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Highway Summer

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Review of chapter "2" from plume
I don't get this 'in media res.' I can identify characters by their cliches, but no plot of depth or continuity jumps out and makes any sense.
Review By [plume] • Date [5 Feb 07] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "Highway Summer" from LadyCarpathian
Way too frickin confusing!!!!! No explanations given. No way to understand what is goin on. And no descriptions of the people, so no way to know who it's talkin bout! Buffy-verse, Highlander-verse, and X-men-verse I got, but the others made no sense. The transitions make no sense. The story has absolutely no continuity. I saw the reference to a site and this story bein part of something larger, but should really warn a person before they read this.
Review By [LadyCarpathian] • Date [10 Jun 05] • Not Rated
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