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Familial Mayhem (Angry All the Time)

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Review of chapter "Can't take the Honkytonk out of the Girl" from jessie
Okay, I'm confused. I've been confused since the first chapter but maybe it's me? Or not? Who knows, aye? Anyways, from what I could understand and ain't confused about, I liked. Make sense, I hope so?
Review By [jessie] • Date [2 Jan 08] • Rating [8 out of 10]
Review of chapter "Can't take the Honkytonk out of the Girl" from ReflectionsOfReality
The story has some potential...
Though to call it one story is really not accurate, it is more of a series of stories that give the illusion of being just one story. This may not be a bad thing but I think there were a few times that I lost the plot... and there were a few instances where I was not sure if you inserted original characters or you picked them up from a specific show and I w-word it were clearer (maybe not even naming the show just give a little more history to newly introduced characters, like what was with the whole roomate that spoke to God and who was Cassie's goth cousin).
There is a writing technique that is sometimes used that is supposed to make it easier, that is if you were to provide restrictions to yourself, like say that this entire chapter is going to only be from so and so's point of view or it will only take place in one location (could be a single room, in a car, at a school, in the one city). Anything that occurs outside of the set restriction is inferred by what you have to work with, for instance you want to express the fang-gangs reaction to the invitation screw up but you are only working from Xander's point of view, it would have to be talked about after the fact or be second or third person (via phone convesation or otherwise)...

Personally I would like to see more of Xander but your story seems more of a girls thing than anything, I sort of was wondering what degree he was doing and if you had any particular plans for him (drunken night of naked fun with Jon O'neil would be great but I really won't push my luck, I will always be resentful that Willow ended up being the gay one and not X, (no disrespecting Tara), Xander is the perfect guy for Anya but Anya is honestly the worst girl possible for Xander)

So no NID huh? But they are always good for a few chapters at least... and Faith and Dawn, let me guess Seth took out Glory in this Dimension right? A close contact staff blast should be able to take on a slightly diminished hell god right? Urgh what happens if the monks try to send the key here? Joyce end up preggers? can the key be a boy instead?
OK, I think I am exausted after pulling an all nighter reading so I might be rambling a bit so I will bid you Adeu and wish you all the luck in future writing endevors,
Comments from author:
Back when I put this up, the site didn't have a series feature. I don't even think that the site had a series feature when I finally called it quits.

The goth cousin was my own invention. I was bored, not only with writing, but with playing with the same characters. I'd already shown some relatives from both the Giles' and O'Neill sides, and so I was trying to work with the Frasier side.

The roommate who talks to God is Joan. She, and the other characters in that chapter (including Cassie's boyfriend), are from a short-lived CBS show called Joan of Arcadia. It lasted two seasons and went off the air about six months or so after I discontinued this story. The show is listed in the disclaimer.

My best friend cum pseudo-sister and annoying muse would agree with you on the Xander front. As would I. Somewhere on a C.D., there's detailed plans for more fic. In one of them, we were going to deal more with Xander. We hadn't quite decided who to pair Xander with, but we'd narrowed it down to being male. I'd started laying plans in Cassie's graduation fic, and then we had to fill in Buffy's story and deal with Dawn and Faith. At that point, we had Xander to write about. In all of the stories, we wove Willow's story into the main story. We did the same with the "adults": Giles, Joyce, Jack, etc.

As you might be able to tell, I always planned to slowly build on what was seen in each fic. Originally, there were...ten stories? eleven? planned. As I went on, however, my writing style started to change. I was maturing and running out of time to write. After I finished Buffy's wedding, I decided that I'd had enough of this universe.

There is NID in this universe; I just never quite got my NID voices down. They were going to get mentions (or actual fic time) in the next planned story, but...

As for the key, I subscribe to the theory that many writers I know of do: There's only one key anywhere. Or if there are more than one, only one's in human form. And because Glory is from another dimension altogether, who's to say that she was ever thrown out of her hell here? That's the thing with alternate realities: one difference can completely change what one perceives as "true". Vamp Willow anyone? Or Wish-verse Buffy?

