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Taint of Memory*

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Review of chapter "Taint of Memory" from Booster
Nice - particularly the "curled around the calming cool" line. That just says so much about her, about Giles, and about their not healthy relationship in such a few words. Two hundred words is really not much, but you've done so much with them. Congratulations.
Comments from author:
*blushes* Gee, thanks. I love writing 200 word drabbles. It becomes so important to have each word precise, since you get so few to get your point across. Thanks! ~Ves
Review By [Booster] • Date [9 Apr 04] • Rating [8 out of 10]
Review of chapter "Taint of Memory" from VillageOrchid
As a fic-let or drabble this moment/scene has interesting potential. She's a day-walker - a not what we think of vampires -- and he's... not sure if you mean him to be more than we've learned. If Giles is more... please expand or write a sequel.
Comments from author:
When I wrote this, I really meant for it to be a one-shot drabble....but the mental images of Mina/Giles are too fun and I have always thought there was much more to Giles than what we saw on the show. Long story short - I am researching/playing around with the idea of writing a prequel to this, set in Giles' youth where the two meet and we get a glimpse of how this most unusual Watcher came to be the way he is when we finally meet him. No promises; but the idea has been percolating for a while. Thanks for taking the time to review! ~Vesica
Review By [VillageOrchid] • Date [7 Apr 04] • Not Rated
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