chapter "Escape Velocity: Stargate" from Bluesnowman
nice story so far. I like it.
Review By [Bluesnowman] • Date [18 Oct 14] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "Escape Velocity: Stargate" from Bluesnowman
nice story so far. I like it.
Review By [Bluesnowman] • Date [18 Oct 14] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "Escape Velocity: Stargate" from ordalca
This is pretty interesting and I look forward to this continuing.

The "inviting demons" thing seems exceedingly dangerous, though. If you have a world leader announcing that, every demon hunting group is going to respond to that, simply because "I invite any non-humans to visit the White House" would remove its threshold protection from every vampire in the world.

If the Scoobies hear it, they will be forced to respond, or else they will run the risk of the President becoming a vampire.
Comments from author:
Oh, don't worry. Jack was being snarky, he did not mean it seriously. It was meant for the reader, who knows more than he does - which is a form of irony if I recall correctly. It connects the chapter back to the Buffy-verse. You can be sure that since there are those in the government who are aware - the President wouldn't have been making any remarks like that anyways. Unless, of course, those in the know prefer a different president in power. That's politics for ya, lol.

Like I said, it refers back to the Buffy-verse. Look at how Chapter one ends ... it calls on the SG-verse. I was paralleling -it's a literary technique. I won't be doing that for all the chapters. But as I only intended the two, it made a full circle on the two set-up chapters. I am writing three, I got ideas for moving forward now. I just need to start streaming the two series and take careful notes.

And as the military is in on some truths, it is quite likely many if not all at SGC knows that's a bad idea - being why O'Neill wasn't serious, why he knew the others would take it as sarcasm. It might be the kind of thing that everyone knows and no one talks about openly. Daniel wouldn't be in the know, he's non-military. And Jack's snark was pointed at that.
Review By [ordalca] • Date [7 Sep 14] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "Escape Velocity: Stargate" from Eljin
this is really interesting. it also reads well and there arent and obvious spelling or grammatical mistakes. good work!
its also made me interested in playing the game.
looking forward to more
Comments from author:
Thanks, I appreciate it :D

Just to throw some ideas out there for others to run with:

Xander goes as Director Leonard Church ... The Mother of Invention
(Would Willow want to go as Tex, being both bad ass and romantically linked to Church?)

Xander as Shane Gooseman or Zachary Foxx - Ranger 5 or Ranger 1. Xander would have been about 6 in 1986 and not only likely to have watched Galaxy Rangers (Not a Power Ranger show, but an American made, anime-inspired, cartoon). Goose would have left a strong impression upon him (he did so to me) and his ship (plus his AI, ALMA) was cool. But it was an interceptor and the Ranger 1 was much bigger - more in line with the spirit of the challenge.

And I don't think I've seen a Willow as Ripley (Alien) story yet.
Review By [Eljin] • Date [1 Sep 14] • Rating [9 out of 10]
Review of chapter "Escape Velocity: Hellmouth" from sdavidm
I never would have expected an EV crossover. Awesome.

However, I can't believe for a second that, a) Buffy would willingly play such a game, and b) that Willow would not, particularly given Willow's Xander-obsession at the time. Xander creating his own plug without Willow's help seems like a stretch too.

That said, I'm still totally going to read the rest, because an EV cross isn't something you see every day. ;-)
Comments from author:
Thanks, I have more and more ideas. I just need to take time to stream the two series - I want to make sure I get events and timing correct.