Thanks for the feedback...sorry for taking so long to reply.
Review By [ReflectionsOfReality] • Date [21 Feb 07] • Rating [5 out of 10]
Review of chapter "Can't take the Honkytonk out of the Girl" from Caits
Halfway through the first part of this story, I had to sit down and draw out a family tree for them all...I just couldn't keep them all straight in my head. As the story went on, I had to throw in roommates and boyfriends and it's a whole huge mess now. I love it. This is one of the most original works I've come across (in Buffy/SG1 crosses) and I hope you continue to add more to this, I'm very anxious to read about the honeymoon crashing!
Review By [Caits] • Date [17 Apr 06] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "Can't take the Honkytonk out of the Girl" from debio
This was insane ... convoluted .... maddening at times.... I absolutely love it!!! More please!?!
Review By [debio] • Date [16 Apr 06] • Rating [10 out of 10]
Review of chapter "Can't take the Honkytonk out of the Girl" from immortalsilence
love the insanity add more please
Review By [immortalsilence] • Date [2 Jan 06] • Rating [10 out of 10]
Review of chapter "I will remember you" from CPTSkip
Oh, funny, funny story. I have smiled so much, my face hurts. Well done. You have a whole circus full of characters and yet I had no trouble seeing them as individuals. Nicely done. Now please write some more. Lol!
Review By [CPTSkip] • Date [30 Aug 04] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "Good Friends" from raven
Robinson was a fellow Watcher who was friends with Giles. As far as I can remember, he was mentioned in passing in the first couple of seasons as someone Giles would contact when he needed assistance researching, etc. He was mentioned more prominently in the last season as one of the few Watchers who would still speak to Giles and as the many guardians of a potential who goes missing (Robinson, not the potential that is).

Calling him Jon isn't fanon-it is the canon name that the clone chose at the end of the ep to distinguish between the two of them. As for putting him in college-he didn't have much high school left to complete-I know many people who graduated at 16 because their birthday fell that way when they first started school. And since he has all of Jack's memories, he could easily GED or private tutor his way out of highschool and right into college. At that age, it's believable. (Or use one of the military schools like N.M.M.I. to pass him through.)

The good and the slightly less than good:
Had it not been for the pronouns, I would have sworn Buffy was dating Tara.
Willow with Riley was brillant but Willow rooming with Anya is even better.
Xander lives with the clone but hasn't caught on to the whole "Jonathan O'Neill" thing? Oh honey...
Graduating class of 60? Wow that's a small school...
Teal'c pouting about Spock and telling Cassie's boyfriend about what will happen to him? Priceless. And the condom talk...gotta love T.
As someone who has lit their hair on fire-she will lose more than an inch. 2"-3" easy.

Nice addition-looking forward to more. Can I assume since Cassie made it out of high school that "Heroes" doesn't exist in this world?
Comments from author:
Okay, the skipping grades thing is based on how in our state, once you take a certain test, you can either test out of other classes or just rush through them to graduate. *frowns* I don't know for certain on that.
I changed the 60 students to a hundred and sixty. The lighting their hair on fire thing was modeled after a friend of mine who only lost about an inch. (Her aunt was the one with the meat cleaver.)
I like 'oblivious Xander,' but that's just me.
And 'Heroes' definitely didn't happen here. My muse, Rose, made certain that I was firm on that point. *sighs* I had to be the last one in our family to decide to become interested in Stargate. And at the beginning of the eighth season, no less. *rolls her eyes* I'm hoping you like the next installment. Thank you for reviewing. Your reviews make me think about my writing and the plot. It's rather fun.
Review By [raven] • Date [15 Aug 04] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "Good Friends" from Caliadragon
This was hilarious! I have enjoyed this series and look forward to seeing where you go next. Thanks and more soon I hope.

Review By [Caliadragon] • Date [14 Aug 04] • Rating [10 out of 10]
Review of chapter "Good Friends" from Cutiepie
You killed Faith! You b******!

