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Meetings of Power

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Review of chapter "Meetings of Power" from Orion
Got this as part of the "No more zeros, anymore" quest to make sure every fic has a review.

Ok, I've never watched passions, as I think you said the crossover was from. I had a hard time getting into this short fic. That said, it was well written in terms of grammar, nothing felt too awkward.

To anyone reading this to try to decide to read or not to read this fic: if you like Passions, give it a try.
Comments from author:
I had written this short fic back when Passions was still on NBC, I don't know if their website is still up that detailed the family tree and how each family was connected. Chances are that it's probably not still an NBC website. I thank you for giving it a chance, even if it did leave you wanting to descramble your brain afterwards.
Review By [Orion] • Date [14 Jun 08] • Not Rated
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