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Darkness In Her Blood

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Review of chapter "Darkness In Her Blood" from FaceInTheCrowd
Darla.. A Black... *ponders*... *nods head* Yupp, makes sense to me. *grins* 'Cept one thing, they showed Darla being turned in Season 2 of AtS. She WAS a prostitute, yea, but she was an American one who got syphilis (i think?) and was on her death bed when the Master came to turn her. It was a good fic none-the-less, though. *smiles*

Comments from author:
Um, actually, she's supposed to be a Malfoy. Lavinia Malfoy, only child of Lucretia Malfoy. I haven't seen all of the episodes of Angel, especially the early ones, so I wasn't aware of that bit of history, thanks for pointing that out. However, the setting is never specified in the ficlet. Also, most of my stuff tends to be just slightly AU.
Review By [FaceInTheCrowd] • Date [22 May 04] • Rating [9 out of 10]
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