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My Salvation

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Review of chapter "Chapter Fourteen" from Red
I would love to see what you do next with this story
Review By [Red] • Date [2 Mar 09] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "Chapter Fourteen" from DarkRose
I love this story and I am really not above begging you to get you to finish it, Please I beg you, you are a goddess of fanfic I bow down before you and this fic. Hope all is well. If you require more begging let me know.

Hugs and smiles xoxoxo
Review By [DarkRose] • Date [20 Oct 08] • Rating [10 out of 10]
Review of chapter "Chapter Fourteen" from Mwhahahaha
I really, really hope you come back to this's a really good one and I'd love to keep reading!
Review By [Mwhahahaha] • Date [9 Sep 08] • Not Rated
Review of story "My Salvation" from LastHope
A Beta is someone who will proof read your work. They will fix the stuff you miss. I would offer to Beta, but I really don't have the time. I hope you find someone. I'm not very familiar with the Anita Blake universe. I haven't read the books or anything, but I like the whole Willow/Asher thing. I don't know if it is because of how he is portrayed in fic or the whole tortured soul thing, but I have fallen head over heals for Asher. Continue the good job. The world needs more good fic.
Review By [LastHope] • Date [28 Aug 04] • Not Rated • Add Comment
Review of story "My Salvation" from raven
Not sure if anyone has answered yet, but betas basically help you edit, correct or visualize your story. There are quite a few floating around this site, and there used to be a list that told who would do it and what canon's they were most familiar.

Only big problem I saw was the loop from chapter 11 when they St. Louis people confront the Council delegation to the next chapter when suddenly everything is basically resolved and Asher is happily living at the Circus. Granted, this basically matches canon, but not everyone knows that. Would be best to flesh that part out, especially the Master of Beasts and the Traveler since they were so prominently mentioned, then dropped. While the idea of the ladies being the Norns is interesting, it isn't a reason to drop the other problems completely.
Review By [raven] • Date [20 Aug 04] • Not Rated • Add Comment
Review of story "My Salvation" from pippin
Hey there, a beta is someone (or several someones) that helps with grammer, sentence structure, continuity, timeline, characterizations etc. You send them your chapters before posting. Some writers use different ones for different aspects. Especially crossovers since you need someone to check it over if you are trying to remain true to canon while crossing disparate worlds. I'm beta for Angelaask's AB/BtVS fics, but it doesn't take long to edit most fics, so I can help if you would like.
Review By [pippin] • Date [20 Aug 04] • Not Rated • Add Comment
Review of chapter "Chapter Fourteen" from (Past Donor)lckybr
im a bit confused, u need to write doen the dates or somethign so we can knwo when this is going on and when the months change, please. And a beta would be nice to.
It's a good plot and i like the story but it needs a little bit of work
Review By [(Past Donor)lckybr] • Date [20 Aug 04] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "Chapter Eight" from pippin
I really think this plot is great. One little thing, in the series Cordelia was always getting called the homecoming queen or prom queen by Spike, but she really was the May Queen. Your interaction in this is backwards. Sorry I just keep noticing it, it stands out as wrong evertime I read it.

The chapters are all interesting but your transitions are a little hard to follow. Since you don't put in reference points it's hard to know that these occurances have several days (weeks, months) and location changes between them.

Anyway thanks for the story! Please write more soon, I can't wait to see what happens.
Comments from author:
Sorry, I thought it was the other way around. I'll try to fix it as soon as possible!!!
Review By [pippin] • Date [20 Aug 04] • Rating [9 out of 10]
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