Mostly, I'll claim artistic license as I am clearly contriving something to get at what I want. (A lot of SoL stories either focus on just one person or a huge group. I thought a duo would be an interesting change of pace) But I could wave it away (a little bit) by telling you that A) While a geek and a computer one, Willow still seemed quite feminine (She was often seen in the first couple seasons boosting Buffy's desire to be with Angel as romantic. She may have had the motive that as long as Buffy was looking elsewhere, she wouldn't get any ideas about Xander. Since Willow would not have been too keen on Buffy and Xander hooking up.) I honestly can't see Willow into those kinds of video games. I think she enjoys programming a computer and hacking more than playing something like Halo. Willow isn't exactly one of the guys, so to say. So yeah, she's all into Xander, but not all into everything he does. B) Buffy wouldn't be big on games, true, nor all of EV:Nova. But I could see her clicking with the Ory'hara character. Who is cool enough that I could see Xander spouting about this cool game he's playing with not only biological spaceships, but psychic ones too. And how's there's this kick ass character that's like the universe personified in a form of a chosen one ... yada yada yada. Buffy was only playing to play as that, just to check it out as Xander kept needling her or something, (And likely needed Xander's help to get into the right plotline). But then, she got hooked enough that she kept playing it. You'll see in story that Xander knows much more about the game than she does, and she tended to play a more combat oriented approach. She didn't drop in hours daily, but she did run it once or twice a week to unwind from the stress of being a slayer. So, not really a great explanation, but do-able.

I never said he made those plug-ins alone. I think I did infer he got help. He just did not get Willow's help. He got the community's help.

And I know how I want Xander and Buffy to individually slot into the grander story. I couldn't really make it work with three (with Willow) - two was already stretching it. Right now, Buffy doesn't have any powers (though technically she would be a T2). But Xander figuring out how to teach her means he will be able to also teach a number of SG soldiers as well. Plus I wanted the Vell'os ships, but the Kestrel was a must (How could you use a EV costume and not bring the Kestrel along?) But I felt powers and a Kestrel was a bit much for one, so I split it among two. And then I realized I could have Xander keep the mental and Buffy the physical, with Xander teaching her the mental segueing to a usefulness for Stargate. And as much as I adore Willow, her magic fits better in a demon context as oppose to a outer space one. True, magic can be used on any problems, and her power could be considered an analog to Vell'os ones, but we know she's going to mature into a pretty cool character. No need for more power. OTOH, Buffy in space is interesting, especially if Kendra remains on the Hellmouth (Followed by Faith). Xander in space, allied with the SGC is interesting. What they can do now ... it tips the balance. Being ushered onto a new path away from the Hellmouth and off Earth or being destroyed to restore the balance seems like logical options. After all, we know the PTB can be like that.

Sometimes starts are off. My hope is that after a bit, the story is well done enough that you can forgive the start and suspend such disbelief. Still, I won't raise a fuss if someone decides to rewrite the general idea as a Xander and Willow in outer space thing. We need more Escape Velocity crossovers on here ;)
Review By [sdavidm] • Date [23 Aug 14] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "Escape Velocity: Stargate" from bradsan
Oh good.

More please.
Review By [bradsan] • Date [15 Aug 14] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "Escape Velocity: Stargate" from RorschachsBlot
Pretty nice start, really looking forward to everyone's reactions when it's time for the space battle.
Comments from author:
Thanks! When I get a moment or two, I want to stream the episode right after Halloween and right after Singularity to keep myself on track with both canon. Working towards Buffy and Xander averting 2 apocalypses: Angelus and Apophis. So, yes, the space battle is going to be awesome. Though, I want to avoid it being a curb stomp. I don't want to write it as Howitzers vs. bow and arrows.

Meanwhile all authors are welcomed and invited to add their own bits to the mix.
Review By [RorschachsBlot] • Date [6 Aug 14] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "Escape Velocity: Stargate" from LordCorwin
never heard of the game but sounds interesting. will keep you in the too read list
Comments from author:
Thanks. If you websearch, you should get plenty of hits. I was going to try to summarize it, but my summary could use a summary. But do not worry about it. Other than the Kestrel and Xander's psychic powers, nothing in game will have a bearing on the story as the story is in the Buffyverse. Essentially, they now have damn cool spaceships. I guess what ought to be hashed out is what loadout, exactly, does Buffy's kestrel have? Is this soon after her winning, so not much changes to stock? Or has she been playing a lot longer trying to get just the right combination of outfits? Did she opt for a multi-jump organ? Cloaking organ?

And what are all of the cheats that Xander loaded in? How many of those are true to him now? Vell-os modified Starbridge? Oh hell yes!

