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Uncle Winston

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Review of chapter "Uncle Winston" from Dragonhulk
Nice little story, I enjoyed it.
Review By [Dragonhulk] • Date [26 Aug 04] • Rating [10 out of 10]
Review of chapter "Uncle Winston" from ElaineRhodes
Very enjoyable!
It would be interesting to see what the Ghostbusters think of the Initiative's equipment & M.O., if you ever wanted to write a sequel.
Review By [ElaineRhodes] • Date [27 Jun 04] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "Uncle Winston" from Dreamweaver
I liked this. I happen to be REALLY into crossovers and have run into few enough Ghostbusters crosses as it is. Interesting / well-written ones are even fewer. This might be only a temp stopgap for you, but as an idea, I think it'd make a rather interesting full story. For the few Ghostbusters crossovers I've come across (thru sg-1, btvs, etc.) they've ALL focused on the "mainstays" of the group (Egon, Venkman, Ray). Personal opinion, but it would be kinda nice to see some crossoverish story going thru Winston for once.

Anyways, again, this was a good, short "interludish" piece.
Review By [Dreamweaver] • Date [26 Jun 04] • Not Rated
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