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Hostile Takeover

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Review of chapter "Hostile Takeover" from mccleoudcoven
Great story line. I'm not sure if I can actually picture Willow with Julian Luna as a couple, but I do like the idea of her becoming Kindred and Ventrue.

Question: Does Julian know about Willows magical powers?
Her powers would be a double-edged sword to the Kindred clans.

The advantages of embracing one who as a mortal already holds tremendous magical power would prove to be an asset to the Venture [Julian] in particular and the Kindred as a whole;
However, it would also bring a certain amount of impending doom to Julian since Willow, newly embraced with enhanced magical powers, would remind him of yet another clan that is not mentioned in Kindred [and yet exist in the White Wolf RPG] The Clan Tremere.

In Kindred, there were only 6 vampire clans but the White Wolf RPG had many other clans, one of which is the Tremere Clan. Tremere are the usurpers of the vampire clans, they created their own line of vampires through the use of magic. The Sire that embraces them would then be killed by the Childer. This was standard practice amoung them.
That could pose a problem for Julian as you can see.

The story line expounded on that theme would be great.
Did I mention that the same actor that portrayed Daedalus also portrays the warlock that got Willow addicted to magic in one of the Buffy episodes.
Review By [mccleoudcoven] • Date [10 Jun 07] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "Hostile Takeover" from Anonymous Reviewer
This is a wonderful fic. It was just what my muses needed tonight. They were revolting and now they're dancing and being all happy-muse like. Thank you so much for sharing this with all of us!

Review By [Anonymous Reviewer] • Date [31 Jan 03] • Not Rated
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