Don't worry if that is all greek to you. I am just happy you enjoy this enough. Feel free to add on yourself or to encourage others to.
Review By [LordCorwin] • Date [4 Aug 14] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "Escape Velocity: Stargate" from Gideon
Escape Velocity! I loved Escape Veloicty :) Oh, the hours I wasted traveling from system to system, buying and selling and getting blown up by pirates :( I have to agree with Buffy though, it could get quite boring flying through empty systems if you didn't know about the "compress time" mode! Luckily the Gouald will come to Earth and save Buffy all that pesky travel time.
Xander's abiltity to manifest any ship is very useful too. Can he do more than one ship at a time? His own ship and one other standard ship perhaps?
Comments from author:
Personally, I would stick with one ship and the create Darts ability (so technically more than one ship, but the extras are all Darts). And as they're Vell-os versions of such ships, they look like those ships but kinda see through glowing blue. The weapons are also Vell-os weaponry (which does kick some pretty good ass even if they lack anything like torpedoes and missiles) and the speed and turning rates are based on Vell-os instead of physical ships. At least, that's how I see such a fictional plug-in working as that would be how I'd do it if I knew how to make a plug-in lol. So, basically, hot-rod versions of all ships.

But, as I am opening the story up to any other authors that want to co-write it, that would be up in the air. It would depend on however it is written by whomever writes it.

I do wonder how others think the Escape Velocity weaponry and shields compare to Goa'uld technology. Would it be an easy win for one side? A long drawn out battle between equals or near equals? Now I feel like going back to wasting hours again by playing the game.
Review By [Gideon] • Date [3 Aug 14] • Rating [9 out of 10]
Review of chapter "Escape Velocity: Stargate" from eriktheviking
A well written and intriguing start from one of my favourite crossovers.
Comments from author:
Thanks! Maybe I'll get inspiration for a third chapter.
Review By [eriktheviking] • Date [3 Aug 14] • Rating [10 out of 10]
Review of chapter "Escape Velocity: Stargate" from Bobboky
I loved that series of games.
Comments from author:
Me too :)
Review By [Bobboky] • Date [3 Aug 14] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "Escape Velocity: Hellmouth" from timeknight
Seems like an interesting start. As for where to go from here, perhaps you can take your idea of a space station with some schematics and info appearing, but instead of the Scoobys or SGC finding the station, have the Goa'uld find the station first. This gives you a strong reason for the Scoobys and SGC to cooperate and with the increase in power that Earth now has against space threats, you can increase the antagonists to becoming a equivalent threat.
Comments from author:
That doesn't sound too bad. Though in an escalating arms race, the Goa'uld would win. They have more resources and science to throw at it than Earth does. It wouldn't be an equivalent threat. It would take quite a bit of time to get Earth up to par with the Goa'uld, anyways. But the idea has merit.

And if someone chooses to write a follow-on, they would be free to go down that path.
Review By [timeknight] • Date [3 Aug 14] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "Escape Velocity: Stargate" from (Recent Donor)tammin
I remember spending many, many hours playing through the different story lines. Playing with the specs of the various ships and loadouts was more than half the fun.

Thank you.
Comments from author:
You are welcome. And I agree, playing with the specs was the best part. Trying to remember where I saw an outfit would make me wish I kept notes, lol.
Review By [(Recent Donor)tammin] • Date [3 Aug 14] • Rating [8 out of 10]
Review of chapter "Escape Velocity: Stargate" from Zaion
So, just a thought, but who's to say that Buffy, having ascended to the point she got to the last system AND was rich enough to buy a Kestral (which while admittedly one of the three best ships in the game isn't quite as powerful as a Raven or packing as much oomph in close quarters as a properly constructed thunderbrige), what's to say she doesn't have on board all the neccessary technical schematics for building the support hardware neccesasry for the ship (refueling gathering equipments, refineries, reactors) as well as for more or less the entire litany of technologies around in EV:N, including ships?

It's one thing for Earth to try to reverse engineer technology from a ship. And we saw how much trouble that caused them and how long that took in cannon. But what if they have Buffy providing full functional schematics for an earth constructible (with the appropriate support hardware) vessel or vessels? I mean, starbridges or argosy s could make good smaller starting craft. Especially if there is Asgard technology tied into the design mix of newer model.s
Comments from author:
That is a fair thought. I doubt Buffy knows all of what is on her ship (the one visit so far was to just walk it, touch it, smell it, be with it). And I wouldn't be surprised if Janus (perhaps in the mystical sense, the one Ethan worships as Janus is known by many names and is the trickster god) left some things just for the purpose of screwing with things (thumbing his nose at the ptb).

