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Lover's Beach

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Review of chapter "Lover's Beach" from restive
I absolutely love this fiction. And it wasn't for the humor or the adherence to the requested guidelines, although I did really like that. But I love it for the feeling of tenderness it evoked. I have rarely seen Anya and Logan pairings, even though their blunt natures just beg for pairing off together. And you threw in Buffy and Angel, whom I have adored as a couple since the very beginning of the show. I laughed and giggled and really enjoyed reading this story. Every great series deserves and wonderful ending and with an Alternate Universe, you've managed to do just that. And kudos for using Rogue to make a very grown up wish! Thank you so much for this story.

Shelley (aka Restive)
Review By [restive] • Date [27 Jul 04] • Rating [10 out of 10]
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