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Review of chapter "Finals" from DorothyGralow
Okay, I'm laughing while saying that's sick. Of course you do have to get what the wild hunt is. And did you know I have a cross stitch pattern for a view of the wild hunt as a primeval carousel. It works, you have to see it, but it works. Are you ever going to tell us who survived?

Comments from author:
Thank you.
I always considered the Wild Hunt a very common and well-known myth. So making the connection would be a no-brainer from my POV.
And even if the reference is missed the actual pattern and theme presented is so wide-spread and popular in horror films almost any kind of night-time terror can be substituted in for it to work.
For this reason actually I left the threat deliberately vague and undefined (well, and to keep to the word limit), so every reader can draw their own conclusion.

I do not plan on continuing. Whatever I would come up with would just be a hollow and unsatisfying echo and diminish this story. Some things are better left unsaid.

Make up your own answers.

And I did not know you had such a pattern. Have you made use of it yet?
Review By [DorothyGralow] • Date [3 Jun 08] • Not Rated
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