Yeah, many of the tech would need to be adapted. (Cough, Thorium Reactors and giant turbines in the jetstream). The Auroran tech striked me as behind the game's cutting edge, being rather dated. Meaning it is something more like what Earth can try for starters. That is, chainguns before pulse capacitor lasers. And then when they do get into a closer relationship with the Asgard, more can be done. (Right now, it is Season One, right after meeting Cassie.)

It would be funny if what she had, having played the Polarian storyline, was all of the information needed to jump start living spaceship technology that is partly built and partly grown. Sort of jump over all the 'traditional-tech' ships in the game and straight to the bizarre. Meanwhile, there is no reason why Xander can't find out he can teach psychic ships to others - perhaps those with the Ancient gene? It will have to be a kind of mind-meld to feel how he does what he does, but what if done enough the other person finds they are getting a knack for it too. Like how in game, your character learns by example. It would be fun if Tara got the hang of it, or Dawn (later on).

Though, there are the Auroran Archives. What if that spacestation also made the transition? So instead of it all being on the Kestral, there instead a fully functioning spacestation crammed full with data files and maybe even actual tech, with information dating back long enough to show how to get to such tech from a lower-tech starting point. Buffy and Xander and Willow (perhaps Giles too) go for a bit of a joy ride and find the archives orbiting out past Pluto, or orbiting around Jupiter, or something. Xander recognizes it. It later becomes something they can offer Stargate Command. An actual space base they can work from and technology to study. Then you can also have the initial conflict of idealogy. Willow wants to share something so revolutionary, Xander is concerned what abuses could arise from dropping such tech onto the world, etc. The argument becomes moot when Go'auld attack and they realize Earth needs to be better protected.

So yeah, this has the potential to really shake up the Stargate universe and that is what makes it a fun read. Maybe someone will use the general idea but instead have Xander play through a different storyline. Xander and his Thunderbridge would be cool too. Xander and a Polarian fleet of ships? Xander as Olaf Greyshoulder's nephew? Plenty of room in EV:N to keep trying new paths.
Review By [Zaion] • Date [3 Aug 14] • Rating [7 out of 10]
Review of chapter "Escape Velocity: Hellmouth" from Zaion
So saw the alert for this last night but I was already passing out after watching 'Lucy' so I chose to wait to read it until I woke up.

I hold off and rating stories til they are a few chapters in (at least 10-15k words) so dont take the lack of rating as a negative. I am enjoying this story and happy to see it come into being.

It also seems to truly capture the spirit and essence of the challenge in a way I am very pleased by, and I will be happily following this as you progress.

Also, EV:N was one of my favorite games. It still is, and I still have it floating somewhere on my computer. I've tried a few more recent attempts at freeware games of the style, but EV:N despite a few flaws is still the most polished version. ANd it was damn damn damn fun too.
Comments from author:
Thanks. There seemed to be a lack of EV:N crossovers in general and among Ship of the Line stories. I may have to start netflixing Buffy and Stargate, see if that help inspire what they next steps might be. Meanwhile, though, others are free to add on. When submitting the story, I am pretty sure I had clicked the option to allow others to add chapters. I figure it would be interesting to see what others do with it, in what ways they go that I wouldn't have guessed at. My guess is that when Kendra becomes known, maybe Buffy will want her to stick around to deal with mystical problems as Buffy segues towards aliens? Maybe Xander starts advertising 'Moon Tours' and cheap satellite insertion for educational institutions? I can just see Jack's reaction when he finds that out. "For crying out loud! Are you telling me the aliens invaded so they could start a taxi service?" - "Well, you have to admit, they have no competition."

I agree, EV:N is a polished game. Too bad no one has yet made something similar of that quality with less flaws (or different flaws). I keep thinking how awesome such would be on my 3DS or Playstation.
Review By [Zaion] • Date [3 Aug 14] • Not Rated
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