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Review of chapter "India" from Karma
I loved this story. Are you going to write a sequel to it?
Review By [Karma] • Date [10 Apr 04] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "India" from VillageOrchid
Cool song fic lyrics and all -- but everybody loves Willow when they're not too self-absorbed or is this meant to be a love-triangle? I'm for Giles, personally, but Angel and Spike do have their hottie factors.
Comments from author:
Hi Rachel. I think you may have missed something when reading this. Spike was watching Willow from the shadows and refers to her as 'his'. Angel realises he's interested in Willow after hearing her sing but when he suggests they go on a date Willow asks him if he can't smell Spike on her. She's dating Spike. It's not a love triangle or anything. The reason Angel wants to see them in LA is because he's like Spike's Sire. It's a solo fic, no prequel or sequel. It was written as cheer-up fluff. Think snap-shot in time. Hope this helps you. - Charley
Review By [VillageOrchid] • Date [10 Apr 04] • Not Rated
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