Sorry, channeling South Park for a moment. But still, you killed Faith. How could you? That was really not a nice thing to do. She's my favorite, and surely you could have come up with another way for Annabelle to be activated. I am working on a story that has Faith 'dying' for a few moments (much like Buffy) when she gets stabbed before Graduation, and thus activates another slayer, and the Council never bothers to tell anyone in Sunnydale because Buffy had quit.

OK, now that my Faith-rant is done, I have to say, entertaining story. Lots of fun with relatives crawling out of the woodwork. Only other disappointment was that you never went into who Buffy's boyfriend is, whether or not Xander and Anya hook up, what happens with Willow, Oz, and Tara . . . Ok, I suppose that is quite a few things isn't it. Gives you lots to write the next part about. =]
Comments from author:
Okay, as I'm slowly working my way through the next part of this, Faith will come back. NOt the same Faith that I killed, but Faith will come back.
Review By [Cutiepie] • Date [14 Aug 04] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "Posters my teacher gave me" from Cutiepie
OK, now I've read the second chapter. Pretty funny, even though I don't go in for slash. However, I really DIDN'T think of being narcissistic when they got to "Love yourself". I was thinking more of "going steady with your right hand" or "hitting a home run with a one-handed pitch" or "dating Rosy Palm and her five siblings" or "the safest possible sex". =] Yes, I have heard WAY too many euphemisims for masturbating. Don't tell my mum!
Comments from author:
My muse just read your review and she agrees. Of course, she left me to figure this out myself at two in the morning. Let's just say that I didn't think of that until *after* you brought it up. She also says she doesn't understand where I got the narcissistic part either.
Don't worry I won't tell your mum if you won't tell my mother I write slash.
Muse: I won't tell anybody if you won't tell my parents what I read! I'm a good little Christian Muse!
Me: That's debatable, sis, but if she's not telling my parents, she's not telling yours. *shakes the Muse with intent to kill but fails* Got to love older siblings.
Thanks for reading even if you don't like slash. It won't figure prominently into the other stories in the series.
Review By [Cutiepie] • Date [10 Jul 04] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "Angry all the time" from Cutiepie
I didn't recognize the song-y bits, but I did enjoy the story a lot. I'm glad that you wrote it, despite your muse's uncooperativeness. =]
Review By [Cutiepie] • Date [10 Jul 04] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "Posters my teacher gave me" from Caliadragon
This was a hilarious chapter and I loved the dialog and the fun that all of them where having witht he poster.


Review By [Caliadragon] • Date [9 Jul 04] • Rating [10 out of 10]
Review of chapter "Angry all the time" from raven
Very amusing-but as you said, not much action. Except the mental kind. If I have this right, Lord Giles married Mary, who had Jack, then married Andrea, who had Giles, Janet, Robinson, and mysterious other twin baby. Mary remarried Michael O'Neill, then had Joyce. Making Cassie and Buffy no relation (unless you want to include the whole step-thing which makes them cousins five times removed) and happily-Joyce and Giles are not related. Bit curious about a couple of points-Elizabeth Giles Wyndham-any relation to Wesley? And Robinson as the baby-named after Robinson the watcher? Also, Janet-if she was raised by an illegitamate sister of Andrea's, I assume it wasn't one mentioned here? Nice work-not sure why you moved everyone off the hellmouth, but it was interesting nonetheless.
Comments from author:
Okay, I think you have all the relations/not relations. Elizabeth Giles Wyndham *is* related to Wesley but I think that she's just like his aunt or something. My muse wasn't clear on that point. Andrea's illegitimate sister didn't make an appearance at the funeral due to my reticence to make any more original characters than is absolutely necessary. I moved everyone off the Hellmouth because I didn't want to deal with the 'what could happens' and besides, everyone does that.
One final comment:
Who is Robinson the Watcher?
Review By [raven] • Date [28 Jun 04] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "Angry all the time" from Caliadragon
I really enjoyed this fic and would love to see a follow up to it. maybe have Jack and the SG come to Sunnyhell to help take out a bad guy.


Review By [Caliadragon] • Date [28 Jun 04] • Rating [10 out of 10]
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